New default anime, manga, and character images

Discussion in 'Site Announcements' started by sothis, Feb 18, 2021.

  1. eatmerindou

    eatmerindou Member

    [​IMG] mr. oni here has gotta be my favorite
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  2. EvilSMores

    EvilSMores Silver Supporter

    That oni is adorable.
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  3. Antid0te

    Antid0te Member

    They are so cute not gonna lie.
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  4. xyst

    xyst Active Member

    Posted by xyst on Feb 19, 2021
    These are so adorable! I so glad that this is an update!
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  5. Starletka

    Starletka Silver Supporter

    Amazing. All of them. And I love the seasons change.
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  6. DragonKestrel

    DragonKestrel Member

    Adorable, Thank you so much for adding this feature!
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  7. AkiSoki

    AkiSoki New Member

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  8. Aratakun

    Aratakun Member

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  9. Purpy

    Purpy New Member

    Posted by Purpy on Feb 19, 2021
    They're so cute ♥
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  10. sp3ct3rgaming

    sp3ct3rgaming New Member

    this is the cutest thing ever. <3
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  11. Saeryen

    Saeryen Well-Known Member

    I feel like we should have forum-wide nominations/voting on names :3
  12. Mistearica

    Mistearica Member

    Ahhh they are adorable!!!!

    I'ma go browse around to look at em in action lol
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  13. Clotilde

    Clotilde Well-Known Member

    Ahhh! They are so cute!!
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  14. niotabunny

    niotabunny Well-Known Member

    how adorable! expect nothing less of AP! at least now those empty images that reminded me of a stick figure now they'll be cute and friendly.
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  15. sothis

    sothis Forum Moderator Anime-Planet Founder Developer

    We realized after the fact that there were a few tweaks needed for the cat and oni - some small changes are now updated in the images in the first post :)
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  16. obake777

    obake777 New Member

    I'm glad everyone's digging them! Oni-boiii 4EVA.
  17. atenanetuno

    atenanetuno New Member


  18. Meron

    Meron Database Moderator

    Posted by Meron on Feb 19, 2021
    I want lil plushes or figures of these on my desk.
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  19. blueepeas

    blueepeas New Member

    super cute!! :love:

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