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  1. sevencreature

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    Oh, well, minor detail. Though overall I consider NGE to be a good anime, episodes 11-16 are craptastic IMO :drink:
  2. Dragon2004

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    Is there any news on a release of the rebuild of eva being released here?
  3. DrKillinger

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    you cant make a compilation of both endings because the endings were completely different. at the end of the series Shingi chose Instrumentality and at the end of EoE he chose to remain an individual (with Auska)

    this is what depresses me about evangelion and its fan-boys: everyone that watches it says its good because its just one big acid trip and they like that. no one seems to realize the show was completely coherent from beginning to end. its fine if you dont understand fully what went on, in fact thats kinda impossible. but when you get the bulk of it its really an amazing story fraught with symbolism and messages, most of which seam to speak against stereotypical otakuism which i like.

    the ending of the show was not an acid trip. everything that happened in episode 25 & 26 occurred inside instumentality

    i would recommend to watch evangelion, refer to the NGE glossery, and watch it again. then form an opinion of it
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    you're right. There was also a pretty hilarious joke hidden in the plot... which as far as i've seen almost no one caught.

    the sardonic joke- (big spoiler)
    hang with me... it's been a while since i saw it so i'll be semi vague...

    Halfway through NGE i had a thought that i think everyone who watches the series has... which is "who in their right mind would willingly put the fate of the world in the hands of 3 emotionally damaged children?"

    The punchline, of course is that the "group" that chose those children intended to destroy the world in a different way then the angels, and the children were intended to fail all along.

    I found that uproariously humorous. they chose those emotionally and psychologically warped children precisely because they planned to destroy the world. That's simply sidesplitting.

    As a sidenote, your comment on the last two episodes is completely correct...
    it even shows what happened to everyone in "flashes" in shinji's mind... and it was all pretty horrific... i don't blame the little headcase for choosing to runaway from reality.
  5. DrKillinger

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    I suppose if you think of it as a joke that way it is hilarious.
    in one of the later episodes katsuragi reveals everone in shingi's class is a potential eva pilot and the Marduk institute (Selee) arranged it that way. you may also notice everyone in his class has no parents. not a one. (Toji says he has parents but its also heavily implied hes lying) I believe the reason for this is because for some reason it is required that your mother is dead to pilot the eva. in EoE Auska finally is broken free of her depression when she realizes that her mother has been her AT field the entire time and has been protecting her. that could be perhaps why.
    as for the needing to be 14 rule, i got nothin
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    Posted by Reece on May 12, 2009
    you can get it region 4, they had it out in Australia for a while, but only subbed
  7. totavo

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    Well this was great until the budget was cut a little short at the end, I can see why it has the tag "mindf***"... It was a great show but i'll probably have to watch all the movies and such to fully understand it.
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    Eh, the movies are more like OVAs and aren't original to the story. They're more like additions and an alternate ending.

    If you want to watch NGE at it's finest, watch the new ones. 1.1 is the most available, 2.0 isn't out on dvd yet, I heard it's still in the theaters in japan.
  9. Pfoiffee

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    Evangelion 1.0 is EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I'm looking forward to watching 2.0, gonna wait until the 1080p version is released.
  10. Telperienh

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    This was one of the more confusing animes of the ones i've watched but it's still in my top 5 list. 1 Week ago I got myself the CE anime version from Ebay :) It looks so nice in my shelf. I really should buy all the movies as well so I can get a better view of everything as i've heard one of the movies will explain alot. Shame the mangas doesn't live up to the anime :/ (imo).
  11. Funkgun

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    Was that the one in the black box, or was it different?
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    This one =]
  13. Funkgun

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    Oh sweet I have the older black one with red foil. But the Platinum one is the one I want.
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    Posted by Quizap on Dec 3, 2009
    I have the older platinum edition that came out 8 or so years ago. Good indeed. Watch the movies (1.11, etc.) though, they far surpass the greatness of the first Evangelions.
  17. Funkgun

    Funkgun Forum Moderator

    as long as the end does not suck (when the final movie comes out) I completely agree.
  18. foryouranime

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    I know! the Rebuild movies are awesome! I can't wait until 3.0.
  19. Pfoiffee

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    Rebuild FTW!!!

    I'm gonna wait for the other movies to be released on Bluray :)
  20. Cicada

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    The updated visuals in the movies are neat, for sure. But has there ever been a series so re-released and re-re-released? Talk about sucking fans dry - more content please!
    That said, I'd still kill to see a live-action film version (done right - impossible, I know).

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