My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom! X

First one already had some bland moments, so hope they spice it up or they might have the bad sequel syndrome... But to be realistic, they might just add more harem characters. If so, hope they make them engaging as most of the cast. Still do not get Nicole's whole charm to him...
I am so excited for season 2 of this amazing anime. I really enjoyed the first season and I bet I will love the second season too, with Catarina's stupidity, Mary's overflowing love. Geordo's flirtiness, Alain's competitiveness, Keith's protectiveness, Maria's kindness, Sophia's geekiness and Nicol's charmingness.
I just recently watched the first season and liked it a lot - more than I expected. Had no idea a second season was planned so I guess I really lucked out on getting on this show in time huh?

Wanted to know when this season will start and apparently it's the 2nd of July so not even a month left!
90% sure I will end up dropping this. I didn't really like the last season all that much, but it was enough to keep me watching. That's the only reason why I figured I should watch the first few ep on this.
Now that our Bakarina has avoided all the death flags on her. I really hope that they will add some spice, otherwise, this season is going to be pretty much boring. But, hey, it is only episode 1; time will tell.
I really enjoyed S1 so I'm glad it got a second season. But now that I think about it...

The love interests are: A manipulative cold bastard (Geordo), an obsessive siscon (Keith), an abusive asshole (Alan), a boring emotionless siscon (Nicole) and a two faced serial killer (Sirius). I mean I'm not trying to kink-shame over here, but the author has a few screws loose if this is her ideal harem.

Jokes aside, ep1 was a bit of a slow start, but with the new magic academy angle things might get interesting.