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    Posted by sothis on Apr 21, 2018
    As the first of a number of upcoming privacy-related features, you can now choose to set your personal anime and manga lists to private.

    To set your lists to private, go to your edit profile page, and choose "Only me" for the "Anime/Manga list visibility" setting, under the "Privacy & notifications" tab.


    When you set your lists to private, it means other users won't be able to see:

    • Your anime or manga list pages

    • Your challenges (because challenges include what you're watching/reading/etc)

    • Your activity feed (and your information will not appear in their friend feeds, either, if they follow you)

    • Your information on anime and manga pages (usernames are replaced with "Anonymous")

    We currently do not have a way to limit by "people I follow", but are looking into it. We're also looking into future privacy improvements such as making the entire profile (bio, etc) private.

    Custom lists and reviews already have privacy levels, if you wish to lock them down to just people you follow, or private for only you.

    Thanks, as always, for your continued support of Anime-Planet :drinking:

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