My Hero Academia

Discussion in 'Specific Anime Discussion' started by chii, Mar 31, 2016.

  1. MissAnime199

    MissAnime199 New Member

    Started it for the same reason just to see what the hype was about, so far it’s not that bad. I guess. How Deku got his powers seemed a bit weird tho. It kinda sped through the first few eps really fast. The exam was only 1ep long. But other than how fast it’s speeding through the story it’s not bad. Hope this helps
  2. Isabelle090504

    Isabelle090504 New Member

    I can't watch episode 4, start line? Or watch any episodes for that matter, I keep pressing play and its just frozen
  3. Tisbis

    Tisbis New Member

    this show has been really lame and stereotypical so far... I'm sad I can't join in the hype.
  4. Tisbis

    Tisbis New Member

    Oh!!! I was really expecting deku to be an underdog and be the only hero in the school without a quirk. That would've been so much more interesting. Shame..
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  5. kirrxp

    kirrxp New Member

    I had the same problem but I fixed it. When you are on the episode right click on the screen and click inspect it then highlights a code for the 'dark filter' just click delete and exit the inspect thing and click the video and it should work. You have to do this for each episode
  6. Naruto100

    Naruto100 New Member

    how do i watch it? i cannot see the episodes
  7. same i cant see either
  8. BobaTeaWithoutALife

    BobaTeaWithoutALife New Member

    Thas some good sh--. I am sold on the fourth episode :>
    aLso,iM kInDa rEwaTchIng cUZ i hAd sEen ePisOdes 1-3 bEfoRe :>
  9. BobaTeaWithoutALife

    BobaTeaWithoutALife New Member

    oof scroll down and it should say episodes.
    I tried to watch a yoai right now and i couldn't see the episodes either, so idk if i doesnt show up den report it i guess? U-U
  10. changuio57

    changuio57 New Member

    How do i watch this on DUB??
  11. changuio57

    changuio57 New Member

    How do i watch this on DUB???
  12. Teen16Vlogs

    Teen16Vlogs New Member

    not all animes can be watched here, you'll have to go to another website like crunchy roll or funimation

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