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    I haven't read the manga.
    But I wanted to read about a character, and then I ended up down a rabbit hole and now I came here to fret.
    So spoilers? idk, I guess. Don't read this if you're like me and you read only a lil' character information but ended up with more. OR haven't read much of the manga lolololol
    I am fretting quite a bit of the Quirk Destroying drug, most of it's 'blood and cells' of .... and now I've forgotten her name.
    But now I'm unsettled and want to read the manga properly before I spoil more random further content of it for myself.
    Kinda feeling bad for Mirio I guess??, also he reminds me of my old high school crush which makes me fret more b/c oof. That's a can of worms.
    I feel a lil' like I've had the name kai for myself ruined as well. eeek
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    Chapter 233

    I'm feeling worried about
    Shigaraki right now. He's a favourite of mine. I'm curious what they will do about the injury, but it is also another parallel with him and Deku.
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    ch 257
    I'm really glad someone finally gave AM's depressed workaholic ass a pep talk
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    I think the league is gonna win cuz like endeavour did like nothing and he was knocked down, how are the others gonna cope with their dwindling comrades?!

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