Nanbaka 2nd Season

Discussion in 'Specific Anime Discussion' started by chii, Nov 22, 2016.

  1. chii

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    Posted by chii on Nov 22, 2016
  2. ZetsubouKaiji

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    Of course this piece of tripe would get a second season when there are so many good comedies out there that only got one season. Fucking hell give me another season of Binbougami Ga, Monthly Girl Nozaki-kun, Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou, Nichijou or Sabagebu and that's only naming a few.
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  3. ZetsubouKaiji

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    Episode 14:


    Overall, impression of this episode:

    The episode was a bunch of odds and ends stitched together by the narrator desperately insisting this is funny comedy. I disagree, an episode made up of skits from the cutting room floor was even more boring than usual. The comedy in this show is always subpar, but it's even worse when it's made up of odds and ends that feel like they were cut for not being good enough to be a part of other episodes.

    Annnd there goes my new years resolution to get away from shows I don't like. At least I made it three days.
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  4. Etue

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    Posted by Etue on Jan 4, 2017
    Episode 14

    Well, At least it's not trying to be serious, I guess.
    It's trying to be funny by saying that it's trying to be serious while failing to be funny.
    It would almost be precious if not for the general lack of good delivery across the board during any serious scene.
  5. Etue

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    Posted by Etue on Jan 17, 2017
    Episode 15 & 16

    I think they forgot to attempt comedy in episode 16. I'm pretty sure they tried in episode 15 but episode 16 was a little lacking in that prospect. I'm also pretty sure that the plot is trying to be seriously serious seriously this time seriously but seriously I don't know if they actually are trying to or are going to make it a joke again. At least it seems that chinese food makes people evil?
  6. Etue

    Etue Well-Known Member

    Posted by Etue on Jan 24, 2017
    Episode 17

    I'm pretty sure this show sucks most when trying to do drama. Everything else is watchable if pretty bad but the drama in this setting just feels so underdeveloped forced and minor.
  7. ZetsubouKaiji

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    Episode 18:

    The fold in his jacket makes it look like he's sporting a massive boner.

  8. Etue

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    Posted by Etue on Feb 14, 2017
    Episode 20

    Jesus fucking Christ lord of padding. I'm fine with backstories but what the fuck was this even the scenes outside of all the backstory felt unnecessarily long.

    Also; this anime still things being seriously serious works for it.
  9. Etue

    Etue Well-Known Member

    Posted by Etue on Mar 21, 2017
    Episode 25

    Wait, this is the final episode?


    Granted, I was done with this series already but was that really what they chose to end season 2 on?

    This will probably never have a continuation so why... is it that OVA that airs in april?
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  10. ZetsubouKaiji

    ZetsubouKaiji Well-Known Member

    It's one of those "go read the manga" endings. Unfortunately, this show has made the prospect of reading the manga about as appealing as swollen hemorrhoids.
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  11. JailBreak707

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    The ending to prompt people to read the manga so you'll know what happens in the end? Sigh, I'm really not willing to spend my time reading the manga of this. I will give this season something though, it's drama and serious parts are a lot more organized and somewhat more interesting than the first season. Granted, this season focused on the drama/serious parts rather than the comedy of it all. Too bad it's all boring in the end
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  12. LailanD

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    Last episode;
    Another great anime with a cliffhanger -_-
  13. TheElementalGriffin

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    To add insult to injury, the manga was never officially translated in English.
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