New default anime, manga, and character images

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    LUCIIIII Active Member

    Awwe they are so adorable!! :)
    Great work for the Anime-Planet team!! ^^ Love the designs!!
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  2. BlaizeV

    BlaizeV Active Member

    Very nice change
  3. XxShenQingQiuxX

    XxShenQingQiuxX New Member

    Nice! Love the redesign!
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  4. McDonaldsBigMac

    McDonaldsBigMac New Member

  5. Adashinobenio

    Adashinobenio New Member

    nice work
  6. TellaHime

    TellaHime New Member

    may i ask if it not to much trouble but to add a area for visual novel and light novels i feel even if it just a small group it be really appreciate cause all i see are people more paying attention to only manga and anime but forgoet that anime also adapted from VN as well as LN to also it be a good way to keep track what VN ur reading and what chapter ur on in them etc cuase i wont say all do have chapter but some do like collar x malice and senren banka also to keep track on what chapter ur in in LN
  7. Grizz

    Grizz Database Moderator

    Posted by Grizz on Feb 28, 2021
    Light Novels are already added to the manga database
    We have no intention of adding visual novels to the database, other sites already exist for them such as VNDB.
  8. kerveroszero

    kerveroszero New Member

    I like.
    Super cute and good culture reference.
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  9. Munchii

    Munchii New Member

    I know right!!!!
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  10. Kaeseolin

    Kaeseolin Active Member

    I love the cute cat mascots they are so adorable and cute! :D
  11. Ksg1999

    Ksg1999 New Member

    Cute little beasts! Adorable really!!

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