This has to be one of the most garish things I've seen with the shiny colors all over the place and these character designs in that PV for it.

I think I'll probably take a look because it has one of Gintama's directors behind it.
Uno, a man who likes to gamble with women;

What the hell does this even mean? Does he like to gamble against female opponents? Is he attracted to high risk women? Or does he literally bet women as part of his gambles? The last one makes him sound like a real monster.

and Nico, a man who likes anime.

Oh fuck, what a heinous crime. Lock this guy up and throw away the key. He's a danger to society.

This is one of the shows I'm definitely picking up next season. The garish looking art intrigues me and a comedy set in a prison is something different for anime. No, I don't count Prison School because that was still set in a high school.
I got to see the first episode at AWA today. Apparently second group of people in the world to see it. :D

Episode 1:
This was amusing. It's as colorful and stylized as the manga from what I hear. I mean, things are standard but they set the bar for comedy here and it was good. And then a sudden plot drop at the end.

I'll stick around for a while.
Episode 1

Well, that wasn't the worst but I wasn't massively impressed either, it was alright, I suppose.

I was pretty bored for the most part to be honest. That probably sounds really harsh, and I did get maybe a giggle and wry smile here and there, but I feel like the humour almost entirely missed the mark for me, and a lot of the jokes were pretty plain and predictable. It wasn't terrible, just a little too average for me. I usually like quirky shit too, but this just wasn't that funny and I could see it wearing thin easily.

Anyway, I do like the style of it at least, the sparkles were a little annoying though.
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Episode 1
So... colorful....
What this first episode did good: colors, interesting styles, poofy dogs
What this first episode did weird:
What is with Japan's obsession with cross-dressing men this season? I think this is the third one I've seen... Also, do these prisoners have weird abilities or just very lucky?
What the first episode did wrong: plotwise, this was lackluster. It might pick up, given the hints dropped, but right now, it's more colors than coherent plot.
Episode 1:

Good to see Ikkaku got a job as a prison guard now that Bleach has ended.



Anyway the first episode was really underwhelming.

The character designs and bright colors are totally fabulous, but the animation sucks balls. The character movements are extremely stiff and it made the first half of the episode less enjoyable than it could have been. All the good jokes were in the first half of the episode and if the animation had been it could have been a fun energetic chase through the crazily designed prison. There were a few neat visual gags along the way that would have been funnier if they hadn't been done as still frames, which took away a lot of their punch. I did enjoy the bit where the otaku's weird metabolism makes tranquilizers have an effect akin to ecstasy.

The second half of the episode was dull as dog shit though. The backstory bullshit was generic as fuck and brought the comedy to a screeching halt.

Also why does everyfuckingthing sparkle? Those were just some of the most randomly placed sparkles I've seen in anime. At one point even the prison was sparkling. It's just a weird little touch that's not really a joke. but just something that makes me scratch my head.

There's a chance this will get better. Most comedies do take a couple episodes to find their footing, buuut a few of the jokes here raised red flags for me because their delivery was off and that's never a good sign for a comedy. The reveal of the cross dressing brother was waaay too obvious and didn't even warrant a smile from me. I mean it's a tired gag anyway, but it can still be delivered in a better manner. Also, the joke about 15 saying he liked guys was pretty eye rolling.

I am pretty unimpressed with this still. There's nothing here that really made me go, that's laugh out loud funny, and most of the time, I'm just rolling my eyes a little bit. The prison guard beating people up, also got old for me really quickly and I didn't find that funny. The parts where they get serious for a bit are also pretty boring, and I don't care for either, like the ending with shark teeth. This kind of manzai/straight-man routine can work for me, but this material isn't particularly good to me.

Meh, is about all I can say. I'm just not feeling it.
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Too many sparkles!
Ignoring that, I like the colourful look it has. The serious tone the first episode took at the end felt a little out of place, as did the section in the second episode. These hint at a plot developing but the scenes just feel inconsequential next to the rest of the show, which is just silliness.

The second episode was rather enjoyable for me, the first was just sort of 'eh, this is a bit weird isn't it'. I just worry that the show will start delving into the plot hard which will likely ruin anything going for it.
Episode 2:

Well that episode sucked balls. I didn't laugh or smile once during the episode. For the most part I was just super bored for most of it. The jokes are just plain unfunny and a lot of them barely even qualify as jokes or gags. Even the jokes that do have a chance to be funny are poorly executed. The prisoner abuse joke wasn't funny the first time and doing it once for each character didn't make it any funnier. The same goes for the scene where the guard is explaining to the warden why each of prisoners tried to break out of jail. The jokes there were cringy bad and there wasn't any escalation that would make repeating the gag over and over again.

The worst part is the more serious parts. The end of the first segment where 15 the guard are having a heart to heart conversation was just eye roll inducing. There's been no relationship established between the two for this conversation to have any meaning or impact.

I am really thinking I'm not going to be picking up any more comedies unless they are shorts or from an established franchise I know I enjoy. A full length unfunny comedy like this is just damn hard to watch each week. The only way I'll be taking a punt on these kinds of comedies is if people start raving about them.
Episode 2

Everything is still sparkling. That said, god knows what is going on with this. The comedic timing is either completely failing or mediocre and new gags/jokes get repeated at least twice in an episode to make sure that it already feels like beating a dead horse or they somehow make the joke fail through intervention of another character.

I swear that monkey guard next to the warden was beating the joke that he is into the ground. It's like he's just there to be unfunny and ruin any comedy with repetitive behaviour and poorly timed intervention.

Holy fucking shit, was this episode complete stinking garbage. This show is actually duller than watching paint dry on a wall, and I see this the same way as ZK, this just ain't funny, this is cringe as fuck. Everything about this is fucking obnoxious to me, the stuff with blue haired cry baby was so painful and stupid to sit through especially with the part where the guy was explaining how to take care of the prisoners. It felt like a rehash of the previous episode's explanation bit. Also, the fangirling annoys me too and the ninja shit was even more non-stop face palming dumb shit.

I really bloody hate this show. It sucks and I had a hard time dragging my ass right through this horribly unfunny episode. This humour has about as much wit as a 10 year old telling me fart jokes.
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Episode 2
I'm having an ok time with this show. This is entirely due to the fact that my tenants have labeled each other after the main characters. Beyond the social commentary provided during our group watches, the show holds little interest to me.
The sparkles are annoying, the jokes are stale, and everyone is so forceably quirky it's nauseating.
Still, I'll watch it with my misfits, and enjoy their commentary.
Episode 3:

This thread can use something funny and that ninja could benefit from some additional training:

Now that's how you ninja.

Other than that the episode left no impression on me. I can remember the broad strokes, but not a single joke or gag was even slightly funny or memorable.

This is basically what the comedy of this show amounts to:

Shout till it's funny kind of thing, and it's again all very drab. I'm not really sure what else to say now. Even Gintama at it's rudest and crudest, is still about 10 million times funnier than everything I've seen so far from this.

I don't think there is a single moment in this to me where it doesn't feel forceful in trying to elicit a laugh.
Episode 4:


I dunno man I find myself asking the same thing after every episode.

I will give the voice actors credit, because they're certainly game and do put a lot of energy in their performances, but the material is just so crummy that it doesn't matter. Sadly it ends up just like Gen described with everyone yelling in the hope that it will make it funny somehow.
Episode 6:

Episode 4:


This screenshot becomes even more relevant when the show goes all half assed battle shounen.
15 is the least interesting character in the cast. At least the other characters have a wacky personality trait or two, but 15 is a emo shounen protagonist and doesn't fit into the world at all. The show tries weakly to poke fun at him, but as usual the shitty writing and execution renders these attempts impotent. However, what makes it much worse is that the show is taking his plot seriously and 15's half of the episode with the blind dude is played completely straight right up to his dopey looking transformation where his damn arms and legs turn into swords. What the fuck even is that? It looks silly as shit and reminds me of something I once saw in a parody VN that was making fun of Fate Stay/Night.

Bottom line is the show has not laid the groundwork for a serious plot like this. The material is already as generic as hell, but to expect me to give half a shit after a few half assed exposition dumps is ridiculous. Regardless that the show isn't great as comedy it's already set itself up as pretty damn goofy so the serious drama is reeeeaally not welcome.

The other bit of the episode isn't much better since it's mostly driving the joke about the warden's feelings right into the fuckin' ground. By the end of the season they'll have drive the joke into the fuckin' core of the Earth.

Just a horrible dumpster fire of an episode.
Man, I got nothing to fucking say about this. ZK is right about everything with this, the drama sucked, and 15 is just some shitty as fuck, emo protag.

This episode:

The weapon thing reminded me of the lameness of soul eater's ending with that bullshit with Maka and this:


Fucking stupid and the worst episode yet.