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    yeah, I think it is only second to DragonballZ, for how many styles/editions/compilations/versions have been released.
    Milk it dry ! :@_@:
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    Eh the reason it has been re-released soooooooooo much is because of confusion. You watch the first release of the 26 episodes and tell me what was happening :@_@: I'll tell ya this is was my number one anime of all time (until I watched Code Geass) because each time I watch it something new reveals itself that wasn't there before. I actually just recently bought this series and watched it all the other day. Didn't get the ending movie because I am cheap :baka: and my roommate who had never seen the series before was just hella confused about the ending and because he didn't understand the ending the rest of the series became confusing as well because he didn't know the significance of certain things. NGE is definitely one of those multiple watch series. Its unique style allows for multiple views and prevents boredom. Also, in my opinion since the series is like the Bible (everyone interprets it differently) it allows you to come up with your own "detail filler." In this sense some may prefer the original (Old Testament) as opposed to the movie (New Testament). Hell, there is even a manga spin off which I enjoyed very much (Angelic Days).

    On another note, it was made the same time Gundam Wing was, which was like over a friggin decade ago XD The re-releases are "remastered" for better animation and sound quality which is always nice when you are watching a giant robot anime :) Anyway, that's my two cents. Back to defending After Story from Pidj :laugh:
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    The Ending is explained in the movies. I'll spoil it for you if you'd like lol.
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    Dear god... he's here too :laugh: I know the ending Pidj. I would have to be a moron to say Evangelion was my favorite anime for five years and not know how it ends XD While I may not own a copy of The End of Evangelion I have seen it enough times.

    poor... poor... Asuka. Stabbed in the eye, intestines ripped out, arm split in half, and to top it off Shinji starts choking her. If that's how my day went I'd probably not get out of bed the next day or the day after that.
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    this reply doesn't really contribute to this thread a great deal but i just wanted to say how much i love Neon Genesis Evangelion, and also that it was the first anime i watched and is probably responsible for me continuing to watch anime.
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    I got no beef with NGE mang :p

    I'm one of the few who Shinji didn't annoy. \o/

    Your posts made it seem as if you were unaware that the angels were each a path humanity could have taken. :p Beating them was to prove that it's current form was superior before the rebirth of the world was to happen. Shinji was just the final deciding factor in how or even if it would be reborn.
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    Psh of course you're contributing :) I'm the same way. Neon was the first real anime I watched (disregarding zoids, dbz, ect.) and it made me crave animes with intense stories and deep characters. I don't care what the concept is. If there are good characters and the story makes sense I will watch it :)

    Oh goody :sweat:

    I am aware ;) I can't remember what movie, but they more or less come out and say exactly what you said, that each of the angels were different paths humanity could have taken with Shinji of course ultimately deciding whether or not mankind deserved to be reborn.

    And I praise that you don't think Shinji ruined the series XD I mean the kid gets put through a lot, and that's not counting that the pilot feels whatever the eva feels based off of sync ratio. **** I would probably not pilot something that if its arm broke I felt like my arm was broken as well.
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    Eh..the movies 1.11, 2.0, 3.0, and on, really don't compare to watching the actual tv series front to back (with End of Eva at the end)...the timing is way fast's not as endearing or funny at times because of this...the cut characters Kensuke and Toji (to a lesser degree) and the art and facial expressions and voice acting is not up to par compared ^^ In general looses a lot of subtlety that was in the original series...I'm just afraid that fans will watch these movies and forsake the original series all together

    PS... I don;t think Megumi Hyashibara is in the movies nor do some of the other Seiyu that play some of the main characters
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  9. Quizap

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    How can you make those claims when 2.0 has barely been out with 3.0 and 4.0 not even being revealed yet?

    The story is supposed to revolve around Shinji, Asuka, Rei, Mari, etc. Not Kensuke and Toji. This series wasn't meant to be all that funny to begin with either. I also feel the acting and such is far, far better then the original series. You're also saying the timing is fast paced because of the first movie, they did that on purpose so they can get up to the remade story which starts halfway through 2.0. Hell, a change in the story has already occured in the first movie.

    Saying the movies aren't as good when half the series hasn't even been released yet is pretty lame
  10. Nermel

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    While my judgments are based on just 1.01 and so are yours...saying that it is way better than the original series is doing the same thing I did. Also, I didn't mean that they weren't good...I like the movies...I just find they streamline some of the great, unique aspects of NGE. NGE had some great emotional content, funny or serious, cutting the timing-streamlining it- just takes some of it's greatness away. Yeah you get the major and most important jists of the's better as the original whole.

    Again, I'm glad they are remaking life back into the series...hopefully more people will be more inclined to watch Eva...and to a greater extent, maybe they'll actually give the original series more of a chance.
  11. captaincrunch

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    Not everyone loved the pacing or much of the content from NGE. Especially newer anime fans who were only recently introduced to the series (myself included here). I personally think it would be much better to retell with updated animation and removing a lot of the aspects that have become cliche over the years. This is mostly because we've become spoiled with current anime standards, but it's still a factor.

    I haven't seen any of the films yet and plan to only when they are all out (since I don't want to wait a year for each release)... but I think they are just trying to cater to a new audience and a new generation of anime fans. This is a good thing, IMO.
  12. Nermel

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    it's a good thing in a sense...but I don't think the things that were removed were cliches...NGE is definitely not cliche it might have started cliches but I dont think it was ever much of one...may have payed homage to shows in the past...but any good anime does in some way or another
  13. captaincrunch

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    I'm only saying that while speaking as an anime fan that started in the last few years. When watching everything current, then going back to NGE, a lot of it seems like cliche shounen monster of the week battles, school-life comedy, and some psychology thrown in (which is still original). I'm not saying it was cliche when it came out, but I'm saying it is now.

    I understand the feelings toward NGE are completely different for a person who saw it while airing, or pretty soon after it aired when it was still fresh and new, but as I said, a lot of us have been spoiled by the evolution of the genre over the past decade or two, which makes NGE less than spectacular.

    I kind of wish I'd have seen it back when I was younger, but it's too late for that and I didn't really like it because of these reasons. However, I have high hopes for the movie remakes.

    If they focus only on the main plot (which is still pretty unique) instead of focusing on every single angel (just the major ones) and a lot of the school scenes, they can avoid a lot of that stuff.
  14. Verified

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    ummmmmm... what? Monster of the week? Someone was not watching this correctly methinks :laugh:

    Neon Genesis Evangelion is probably one of the greatest older animes that has not yet fallen out of place because of its lack of cliches. Animation wise it is behind a little, but not by enough to stop someone from watching it. I mean Cowboy Bebop and Trigun have the same animation style NGE sports, but hopefully no one claims to be "to ahead of the times" to not watch either.

    Yes, they could focus on the "main plot," as you say, but in the original NGE everything was the main plot. Everything that happened in school, every angel that was encountered, all of it moved the story along at a very acceptable pace. There is only one or two angels I can think of that would maybe not be necessary to the series, but even still.

    There are suppose to be 18 angels, 18 trials of mankind. Each angel that appeared represented a different path humanity could have taken evolution wise (hence why the angels DNA is over 90% similar to ours). After each angel was defeated it showed that humans were the superior life forms and were the ones that deserved to live in the Rebirthed world.

    Without all of the series you would probably miss out on a good bit of character development, and a good bit of reasoning. You can cry about character development episodes all you want, but they are essential in making you care about seeing what happens next and to understand why the character acts the way he/she does. You could call Asuka a royal bitch or Shinji a pansy easily, but once you get a glimpse of the past or see into their minds you can begin to sympathize and understand the character better which makes you care more about what is happening in the anime.
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    The television series of NGE 1996 is probably the "deepest" anime ever made. Sure it's not perfect and yes I want to punch Shinji and Asaka in the face most of the time but if you look at the story especially the plot points they only allude to or leave out completely it's a freaking work of art my friend. At first I didn't really understand why EVA is considered such a big deal but after watching it 2 or 3 times I started to look into some of the theories floating around and the pieces just hinted at in the series. I wouldn't recommend this to anime noobs or bleach/narutards but for anyone who is into psychological anime EVA is a must see. I'm glad people are still talking about this 15 years later.

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  16. Quizap

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    Yea, this is definitely not for someone who's just starting out with anime. And it's very wise to see it more then 2 or 3 times as well because every time you watch it, you'll hear and see a bit more and understand what's going on a bit better then the previous watch. The same could essentially go for Escaflowne as well. I've seen it 3 or 4 times now and every time I caught something I didn't catch before.
  17. captaincrunch

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    I think you mean psychology, phsyiology is how organisms function biologically. I still think that much of the psychology was superficial and had no greater meaning than just trying to make the anime seem artistic and unique. Sort of like one of those "abstract" modern art paintings... that's really nothing more than some paint randomly thrown at a canvas.

    If you really look at it closely, you can tell there is a point somewhere in the middle (around ep 13-14 or so) that the anime takes a completely different turn and starts to go more psychological. It's almost like they started out planning to do one series, had that episode with Rei's monologue, liked it, and decided to change everything to make the series be more like that. It gives the whole thing a sort of "phony" feel to it. But of course, thats just my humble Narutard opinion :...:

    ... But, let me digress before I get flamed to death ... I think your probably right that my opinion might change if I rewatch it, and I do plan to, but I'm still gonna hold out for the movies instead.

    On a side note, if you loved NGE because of the psychological aspects, I'd recommend you watch Ghost Hound. I'm still working on finishing it, but it's right up your alley if thats what you like. So far (up to ep 20) it's great.
  18. Verified

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    If I had a picture of Roy destroying Lust I would post it up XD

    Evangelion was always meant to be a psychological ride from episode one. The reason you didn't see anything major until Rei's out of body experience is because until then no one would have cared to see it. The characters' problems magnify as the series goes on which is why it gets more psychological towards the end. Plus, piloting the Eva puts a strain on the mind. A strain that eventually shows, like erosion. The Grand Canyon wasn't eroded in a day and neither were the pilot's minds.
  19. captaincrunch

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    I think you were looking for this... Sorry I couldn't find a bigger size :)


    Your probably right, and I should give the show another shot before I give up on it, but I'm still just going to wait for the movies to pique my interest again.
  20. Coryne17

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    Aah Evangelion... the Marmite of Anime. You either you love it or you hate it. Although after so many years I'm now undecided, it's one of those productions that's so hard to quantify it practically transcends its medium when you start to really analyze the many different allegories it's playing around with.

    When I first saw it, it was one of the few series you could actually get your hands on in the UK, and it utterly blew me away. At first I was enjoying it as a bit of popcorn fun, then of course you get roughly half way through, the tone shifts oh so subtly and before you know it you're finding yourself looking up phrases like Id, Ego and Super-Ego trying to decipher it all!

    However, with all the re-cuts, alternative endings and now the new movies, there's the distinct "flogging a dead horse" feel from Eva now, and as such I find it hard to get excited about something I saw nearly 15 years ago.

    Still, it was something of a landmark and is undeniably influential. Just don't watch it when high (trust me!)

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