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  1. monk_boy

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    Episode 101

    damn fillers are annoying. i wonder how many they'll make?

    they totally ruined kakashi's character in ep 101, so disappointing.

    please put the # of the episode ahead of the post

    while the fact that the episode is a filler might not be very important, when you mention that sertain characters image was ruined it gives people certain expectations from the episode

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  2. DJ*

    DJ* New Member

    Posted by DJ* on Sep 16, 2004
    Episodes 95-96
    They ruined Tsunade's character during the sannin battle,

    Episode 101
    and they seem to be in the process of ruining Sasuke.

    Maybe they'll eventually get around to everybody.

    edit: for someone who just started watching series, certain events taking place at certain episodes might serve as rather large spoiler

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  3. Zechleton

    Zechleton Guest

    #90-ish onwards, i can't exactly remember :P
    I never liked Tsunade in the first place, she's incredibly boring and shallow.
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  4. dreadful

    dreadful Guest

    Please post number of episode ahead of its discussion.
    Also, spoiler tag important events taking place during episodes.

    Changes in the characters image are rather important plotwise as well.
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  5. Masakari

    Masakari Grumpy Twenty-something Old Timer

    Episode 101:


    I bet this starts another 10-episode 'filler arc' like the 'Naruto playing with his balls' arc.
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  6. DJ*

    DJ* New Member

    Posted by DJ* on Sep 24, 2004
    Ep. 101

    I can't believe they'd take the 'extra' chapter and use it for an episode at this late a stage. This would have been alright somewhere either before they set off for the Zabuza arc, or after that, but before the chuunin exam began.

    It was stupid to use it at this point.
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  7. caweman

    caweman New Member

    ep 103:
    wow, Sakura's inner self got mad and she actualy Did something... huray =)
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  8. Prisoner1138

    Prisoner1138 New Member

    ok, this is total fucking crap.

    early 90's
    naruto playing with the balls was just somethibg being dragged on a little longer than it should have

    , but what the hell is this garbage?

    ep 103
    especially sakura, i mean what the fuck was that about? she never did any fucking thing even close to being useful in the damn manga, and now she can tear out boat masts and swing them around like a club? and they still haven't covered the naruto/sasuke confrontation that should have happened oh like... 5 fucking episodes ago. instead we have this stupid retard who can run fast in this dumb race using a pile of dumb throw-away characters no one cares about.
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  9. monk_boy

    monk_boy Guest

    i'm disappointed in the filler eps too, but they are catching up to the manga pretty fast and now is the only time they can really take a break from the manga to put in filler. hopefully it won't last much longer.
  10. DJ*

    DJ* New Member

    Posted by DJ* on Oct 14, 2004
    ep104 - even though I haven't seen it past ep101 and only dl'd it for the OP + ED

    New opening and ending. Much better than the ones they replace. Gives you a nice insight into the upcoming arc. Rather pleasing to see that they are going back onto the manga storyline.

    I hope the animation of certain parts is as good as I'm hoping it will be.
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  11. monk_boy

    monk_boy Guest

    ep 104

    there's a lot of foreshadowing in the new OP. the ending sucked. they got the whole freaking disco and old batman tv show thing, very bizarre.
  12. DJ*

    DJ* New Member

    Posted by DJ* on Oct 15, 2004
    Anything's better than the ending it replaced. That beach one was simply rubbish, music and animation.
  13. monk_boy

    monk_boy Guest

    ep 106

    finally the stupid filler story is over. can't wait for the next story arc. sweet, sweet manga storyline.
  14. AnimeFreak

    AnimeFreak Guest

    Yeah the spoilers suck, just waiting for 107 to come. Looks very exciting.
    ep 107 (preview)
    Finally Naruto and Sasuke fight. :banana:

    while general aspects (such as info whether it's a filler or main storyline) do not require spoiler tags, specific events sure do. Please put specific events in spoiler tags (even if it's from within a preview)

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  15. LoneRaven

    LoneRaven New Member

    two bad it'll probably be 3-4 episodes long
  16. dense

    dense Guest

    Posted by dense on Nov 15, 2004
    The new OP is my favorite of them all. Besides Ryuusei (beach one) and Harmonia (Horrible duet one during chuunin exam), every OP and ED have been absolutely amazing.

    episode 108:
    you can really see Sasuke's dark side here. It really foreshadows what's about to happen. I enjoyed the fillers. Hacing read the manga, it's nice to see something where I don't know the ending. Plus I think it really adds to Sasuke's superiority complex with Naruto

    manga 230's:
    I can not tell you how freakin' glad i am that Sakura is training with Tsunade. She might actually have a purpose now, and a use for her extraordinary chakra control. I look forward to her progress
  17. BTime

    BTime Guest

    Posted by BTime on Dec 16, 2004
    Naruto is kind of a guilty pleasure, but just gotta say that I'm really enjoying the new arc. I'm current on the manga, and thought they did an effective job the past few eps. In 114, choji owns..

    Now if they could kindly kill off that stupid ED (ending sequence). The music & imagery is just painful.
  18. monk_boy

    monk_boy Guest

    i couldn't agree more.

    is it just me or did choji lose weight through out 112 - 114. it seems like with each shot he losses a few pounds. poor animation??
  19. Prisoner1138

    Prisoner1138 New Member

    eps 113-114
    If you took the time to put about 2 cents worth of thought into the matter, chouji has been burning his body fat to create chakra.
  20. Mao

    Mao Guest

    Posted by Mao on Dec 20, 2004
    General Spoiler
    Yeah, its not too hard to understand that the fighting style of the Akamichi family involves storing high amounts of fat that can be converted directly into chakra with the aid of their special pills. It's something that you can deduce from Sakura and Kakashi's lectures in the first eps,
    and I think is great they let us come out with the fact instead giving it out. I really hate when they explain everything in an anime as if we were first graders. :...:

    eps 115 and onward (some wishful thinking)
    Now how do you think the next fights would be? We can pretty much say from advances that Neji is fighting arachnid guy, so I'd say next fight are like:
    Shikamaru vs the girl (he always has to fight the girl and hates it XD)
    Kiba vs twin headed guy
    Naruto vs Sasuke 2.0
    (please dont tell if you already read the manga)

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