My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU TOO!

Discussion in 'Specific Anime Discussion' started by LinkSword, Apr 1, 2015.

  1. LinkSword


    Please be good please be good please be good please be goooooooooooooooood.

    Damn, I'm looking forward to this so much it's not even funny. Not as much as new Gintama but freaking close enough.
  2. 8MangaMan

    8MangaMan Well-Known Member

    Oh man can't wait! Gonna watch the first season again before it airs for a refresher.
  3. BrainBlow

    BrainBlow Well-Known Member

    Apparently this is actually going to be one of the very first shows to air this season, airing in just about 30 hours from the time of writing.
  4. Etue

    Etue Well-Known Member

    Posted by Etue on Apr 1, 2015
    This better be good or else I will get mad.
  5. FireWalker

    FireWalker Active Member

    I'll add my devout prayers to the anime gods that this sequel lives up to the first.
  6. LinkSword


    Yeah, Brains Base are a weird bunch. Either they got a very sweet deal for selling the rights or it just doesn't seem to make sense. I remember the first set of BDs selling out in stores in no time at all, and the rest of them sold very well too. I'd sure want to keep that license around.
  7. BrainBlow

    BrainBlow Well-Known Member

    I imagine something else wrecked Brains-Base financially, and keeping the licenses was thus pointless since they straight up could not afford making more of it.
    Essentially, they were staving of bankruptcy by selling the licenses.
    They only have one project in the works currently, and it seems to be an all-or-nothing deal.

    That's the only sense I can make of it. I'd like it if they'd sell the license for Spice & Wolf as well if they're going down that route...
  8. Rastamepas

    Rastamepas Database Moderator

    I can't imagine Brains-Base going downhill finacially unless all the good solid animation for the shows they did made the profitability close to nil. They had a ton of good selling shows done.
  9. BrainBlow

    BrainBlow Well-Known Member

    Not even the popular Durarara!! was particularly profitable to them, apparently.
    And from what I can gather, there's been more than one such financial disappointment in recent years.
    Their attempts at cashgrab fujoshi-bait series was already quite the indicator...
  10. Rastamepas

    Rastamepas Database Moderator

    *2, 16,161 16,161 Durarara!! vol.1
    *5, *2,660 20,876 Durarara!! vol.1 Limited Edition
    *1, 17,730 17,730 Durarara!! vol.2 Limited Edition
    *6, 2,545 *19,538 Durarara!! vol.3

    Those are not bad numbers lol
  11. BrainBlow

    BrainBlow Well-Known Member

    Well, apparently not good enough then with whatever production costs they had.
  12. GekoHayate

    GekoHayate Active Member

    I just took a peak at Feel's past works and aside from outbreak company I shuddered...

    By all that is animu do right by the Hachiman. Pretty please?
  13. LinkSword


    Pretty much I'm banking all my hopes for a good adaptation on the director being the same one as for Outbreak. Very different show - and not nearly as good - but a well executed one regardless.
  14. Etue

    Etue Well-Known Member

    Posted by Etue on Apr 2, 2015
    Nobody picked this up for simulcast. Well, they can't blame us now then, can they? How terrible.
  15. LinkSword


    As the hours passed by with no sign of the episode being released I started fearing as much.

    Day ruined. Fansub Rangers to the rescue pls.
  16. Rastamepas

    Rastamepas Database Moderator

    Commie has ep 1 out not sure if troll or not though
  17. tootalls

    tootalls Well-Known Member

    yup no troll.........

    finally ep 1.

    Loved it, instantly brought me back t what I liked about the show. Hachiman remains a reflection of myself.

    and to boot, they re-did the joke from the 1st season that I loved the most with the trap guy saying "hachiman" in his sleep and the awarded with a very uncomfortable glare.


    S1 version of the joke.......


    can't wait for more! hopefully it doesn't take all day to get subbed next week.
  18. 8MangaMan

    8MangaMan Well-Known Member

    Ep 1

    WOO!!! Not a slaughter, we're in for a show this season!

    Characters all feel and come across like they should, the only character who I feel looks noticeably different is 8man, and it's not a bad thing.
    If it's commie, we should count ourselves lucky it only took a day.
  19. Etue

    Etue Well-Known Member

    Posted by Etue on Apr 3, 2015
    Episode 1

    Ah, I remember why I loved this series so much. The pacing, dialogue ,characters and writing were sharp again this episode. Let's hope they can keep up this level of quality throughout the season.
  20. LinkSword


    Based FFF, my savior.

    Good to know you guys enjoyed the episode. The house will be empty in a few minutes and I'll watch it on the big screen with no disturbances. :megusta:

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