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    There's entirely too little tennis in this season


    Definitely a much better school anime than i expected all the same.
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    Season 2, episode 1; A new studio aye? Interesting... I'll have to read up about that later. I did watch the OVA, it definitely was better then episode 13 but I don't think I need to write too much about it. It had some cool little interactions but it was pretty straight forward.

    Very brave of the new studio to basically reworking one of the weakest scenes in season 1 and turning it into something quite impressive. That bass play though... Hmmmmmmm...

    I already get the feeling it's a lot less focused on the social group aspect but more about just the interactions between the main cast. Yui is being a lot more aggressive in her interactions with Hikki. That line she was trying not to cross too badly last season has been moved, good on you girl. But... I feel this is really tuning into a part of the story where she'll have her opportunities to express how she feels but that she'll keep putting it off till it's too late.

    Also props to the girls for standing up for Hikki. It's a telling scene with a lot of history between all the characters but it was the right action to protect and defend Hikki. Something I feel that should have been done a little more in season 1. It's not easy for the boys to ask for help but at the same time it was a good way to show they shouldn't expect him to grovel along in the request and they should respect the rules while being in someone else' house.

    Hayato basically just agreed with what Hikki said, so we now know how Yukino handled that situation. We know there is a confession there.

    And boy... that last part of the episode was amazingly well done. Yukino felt like a deer staring at headlights. Her wanting to first walk off, turning around and then try to crack a joke to change the topic.

    Miss Shizuka swooping in to create that moments that our three heroes were trying to create for Tobi and Ebina. How is Miss Shizuka still single!?! Saying that it's not a bad thing to get into trouble because it means that people are watching you, following it up with how's she's watching them and that they should feel free to mess up as much as they want felt like a really key moment in the show.

    I understand what Yukino is up to, what her role in the club is and that few people are in on the whole situation but I've been curious to know if Yukino herself was aware that she might be there to be helped too. We know she relapses harder than Hikki and Miss Shizuka didn't single 'm out in the car, she's addressing both of them.

    The concerns that Hikki and Yukino have while walking back is fascinating. Hikki shows he cares about how she feels and she shows the inner struggles of somebody who's growing feelings.
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    Kinda fascinated with how the plot has totally changed its vibe, like watching a totally different show but at the same time you know things had to play out this way.

    The whole date scene with Hayato was a rough watch, just not good for anybody and the follow up between Yukino and her sister wasn't much better. Staring to get to a point where you think they're about to start stabbing each other.

    Its rough to see Yukino being frustrated and hurt because you know she just wants Hikki to stop sacrificing himself. The fact that Yukino is now starting to sacrifice herself again too should be a good wake-up call for Hikki.

    I also really liked how they handled the moment where Yui tells Hikki walk home together, where Yui tries to confess but also says that she wants to help Yukino by beating her. Hopefully this is the moment where homeboy starts change his ways.

    Komachi is growing into one of the best characters of the show. The change from her bubbly self to this coldhearted girl who doesn't want to talk to her brother is scary. Goddamn.
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    Episode 5...

    Oof... this shit is brutal. Yukino trying to pull a Hikki and he just cockblocks her. "and here I was sure you'd understand". You know she wants to look at Hikki the same way Komachi did in the last episode. Yui thanking Hikki was very sweet, she's pretty awesome but they're both well aware that things will definitely change.

    The opening scene between Hikki and Komachi wasa extremely well put together. From the death glare to laughter, she's a smart cookie for her age. I absolutely loved the fake crocodile tears... haha

    Alright, alright... I'm on the Komachi train I was told to get on.
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    Christmas party time... whoohooo...

    I wasn't a real big fan of the Christmas party setup but I guess it's just there to make the other interactions easier to follow but that whole interaction with the other school felt like we were part of a soundclip that was looping and had to be stopped a few episodes earlier, it actually got annoying.

    At the beginning of episode 6 Yui notices Hikki looking around the class, It strikes her as odd because she's never really seen 'm do that and it's true because he actually feels lost and doesn't know what to do. Him walking out of the class and waiting for Yui around the corner is very telling. He still has his wall up while she feels it really shouldn't be there anymore. She's still tryign to catch up to him and he's just not slowing down.

    Accepting to help Iroha but trying to leave Yukino and Yui out of it is him trying to say sorry, that he knew he messed up and he doesn't want to burden anybody with his own mistakes. As the episodes progress he becomes aware that most of the things he's done have really solved anything. Rumi is still alone, he forced Iroha in a role she's not good at, he starts to realize that he shouldn't decide what Yukino should or shouldn't do.

    Iroha's joke backfiring on her gave me a chuckle. "Are you into younger girls" and Hikki only realizing after she walked off what he had just started.

    Then we have the Mall scene where Yukino and Hikki bump into each other. I thought it was clever for Hikki to use Yukino's "but I didn't lie" line on her, she chuckles but she feels awkward about the whole thing. She's lost control of herself and him. "I only do things alone because I am alone. Aren't you the same?", this scene is her way of admitting that she can't do anything by herself and that she needs someone to help her. Hikki does understand what she says but doesn't know how to act on it. Her letting go of the 'leash' is a powerful scene. Love it.
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    The feels... oof...

    I already thought miss Shizuka's character was pretty solid in the first season, she's always keeping her eye on the kids and stepping in when they needed a push. She gave the most solid advice out of everybody. Galls that play bass are just hot...

    As always, Shizuka comes in at the right time, offering to take him home. Shizuka's life lessons come in hard and fast and it finally seems to hit Hikki. I think these 2 get along so well is because she's taken the approach of an older and wiser sister, no to be his friend and also not really to be his teacher which is probably why it's so easy for him to compliment her too. The only person he's been able to do that to so far is his own sister.

    Which makes me wonder if the whole show is about gaining knowledge and applying it to the next generation. Shizuka herself has made mentions about her miscalculations and Rumi keeps making appearances who is literally a mini version of Yukino.

    Hikki going to the girls for help was put together really well. I actually loved how Yukino shot 'm down at first because she wants 'm the acknowledge that they were part of how things played out. Yui tries to be the positive girl but Yukino is in her right to say that she's playing dirty, she's gone along with all the fakeness too. Hikki says he wants genuine relationships is because everybody does show a different sides of themselves to make an impression. Do things they normally wouldn't do. It's an honest message and it does apply to Yukino... who still hasn't told 'm at all on why she started the club.
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    Posted by Gens on Nov 9, 2018
    ^Not gonna lie, I actually cried a lot during that episode. It's easily in my top 10 list of emotionally moving moments of all time for me in anime, and it was easily my favourite episode of the entire series.
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    They knew what they were going for with the scene, the production quality went up by quite a bit :p

    Can tell it was one of the key moments of the whole show, something they tried to build up to and it was executed amazingly well.
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    Another well put together story eventhough it took place in, what's normally, a filler environment.

    That opening scene, I actually cracked up laughing, Komachi really is a legend. She was pretty spot on but it sure looked.funny with her snaggletooth.

    I also really appreciated the scene with miss Shizuka, the moment Hikki takes the time to think about her four tickets and how she’s use them to then thing of how he’d have to tag along for the sixth time himself. Hikki baiting Yukino, even though she has a seasonal pass, was pretty funny. The eye contact between miss Shizuka and Hikki was gold.

    I feel that Ebina thanking Hikki was would have been one of the most underrated moments of the episode but it’s so important for him to know that not everything he does isn’t working out and I’m happy she asks how things ended up with Yui and Yukino.

    “How much do you need to focus?” 10/10 and so was Yui with the hand puppet. Silly thing made some squeaky noises too!

    Yukino grabbing his sleeve while they’re about to drop, asking ‘m to help her someday was another perfectly executed scene. Finally lowering her guard in one of the most terrifying situations for her. It was cute how he kept staring at her in shock but I’m sure this is also the game, set and match for Yui.

    Another one for Hayato too, he’s leaving a nice destructive trail throughout the story.
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    Forgot to post something about 10 and called 11, 10.... hehe

    Episode 10 starts off with another strange interaction between Hayato and Hikki. More praises from Hayato, he gets quite a bit of screentime just saying how admirable Hikki is and how much of a scumbag he is.

    Also I actually really like Iroha. Probably not the most popular character but she brings some amazing situations to the show. also Yukino stepping in during the meeting is exactly why everybody thinks she was the right person for the role.

    Looks like Yukino was able to return the favor for Hikki. Those were quite a few cakes she put together there.

    Again the best moment of the show has to go to Komachi, she's an amazing little sister. Followed by yukino doing some more jacket grabbing and giving Hikki 'that' look when he's trying to leave.

    The part that followed was again one of those awkward moments where Yukino's sister with Hayato bump into Hikki who's trying to shop with Yui for Yukino. Hayato calls her sister to come too, says she doesn't want to but then gets forced to come when her sister tells Yukino that Hikki is there too.

    There is some secret shady shit going on. We get to see Yukino's mother, she has a quick word with everybody but you can tell that Yukino wants to leave asap.

    Alright, episode 11 down... Actually feel the biggest part of the mystery is solved.

    The whole rumor thing that's doing the rounds in episode 10 was quite intriguing. I actually had a moment where I confused myself and I should have known better. This whole time I thought Yumiko and Hayato were closer then it ended up being, they gave me a vibe that they were attached to the hip but at the same time I knew that Hayato always shows up when Yukino's sister needs 'm. Almost like a lapdog, why is that?

    I enjoyed the scene where Yumiko and Yukino were sitting across from each other, ready to slug it out. There is a lot of animosity between the two and I really would have loved to see more interactions between the two.

    Even though I found the scene between Hayato and Hikki a bit strange, mainly because of the scenery, hearing Hayato say: "I absolutely can't stand it when I feel inferior to you. That's why I want you to be my equal". That's not something you just say to anybody. Hikki falling afterwards, Hayato winning but Hikki hanging out with Yumiko afterwards makes it feel that he won.

    So the closeness between Hayato and Yumiko is fake. Hayato always shows up when he needs to show up when it's regarding Haruno. Yukino is angry with her family. Is this an arranged marriage story line? Is this why miss Shizuka is putting so much faith in Hikki, can he actually do something about it?
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    Now that I have an idea of what's going on, I get why Haruno wants Hikki to find out what's going on and why she wants to compare notes. I'm just not sure if Haruno is doing it to help her sister or if it is to mess with Hikki. Normally you'd think she'd side with her sister and wanting the best for her but she's quite chummy with Hayato too. Is Haruno calling her sister Yukimo sinister because she thinks Yukimo is using Hikki to find a way out of this arranged marriage? I do love how Haruno loves throwing the word genuine around right now...

    Also I forgot to mention that I really liked how Yukino and Yui have slowly move more down the table towards Hikki. It's an amazing way to indicate their feelings.

    This was another episode that felt like a filler but still had the dialogue to keep you invested but it's definitely an episode carried by Haruno. Her trying to get Yukino riled up while trying to spark a reaction from Hikki was pretty sneaky and amazing how Hayato just plays along with Haruno.

    It's surprising how everything went to shit after miss Shizuka left the room, I get the feeling this was basically her letting Hikki know that she's done all she could and it was the moment where Haruno felt she could bring up the whole genuine thing again.

    I do wish we got to see a bit more of Saki in the first and second season.

    The scene with her mother was, again, rather confusing. "Just leave for now, I'll explain later" makes it sound that Yukino still has a chance to change things around but Hayato has already stated during the race that his path is set in stone.

    1 more episode to go, nothing is close to being solved and I honestly feel that this all really just starting. I'm really concerned about where this is going. The 2 different studios have done their best to make this a really enjoyable watch but I do get the idea that certain will just never come to light. And it really bums me out...
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    It will hopefully have a third season... sometime... in the future... let's pray.
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    I've tried not to look around due to spoilers, so what is the actual status of the show? There is a lightnovel blueprint and everybody is just waiting for season 3? Issues with studios? Are the anime and manga caught up to where the Lightnovel is? Is there a huge difference between the Lightnovel, anime and manga?

    Seems the show is successful, or is it one of those it's only successful in the west kinda things?
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    So the opening scene of episode 13 was a bit of a chess game that I actually felt wasn’t executed that well. I understand why Yukino puts a little plate on the table for everybody to enjoy but when Yui confesses that she’s been trying to make some cookies herself, Yukino should have not given her the bag at that very moment.

    From that moment onward you can tell that Yui’s objective is to force Yukino to make choices, the dirty game they’ve been referring to through the season.

    Outside the pressure continues on Yukino. I wanted to type that Yukino gets saved by her sister but lets be honest, this just ended up in Haruno bullying Yukino so more. Yui steps in and promises Haruno that they’re both working on it.

    I felt awkward about this scene. Yui steps in as if she knows exactly what the situation is like between Haruno and yukino. Does Yui know the mystery that we as viewers don’t know about?

    At Yui’s house, Yui’s mother tries to meet Hikki while also trying to make her daughter blush. It’s another scene where Yukino is confronted with how yui feels about Hikki.

    The scene that followed with Yukino calling her sister was pretty awesome.

    The date to the aquarium just turns into more Yui trying to force Yukino to make choices and even though they’re all having fun, you can tell the tension is building..

    Then we get to the final scene of the series, Yui finally ends up giving her bag of chocolates to Hikki and openly admits that she’s been playing dirty. Trying to force Yukino to makes choices but this time it’s Hikki who steps in and says that he doesn’t want her to be force to make choices because it’s not genuine. We’re left with Yukino making a request and asking of they want to listen to it.

    I’ve loved the whole cast, everybody has an important role to play. The interactions are carrying a lot of weight and we’re left guessing what’s actually going on while we can see the main characters growing.

    The only thing I have a problem with is that everybody seems to know what the actual outcome is going to be and everybody is forcing Yukino and Hikki into that direction.

    And I do feel that Yui is just there to try and put up a fight for as long as possible but even she knows that every moment Hikki and Yukino are together that she’s just a third wheel.

    Hayato seems to know he’s being outplayed and Hurano already knows that Hikki is the guy who her sister is falling for.

    I would have liked for a different approach where it wasn’t so forced on rescuing Yukino and that there would have been more of an actual fight over Hikki between Yui and Yukino. The arranged wedding is still a guess but I can’t see any other situation where there is so much pressure on 1 girl where everybody is waiting for her to make a choice.

    So I don’t mind an open ending but I do feel a little disappointed that we’re left with even more questions then we started with, which does make me feel that we’ve not made that much progress. Since Hikki has always had an interest in Yukino, Yukino is trying to watch out for Yui and Yui has always tried to make the moves on Hikki. No real big changes in that yet except that they're trying to be a bit more genuine with each other.

    But yah, shame that nobody has any idea what's next for the show. It deserves more episodes and I feel that it's almost a crime to leave it at where things are right now.
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    seems you're right
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    Episode 8 crushed me

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