Netflix has a new show Seis Mano's which they list as an Anime

Discussion in 'General Anime Discussion' started by bobhikes, Oct 6, 2019.

  1. bobhikes

    bobhikes Active Member

    If you have seen it do you believe it to be an anime. The show it self is about a 3 out of 5, you can get the gist from the first episode as the style and story.

    I have watched it and I doubt that I would categorize it as an Anime. The characters are more like avatar the last airbender but the karate is very much anime. The story is not very anime like but it does have an eastern tie in. It is more mature then cartoons it actually has an adult rating and is not a comedy more similar to animes and not US adult cartoons.

    What do you think is it miss labeled by Netflix?
  2. Jamie

    Jamie Well-Known Member

    Posted by Jamie on Oct 6, 2019
    For Netflix's purposes? It's labeled correctly. Doesn't matter too much if it's actually anime or not, if it is similar enough, Netflix is going to categorize it under anime.
  3. bobhikes

    bobhikes Active Member

    But what are your thought's?
  4. Akishima

    Akishima Well-Known Member

    I was asking myself this question too and I agree with bob- it's definitely inspired by anime and has some anime qualities, but it's a fusion of western sensibilities with some anime attributes. I did notice that Viz, who helped produce it, also refers to it as anime on their site, but when you get down to it, the definition of anime has always been vague.

    I personally would say it's not anime, simply by reason of the fact that it's an American animated creation and not Japanese. It was entirely animated in-house, similar to RWBY, and while the animation is more traditional, the story is also not by a Japanese person. But again, I don't really know that it matters all that much. I quite enjoyed it regardless of what it is.
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  5. Jamie

    Jamie Well-Known Member

    Posted by Jamie on Oct 6, 2019
    I think that what is and isn't anime can be a blurred line some times. Most of the time most of us can make a quick snap judgement on if something is anime or not, regardless of any set in stone definition.

    As time has gone on there's been anime that is not exclusively Japanese or Japanese made. I think if we are fortunate that as time continues to go on, what is anime will continue to expand.

    As for the particular show in question, it's as I already said. And if ya need me to outright say so either way, even without having seen it, only the promo that rolls when hovering on it in Netflix, I'd say it isn't anime.

    But hey, I'm hearing good things and it looks interesting.
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  6. Kruszer

    Kruszer Well-Known Member

    It is anime only if a Japanese animation studio animated it. Who did the animation?
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  7. ZetsubouKaiji

    ZetsubouKaiji Forum Moderator Database Moderator

    That's some outdated thinking.
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  8. bobhikes

    bobhikes Active Member

    Yet in Japan Anime stands for anything that is a cartoon no matter where it is made.
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  9. niotabunny

    niotabunny Well-Known Member

    keep in mind that this is Netflix. they tend to park what they want where they want. if it strikes them as anime they'll probably park it there. for instance, Castlevania, that is an American/Canadian production, but it's labeled as anime because it looks like the style maybe? as for Seis Mano, I haven't been able to watch it just yet. have had a chaotic 3 weeks, and was without Netflix for a few months due to other issues in the personal problems. so, since I got it back now, I'll be able to slowly start catching up with things. it looks promising after all, and appears to have English language choice, so I'll check it out.
  10. Kruszer

    Kruszer Well-Known Member

    It's basic categorization for the purpose of proper identification. Fruits are fruits but they all taste different so we further identify these different types of fruits as apples, oranges, bananas, etc. It's only logical. Anyhow if you think it's outdated, than practice what you preach and hurry up and Avatar: The Last Airbender, Legend of Korra, and RWBY to the database already man.

    Yet this isn't Japan and words have multiple definitions.
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  11. bobhikes

    bobhikes Active Member

    But we are all using Anime Planet and I assume you agree that all they show are anime's which are not all from Japan. Hmmmmmm.
  12. rekindled

    rekindled Well-Known Member

    Anime being classed as animation by a Japanese studio has never made much sense to me. For reasons;

    If non-Japanese draw the majority of the key frames, but work for a Japanese studio is it anime? (if we go off production, the question stands still)
    If Japanese draw the majority of the key frames, but work for an American studio is it not anime?

    What happens when it is co-produced such as Neo Yokio, which was created by an American, directed by Furuhashi (Hunter x Hunter etc) and Nishimura (Ranma 1/2 etc), and animated by Moi Animation (owned by Madhouse, but Korean based), Proudction I.G., Studio Deen, and Friends Night(American)?

    Or take the case of Xogenasys which is being animated by an American owned animation studio...founded and located in Japan.

    Then you have the Animatrix whose original creators were American, but had some well known Japanese directors/animators working on it such as Koji Morimoto (worked on Akira and Fist of the North Star etc), Kawajiri (created Ninja Scroll), Watanabe (directed Cowboy Bebop, Samurai Champloo etc), Koike (directed several Lupin films) etc...

    Halo Legends, was animated by Bee Train, Bones, Proudction I.G., Toei etc...

    And many other examples I'm frankly too lazy to keep going with...

    It's always struck me as such an arbitrary distinction, especially in today's world where global boundaries mean less and less. And you will be very hard pressed to find a single anime made in the last decade that was animated solely in Japan.

    Anime has always struck me as a style, which has a common artistic style and a similar canon of influences.

    To address the actual OP though, I don't think it fits my previous sentence and it doesn't really share the common tropes of anime, but the influence is there (as well as influence from old Kung Fu shows). While I thought this one was just 'ok' I think the West branching out into this type of medium could be a good thing overall. It's something I'm quite interested in seeing where it goes. As far as the Netflix designation, idk, it doesn't seem to fit in with the other categories any better. TV Action & Adventure maybe, but it's not really like the cartoons in that category.
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  13. Kruszer

    Kruszer Well-Known Member

    This website does include some animation from other Asian countries like China and Korea and some hybrid works that are a collaboration between other countries and Japan (Transformers, Marvel anime titles, etc.), yes but it does not include all animation from all over the world. If you are using this website's definition Seis Manos isn't listed here and IMDB says it's produced in the USA by Powerhouse Animation the creators of the recent Castlevania series which is listed here so who knows.
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