Neon Genesis Evangelion

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  1. gin

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    Posted by gin on Jul 4, 2008
    is it really?

    anyway...done and done

    you might wanna put your quote in spoiler tags as well i guess...
  2. llsektorll

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    lol... yea.... imagine you were watching the first episode of NGE and someone said this:

    After the 17 angels are defeated the everyone in the earth dies and Shinji and Asuka become the new adam and eve... o yea and Rie is the catalyst to trigger the end of the world.
  3. shortlex

    shortlex New Member

    Didn't you watch the series. All 17 are defeated and nothing Happens.
  4. llsektorll

    llsektorll New Member

    It was long ago... i remember had to do something with 17 angels... and some crap happened... then I was forced to watch the entire thing again in the biggest waste of 1hr and 40mins of my life... T_T.... I try to forget...

    You know what Shinji was doing to Auska when the world ended?... i felt like doing that to the show's producer.... such a horrible ending... totally killed it.... and I admire sad endings too!

    Harsh I know... but I'm guessing the remake is better
  5. gin

    gin New Member

    Posted by gin on Jul 4, 2008
    well...but i didnt exactly say that. i didnt even insinuate that. all i said was
    return to nothingness or unity or whatever
  6. llsektorll

    llsektorll New Member

    i know i wasn't comparing it what you said... more like an exagguration... kinda like finding out Aerith dies before starting ffvii...
  7. shortlex

    shortlex New Member

    haha, epic.
    Ok the only reason that fan were disappoint about the whole NGE franchise were those two episodes (ep 25 & 26). If you have watched that, then you will understand why people wanted to kill Anno.

    I believe that death and rebirth and end of eva was a pretty good conclusion... it wasn't a horrid ending, it wat to expect from the end of the world conclusion. An epic wipe out, then slow silences.

    hehe, oh if you want to see shinji and asuka getting it on, watch 25 and 26.. pretty much asuka confesses. hehe
  8. shortlex

    shortlex New Member

    I believe that the main aim of the instrumentality project was to enhance the potential of man and launch him into the next step of evolution. which is pretty much spirits.

    However Ikari's aim was to be with his wife again and he sees this project as a means to spiritually bond with her soul..
    like come, killing your self would be like... catching a bus in the middle of the city, then finding your soul mate... too much steps.
  9. ThirdImpact

    ThirdImpact New Member

    I must admit I was shocked to not find a thread in this section about this anime (especially considering it is my favorite anime of all time =P), so I figured why not start a thread ^^;

    General information:
    The television series is 26 episodes and aired from 1995-96

    There are 3 movies released (with 3 more on the way):
    The first movie released. The first half of the movie (DEATH) was a recap of the series with added scenes, while the second half of the movie (REBIRTH) was kind of a mini-feature, that ended up being the first half of the second movie.

    End Of Evangelion
    Referred to as the first true movie... the first half was actually the REBIRTH part of D:R, while the second half was completely new and was a more fluid continuation... making it feel more like a feature film (despite still being referred to in the movie as ep 25 & 26 + finale)

    Evangelion 1.0: You Are (not) Alone
    The first of the 4 new Evangelion movies. The idea for this is that the first 3 new movies will actually be a retelling of the original TV series story with the aim of making it more accessible to new viewers while adding new scenes/characters to it. Example:
    Kaworu makes an appearance in 1.0, whereas in the series he isn't scene until the last few episodes, and Kaworu is seen communicating with SEELE on the moon. Also, in 2.0 there is a girl with glasses who is not in the television series at all.

    Evangelion 2.0-4.0: Not Yet Released
    2.0: You Can (Not) Advance, 3.0, and 4.0: Final are the other three films in the new Evangelion tetralogy. The first three are designed to be a re-make/re-imagining of the original series while the fourth is planned to be an actual original movie. 2.0: You Can (Not) Advance originally was set to be released in Japan in "Winter 2008" while it has been delayed until "Early Summer, 2009" subsequently resulting in the other two films to be pushed back as well, although no release date has been giving for them, nor has 3.0 received a title yet (With 4.0 simply being called 4.0: Finale).

    Feel free to discuss the series, movies, characters, or anything else Evangelion related. But please put the SPOILER tags around anything that may ruin things for people that have not yet seen the series/movies.

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  10. DemonRoach

    DemonRoach Banned

    Series = Junk, and that is why they have to keep remaking it over and over.
  11. ThirdImpact

    ThirdImpact New Member

    They are remaking the series once, not over and over, but thank you for your colorful reply none-the-less.
  12. shortlex

    shortlex New Member

    Actually there was a tread before, not sure where it went!

    DemonRoach doesn't really understand the concept of Evangelion, he may see it was a mecha fighting dogmatic holy beings to purge the world of man, so that a new Eden can emerge, but that is really not the case, it's more metaphorical!!

    Should I expand?
  13. Lan

    Lan New Member

    Posted by Lan on Jan 11, 2009
    I agree with DemonRoach the series sucked, but thats just my opinion. It took me months to just get through the series up to the last 2 ep's. Then It just got even worse :/ The only thing I ended up liking about was the animation style and the remake of the ending of it.
  14. r18

    r18 Ojii-san

    Posted by r18 on Jan 11, 2009
    the series did suck ..a bit the premises was good and the characters had promise but the production was strained and it suffered form the directer trying to force more into it than the story line could bear. i disagree somewhat about the whiteness of shinji. it seems to me that a 14 year old kid in that position could not help but be sort of emo or a total bitch as asuka was and i was just a total emotional zombie ..well a total zombie for reasons shown latter.hell i would be a total emo right now if i was told to get into a giant robot thing and fight killer aliens, oh and by the way here are some hot girls who you have absolutely no chance with ,be happy , bye. so i did and did not like it it is a chore to watch more than once but should be seen.
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  15. arc666

    arc666 New Member

    I liked it but I can't remember why ...whenever I try to remember anything about it my thaughts just go to the horribly annoying characters.
  16. VivisQueen

    VivisQueen Well-Known Member

    No, no you're all murdering my ears with your filthy lies! :crying:

    I love it for its bizarreness, it's quirky depth of characterisation, the exciting battles, the intense emotional drama, and just the whole UNFAIRNESS of the entire situation. Yup, no doubt the animation sucked at the end (although it was rather poor technically throughout), but in the main points of the show e.g. the fights, the animation was very good. The total lack of decent animation at the end didn't bother me much on my second viewing (the first viewing it was quite jarring) because I cared more about the culmination of Shinji's development than I did about the physical fighting. For that reason, I thought End of Evangelion, which took the completely opposite tack, was an abomination.

    Heck, I even loved the overt philosophising because it was genuine philosophy (a simple existentialist concept portrayed in a discursive way that just won't appeal to many), not meaningless bullshit like in Gundam Wing, for example. So that's why I would defend NGE, anyway.

    I must say, I also hold much sentimental value for NGE because it was one of the first few anime I watched, and I'm glad I have that classic under my belt. There are better shows, but it's certainly in my Top 20.
  17. arc666

    arc666 New Member

    For all I know that's true, I really do need to rewatch Neon Genesis Evangelion So I can rmember why I liked it.
  18. valondar

    valondar Active Member

    Neon Genesis Evangelion is awesome, brilliant, superb, and inspired. Easily one of the best anime I've ever seen. They're remaking it because it was hugely super-popular and they want to ride that cash cow forever. Do you see anyone remaking RahXephon, eh?

    So I guess I don't think it sucks.
  19. arc666

    arc666 New Member

    Hmm...after reading that I think it may be worth rewatching along with the two or three other series I saw at that time who's plots i've forgotten.
  20. VivisQueen

    VivisQueen Well-Known Member

    Want other people to rewatch it with you? Post in the FYAB hub (link in my sig). ^_^

    I'm sure there'll be lots of people who'll want to join that bandwagon.

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