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    anyone else seen this? Shaping up to be pretty cool. Kinda like Full Moon except with rock =) Although if was Dark Nana, id murder chipper Nana and have the apartment for myself MUUAHAHAHHA.... ahem. I wonder what role chipper nana is going to play though hmm...
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  2. Wolfco

    Wolfco Forum Moderator

    Posted by Wolfco on Apr 19, 2006
    Umm... I watched the first episode and I liked it. I rather thought it would be a tame sort of drama rather than an exploration of how Nana 'A' is corrupted by Nana 'B'.
  3. Aydan

    Aydan New Member

    Posted by Aydan on Apr 20, 2006
    Chipper Nana is a loveaholic Nana.
    Nana the rocker is so much better than chipper Nana, too bad we'll have to wait untill ep 4 to see her again. >.<
  4. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Posted by Guest on Apr 20, 2006
    Actually this reminds me a lot of Paradise Kiss, but then it could be cuz it's based on a manga by the same mangaka lol. I really enjoyed parakiss, so I'm really looking forward to seeing more of nana.

    The only thing is that, as Aydan said, "chipper nana" is a bit too loveholic for me.
  5. Kerghan

    Kerghan New Member

    after watching ep 3 and 4, i REALLY hope that slutty nana will change, because he idiocy anoys the hell out of me. harcore Nana, is well hardcore, and i see nothing wrong with her yet =D
  6. RecklessAngel

    RecklessAngel New Member

    *sighs heavily*

    episode 6
    this episode was almost identical to episode 1.
    from the start till the end, there were perhaps only about 1-2 minutes of new footage. :(
  7. Modesty81

    Modesty81 New Member

    Just saw some episodes and I must say I really liked the NANA Live action movie but the anime isnt all as good. So im gona wait for NANA live action movie 2 that I heard rumors aboute beeing made :P
  8. pajama

    pajama Guest

    Posted by pajama on Jun 26, 2006
    The manga was pretty good, but I never got to finish it. I heard that many people liked the movie. The anime isn't bad, but certainly not up to par with the manga (or the movie, as I've heard.)

    I heard that punk-rock Nana
    changes for the worse later in the manga, which is disconcerting.
    She's a cool character. :love:

    Sachiko is here, and she spells t-r-o-u-b-l-e. (And who saw Nana kiss Nana? Ha ha ha.)

    (To be honest, I liked the animation in Paradise Kiss better than the animation in Nana. No one looks as good in Nana as in Paradise Kiss. I wonder what Nana would look like in the style of the Paradise Kiss animation? )
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  9. Skelma

    Skelma New Member

    Posted by Skelma on Aug 26, 2006
    HI! this is my first ever post in anime planet! i have viewed all awailable nana series (19 atm). and i love it... can anyone please recommend me something similar. (its not yet in anirec database )
  10. animeddd

    animeddd Guest

    Paradise Kiss, if you haven't seen it already. You can also try Hachimitsu to Clover.
  11. Skelma

    Skelma New Member

    Does anyone know how many episodes there will be? i think that if there will be too many i will go nuts of all this waiting
  12. Aydan

    Aydan New Member

    Posted by Aydan on Sep 17, 2006
    50 ep's if I'm not mistaken.

    The ending commentaries are really starting to freak me out as of late, they are so... ominous(for lack of a better term), like something terrible is going to happen in the future. A Nana and Nana break up or a death of a Nana.

    Why must Hachi always make the wrong choice, it makes me sad to know were the road she's takes will lead her. Yet, when the story continues you see that she deserves all the misery she's has to bare, it is this aspect that keeps me following this show.
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  13. Skelma

    Skelma New Member

    i havent found this series anymore from internet... not after ep 21.5. if any1 knows where to get episode 22 or even more i would be really happy
  14. Aydan

    Aydan New Member

    Posted by Aydan on Oct 10, 2006
    Before ep 22 can be released the fansub groups need the lyrics to the opening song. They can only get this when the single is released in Japan, which will be somewhere in November if I'm not mistaken (it could be October I'm not sure). I assume we will have to wait until then before we see any new subs.
  15. Skelma

    Skelma New Member

    Oh darn! well, lets hope its released really soon.
  16. Skelma

    Skelma New Member

    Posted by Skelma on Jan 2, 2007
    after 32 eps it seems that this is turning into anime version of bold and beautifull... little disappointed. welll meaby it still gets better. it's good in a way... i dont have to wait for it so damn hard! ^^
  17. VivisQueen

    VivisQueen Well-Known Member

    I'm following this anime at the moment and am on episode 18. I know with only 6 eps to go till the series ends, it's a bit weird to revive this thread, but what the hell.

    HOW AWESOME IS THIS ANIME???!!! Do I hear three cheers for sexy Ren? :love: :love: :love:
  18. VivisQueen

    VivisQueen Well-Known Member

    Just watched episode 33: Nana Katsumi is so fucking dumb.
  19. Wolfco

    Wolfco Forum Moderator

    Posted by Wolfco on Jun 3, 2007
    hahaha... Viva that is exactly what I always feel like saying. I'm like, "Control your hormones please." But, you know she really isn't that bad. She just has simple goals in life and is perhaps more than a little oblivious to some of the facts of life. It isn't like she is totally irresponsible. She just doesn't consider all of the facts when making decisions or taking actions. And I would say that she is seriously trying to figure things out and make real decisions. She is just not experienced enough to do so. Oh well the end is near and we shall see.
  20. VivisQueen

    VivisQueen Well-Known Member

    *sigh* Yeah, but she's so pathetic. That's what I can't stand. She NEVER explains anything to anybody, what's she's thinking or feeling, she just assumes shit and goes ahead and makes decisions based on that e.g. that Nobu will have to give up his music to support her (1. SUPPORT YOURSELF YOU TWAT, 2. talk to him about it before you make that kind of decision for him, you twat). And she always has her friends pick up the mess and tell her what she needs to do. I swear, if it wasn't for Jun-chan's mercy, Nana would have been dead face-down in a ditch somewhere long ago. I really like her when she's her happys elf i.e. when she's working and confident in her place as part of Blast - but when she's like this, I just want her to end her life and stop making me feel like strangling her.

    *double sigh* Let's just hope this anime has a mildly happy ending, because the little snippets of foreshadowing are REALLY not encouraging. (Am on episode 36 now)

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