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    My Hero Academia
    Alt title: Boku no Hero Academia

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    Discuss individual chapters and first impressions of this manga here. Full reviews should be posted here.

    Ain't this just a fun little manga. Stumbled onto it through a random post in my Tumblr feed. Went looking, and I like it. Only read the first chapter, but what the hell. Here's a thread for it.
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    Re: Boku no Hero Academia

    BB and I have talked about this one a few times over Skype. He suggested the title to me and he's gonna be sad he didn't get to create the thread for it because he wanted to wait until there were a few more chapters translated first.

    this is indeed a fun read with some great art thus far. The set up and world building are pretty darn great so far. The plot and characters are all pretty standard, but in the first six chapters there have been some really nice individual character beats that give me some hope that this could really be something great.

    The manga is basically a satire of western style superheros and while a world where superpowers have become common and super heroes may not be all that heroic has been done before, I think there is definitely room to explore the concept a bit more with well developed world which we definitely have the start of here. My favorite moments so far have been the ones where they show the price of being a hero through All Might. His body has been destroyed through fighting villains and yet he is still not allowed to show any weakness in public or he will be finished. There's no denying that part of All Might's desire can be put down to narcissism, but he still has a lot of noble intentions that have drawn him to being a hero, which is something that can't be said of other's that are calling themselves heroes. Of course the main character is playing foil to all of these cynical views of what it means to be a hero and it should be interesting to see how he develops in future chapters.

    I also think the manga has been pretty funny so far as well especially with some of the powers that people have or how they use their power; Belly Beam guy is pretty amusing. I am hoping to see even more creative powers and how they get applied.
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    Re: Boku no Hero Academia

    I was indeed thinking of making the thread myself, but I was waiting for a few more chapters to be available in English first.
    My Hero Academia
    This appears to be one of the new stars to the shounen battle manga scene in Weekly Shounen Jump, the manga is selling like hotcakes and the series has a consistently high rating within the magazine so far, many saying this is pretty much the immediate successor to Naruto (although it did start in summer).
    In a way I'd say this series so far is like Naruto bred with Onepunch-man, both artistically and character wise.
    Obviously it is its own thing, however, and is Kouhei Horikoshi's success that I have desired for quite some time now, having already been a fan of his.
    A bit of talk about the author ahead:
    His two previous series, Sensei no Barrage and Oumagadoki Doubutsuen, being series I enjoyed quite a bit, and I came to adore his marvelous art through, but they couldn't quite hit the mark.
    OD seemingly trying to be a zany comedy series, but then finding itself pushed into battle manga mode with an unsuitable cast, making the series seem misguided and poorly thought out, and eventually lead to its cancellation.
    SnB came into the magazine at a time when it was being absolutely choked by a lack of competitive space for new series, and it unfortunately did not quite have the spark to cause the immediate "wow" reaction to secure a lasting place in such a confined environment, and found itself cancelled even sooner.

    I have wished for him to somehow find success, and my prayers appear to have been answered with this series.
    While certainly not an entirely new concept, I think this manga has already knocked it out of the park.
    The pacing is deliciously fast, with a lot of content packed into each chapter, so there's no sense of it dragging at any point. It is quickly getting to the point, but not too quickly either.

    A few small words about the setting itself:
    Firstly, I find myself being struck with a feeling of... normality. I think the story has already managed to sell itself quite easily. There's not much suspension of disbelief going on, and I think it has to do with how society has been presented as similar, but in many ways radically different from our own.
    I think too many superhero stories has the world and society be presented as basically being exactly the same as ours, yet somehow basically unchanged despite everything from alien invasions to frequent battles on the streets and rooftops.
    This including people's attitudes. I've always gotten something of an uncanny feeling from that in super hero comics, and it might be a significant reason why I never managed to get into them, western ones at least.
    Like how in comics, so much of the population is like "oh woe is us, the 'heroes' are here who bring us so much pain!" whenever a hero is around, with just a fraction of the population actively liking them, when you know damn well that in real life these superheroes would have HUGE fanbases, something I this manga is pretty much centered very heavily around, despite that 80% of the population has a quirk of some sort.
    But even there, other factors come in. Many super powers are relatively mundane and/or weak, thus do not do much to diminish the iconic value of the big flashy heroes.
    What quirk you have is seemingly random, and anyone can be parents to the least or most amazing quirk-bearers.
    This way it already establishes that there wouldn't really be much class divide based on quirks either. Can't exactly establish a super powered noble class when your children might easily wind up being quirkless.
    And with 80% of the world population having random quirks, even a simply pocket thief can have a death laser or something, so the superheroes actually come across as completely necessary(and they are employed by the government rather than just being vigilantes, and they often have various motivations), and probably easier than "supercops."(read Grrl Power if you want a comic about that)

    and much more.
    TL;DR: The manga has quite effortlessly created a world that comes across as decently believable, and that you can immediately immerse yourself in, and all this without vomiting too much exposition.

    Chapter 1
    Some translation issues aside, I think this was seriously captivating from beginning to end. From the exposition about the world, to the characters revealed thus far.
    All Might is already a character I love in how "Silver age" he is, and the contrast between his outer appearance and his old, battle worn, cynical inside are pretty dark.
    He knows he has become a huge symbol that many villains fear, and he cannot afford to "bend knee," not so long as there would be a "power vacuum" left behind that opportunistic super villains would surely exploit immediately afterwards.
    Bakugou(or just "Kacchan") is kind of an extreme bully character, but I just used the universal remedy: I imagine him voiced by Nobuhiko Okamoto.
    Sure, that improves everything, but there it really just clicked with me.
    And at least it seems he is going to be a mainstay, not just being some stereotype throwaway bully character for the MC to defeat at the beginning.
    Now I do enjoy his massive confidence, particularly how he openly refers to everyone around him as "secondary characters", which I found pretty amusing.

    Midoriya (or just "Deku") is a fairly good as well, and I seriously love the bit with his past and his mother.
    Something to point out here that is very noticeable about this series is the use of "flashback speech bubbles", that being the character remembering things characters have said in the past.
    This is used very well to emphasize progress, or emotional points. Especially at the end of the chapter with the "You can become a hero!" line, which is thought was absolutely great!

    Chapter 2
    I have to say, the power setup with Midoriya "inheriting" All Might's quirk reminds me of Captain America, where the protagonist is chosen to be the one to attain great strength and ability, despite his feeble body, simply because of his "heart" and willingness to do good, no matter what.

    I wonder if "One for all" will turn out to have some sort of past much grander than that of other super powers, probably being one of the very first.
    From what seems to have been implied in the first chapter, quirks have been around for about 5-6 generations since the first quirks came into appearance. So maybe about 80-100 years. But "One for All" sounds like it has been around for thousands of years, which I kinda doubt is right. But who knows? It'll probably be a point of intrigue in the future.

    I like that he truly has to work to get the Quirk, though. It would have been cheap if it was just given to him outright. He has to work to his breaking point every single day for a long time.
    I like details such as how All Might takes pictures of him while he is shocked to learn that he is not a real vessel yet, and then the same pictures are shown ten months later.
    Stuff like that is great. It's also great how he buffs up without any super powers, so he's physically not so much of a wimp.

    I pray to all powers of the divine manga gods that nobody takes "technically the way you take in my DNA doesn't really matter" and does something terrifying with it.

    Chapter 3
    Our hero starts out in front of the academy, ready to take on the entrance exam. What perils will await?
    Tripping his legs awaits, but then he is saved by
    the most adorable goddamn character I've seen in years!
    The design, her behavior, I just love it! You just wanna hug her!
    (I immediately imagine her voiced by Hanakana, though I try to imagine something different)

    "Present Mic" has... quite the design, I must say. But he generally seems like a cool character.
    We're also introduced to Mr. Meganekko(I know his name, but just not saying it here, same for the cutie) there, who seems like the extremely serious, but generally polite type. Him thinking Midoriya was intentionally trying to throw off people's concentration is amusing.
    We're here introduced to "navel laser dude" or whatever his name is, who seems like he's going to be some sort of comic relief for this series with his faux-Frenchie act.

    Deku is at no points, and the "gimmick" comes rampaging to force players to flee, but oh wait, Miss Adorable is in trouble!
    Deku leaps in anholy shit that punch is awesome!

    I love the judges' commentary. They come across as genre savvy, which I am certain is going to be nice in the future.

    Chapter 4
    Status of the huge robot thing?
    ☐ Not REKT ☑ REKT
    Status of Midoriya's legs and right arm?
    ☐ Not REKT ☑ REKT
    Ouch. And here we are presented with one of the most immediate problems with One for All: The power output and the body's ability to cope.
    And for a shounen, this actually looks pretty goddamn nasty. Could hardly have been more graphic unless it was an open fracture.
    How will he ever survive the fall? By way of Miss Adorable, of course! She leaps in to save him, showing off her quirk, and immediately soothing fears of her just being "the girl". She seems like she will actually be very useful.
    And despite her adorableness, she vomits from overusing her quirk, which presents an immediate limitation on her power, but also shows that they are willing to have her do not-so-cute things, which I can appreciate a lot.

    Mr. Meganekko deduces that there was actually more to the exam than immediately meets the eye, which I like a lot, especially how he tries to excuse himself for not being the one to leap into danger like Deku did, but immediately thus realizing the "true nature" of the exam.

    I now notice Midoriya's mom got fat over the years.
    Miss Adorable, finally revealed to be named Uraraka Ochako, turns out to have tried to save Deku from failing by asking to have her points(which she got quite a few of, remember?). But, to no big surprise, it turns out she didn't have to, because the judges(who I am assuming are just unrevealed school staff) are totally cool people and recognize awesome when they see it. Even Uraraka gets extra points.

    Chapter 5
    All Might's blood spewing gag continues to amuse me.
    I fail to see how the cleanup of the beach was "mysterious", though. Sure, maybe not a lot of people went there, but SOMEONE must have noticed the kid struggling there for ten months.

    Now it is also revealed to us readers that passing on One for All means the slow, gradual decline of the previous user, and probably their death, meaning this is very much a sacrifice. I do wonder how slowly it will happen, considering his already poor health.

    Finally we get a look at Yuuei, which has huge doors and everything.
    Naturally, Deku just had to end up in class with both Bakugou and Mr. Meganekko, now revealed to be called Iida Tenya.
    Bakugou and Tenya clearly do not get along well, their personalities being quite different.
    Tenya suddenly see's Midoriya in a better light than before, but for the wrong reasons, amusingly.
    It is nice to see, however, that he is the type that is willing to admit it when he thinks he is at fault.
    Uraraka looks even more adorable in school uniform, and continues to be more adorable.
    Deku finally takes a stand against Bakugou, declaring that he will go to Yuuei, no matter what.
    Bakugou is quite clearly a glory hound out to build a legacy of his own, and sees this as a spot on his record already.

    Aaaand then we're introduced to a bum teacher. Please, Mr. Teacher, do not be a cockblock of the power of friendship!
    Aizawa here sends the class off to do some common P.E. stuff, but with superpowers allowed.
    Aaaand Aizawa is indeed a cockblock of fun and friendship. Do not want.
    This also happens to be where something seems pretty obvious:
    Aizawa is Kakashi. Yup, first class, challenge presented, failure will result in expulsion, has an enormous track record of expelling students previously.
    Kakashi, everyone.
    And now gymnastics will ensue, with whoever scores the least points being threatened with expulsion

    Chapter 6
    I like random minor facts such as how the author thinks Midoriya's shoes are "fun to draw".

    This chapter is letting us get a few more names from the character roster presented with this classroom, and generally lets us have a look at their looks, as well as a bit about some characters' quirks.
    Asui is a frog girl. I have a weakness for a certain few...
    of their kind...
    Aoyama Yuuga, aka Navel laser dude, has a surprisingly Japanese name despite his Faux-Frenchie act.
    How does he KNOW that firing the laser for more than one second at a time will "collapse his tum"? That... um... ow.
    I find myself liking the design of the horned girl who ran alongside him who we've gotten a few glimpses of now. Dunno, I guess I'm just expecting something kinda cool.

    The first time I read this chapter, I found myself laughing just like All Might at the "egg in microwave" analogy. I think it's the setup of the panel that really helps the laugh glide, and it's always fun to laugh with characters.

    Then there's this one dude with a really powerful grip, whom I recognize from the entrance exam as well. He has wings or something, and... are those eyes on his wing-tentacle... things? Curious about his ability, besides super strength.
    Uraraka takes that pitch challenge like no other.
    Aizawa then reveals that his power is eye-related, and it stops other people's powers, as well as hiding his identity from the general public simply because he thinks the attention will just mess with his work.
    Again, Kakashi.
    But he does call Deku out on his self-destructive ability on how it is right now just a liability in the field, and that he has to rely on rescue after using it.

    "Are you worried for him? I, for one... don't care."
    "Who're you?"

    Luckily, Deku manages to find some way to get a bit of control over his power, only breaking his finger in the process of throwing the ball, but this still does allow him to move by himself.

    Chapter 7
    Bakugou finally gets to see Midoriya's power firsthand. He clearly doesn't take it very well, having always thought of Deku as being utterly quirkless. Aizawa's weakness is pretty amusing. His power deactivates whenever he blinks, and he seems to already have poor tearducts, giving him dry eyes, further limiting him.(although using his power for many years might have something to do with it)
    Aizawa then goes trololo and reveals that he was just joking about the expulsion.

    We're then shown the name of every character except two, one of the names hidden behind a speech bubble clearly is Asui's name, so we're already aware.
    It will be interesting to learn whose name belongs to what face in the coming chapters, as this list will clearly serve as a reference point(to some degree).
    That Momo at #1, however, is probably the girl who said that the expulsion thing being a lie should have been obvious.
    Her design seems to be the least notable one of all, but it will be interesting to see what she does to be ranked so high, higher than both Tenya and Bakugou.
    Who #2 is will be interesting to learn as well. My bet is one of the two bishie-ish characters I've noticed among the crowd so far, though possibly also the tentacle-wing dude.
    Bah, this feels like quite the tease. Uraraka was at least ranked at #10, which is pretty good.
    As actually expected, the expulsion thing wasn't really a lie, but Aizawa saw potential for growth, thus decided against it.

    That regeneration power is probably one of the more realistic I've seen in a while in how "regeneration" doesn't automatically mean "full recovery". It's still energy from the subject's body that is used to heal the injury.
    The obvious question is, of course, how the hell bones set themselves correctly back in place. That seems kinda unexplained so far.
    Anyways, this means her power can't be used cheaply. You may close up a bleeding wound, but you could still die from the healing strain upon your weakened body.

    Tenya appears to be getting close with Midoriya, and it becomes increasingly apparent that he's just very diligent, but otherwise a very good person.
    Uraraka is probably going to have "Infinity Girl" as her superhero name. And on the next page you see the reason why I've referred to Midoriya as "Deku" so many times, despite it being originally intended as an insult.
    Said page is both adorable and hilarious at the same time! Really got to me.
    I would love to have Present Mic as a teacher. "so normal" indeed. And quite the... grand entrance by All Might, if I may say.

    Those suits look awesome. Well, Bakugou's arms look kinda silly, but the rest are nice. Tenya is obviously a Kamen Rider. Can't have a superhero comic completely absent of Japanese superhero influence after all.

    Chapter 8
    It's pretty cool how they get custom-made suits, though how one could tailor that individually so well seems odd. Oh well, future stuff, science stuff.
    The sketches convey a lot as well, despite being shown so little. We're also informed that people are pretty much required to register their powers with the government.

    Luckily Deku's suit doesn't look quite as ridiculous as the ending of the previous chapter would've had me believe.
    Huh, dude with the headset basically has no costume. Just a jacket. Will be interesting to see what his power is, and I suspect he is the guy who ranked #2 at the gymnastics.
    The girl I'm assuming is Momo on the far right is... how do those belts even work? How do they not fall down?
    Horn-girl is wearing... camo? Hard to tell when the colors are black and white.
    And Broccoli-head dude clearly knows what's important!
    The test seems interesting enough, and we'll get some battle real quick, which is nice.
    This team combination was probably inevitable, though. Gotta get this conflict boiling real good.
    I hope they won't just montage all the next battles after this one.

    Bakugou rushes them in the hallway, and then SWEET JUDO!
    That throw! Just *RRRRRGHHHHH* feels so good!
    And I like the reactions from the people watching the battle monitored.(particularly Horn-girl's excitement)

    Deku's mask got singed, so that one probably won't be making a return after this battle, which is probably for the better.

    Chapter 9
    This chapter addresses Bakugou's power complex somewhat, as he's indeed a "genius", but he's never been humbled, so he's corrupted by his ego.
    Midoriya being able to go toe to toe even without using his quirk is pretty damn cool.
    It's pretty clear that Bakugou is not fighting with any shred of logic in this, as Midoriya points out that actually working together with Tenya would significantly reduce Uraraka and Deku's odds of winning, but he instead charged out on his own, eyeing only Midoriya.
    "I'm just awesome and everyone else just isn't" panel would make a good sig.

    Tenya trying to be "evil" is hilarious, and I pretty much shared Uraraka's reaction to it.
    But that gave her away, and now it looks like we're going to have Tenya vs Uraraka, which will hopefully be awesome.
    And suddenly we see the point behind Bakugou's silly grenade hand. Quite the punch, and I LOVE how there is no explosion sound effects! There is only the art to feed the imagination, and my what art! Looks like something Kubo would do, but here it actually works.
    So, uh, what exactly is the plan to stop students from accidentally or purposefully killing each other...?

    Well, this was a bit more than I originally intended to write, but whatever. I really like this so far.
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    Re: Boku no Hero Academia

    ...Dang, I should have waited for you to start it. Your post is way better than mine.
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    Re: Boku no Hero Academia

    Eh, only ZK knew I was planning to, but it's still quite the timing, as I would have made the thread now since chapter 10 just came out in English.
    (I kinda cheated with my new sig anyways)

    Chapter 10
    It opens with a "character profile" on Bakugou, just like we got with Midoriya previously.
    Hopefully we'll end up getting a page like this for all of the classmates as well. Kinda like what Fairy Tail originally did with guild members.(although it ended up disappointing as several of the characters listed never actually got in a single line or significant appearance in the series)
    Still, it is interesting to learn that he is a slow starter in cold environments.

    Uraraka is able to make herself float without having to ride some other object like we've seen her do previously, but it would appear that it is more taxing on her to make herself float. I'm assuming her boots are made with fall damage in mind as well.
    Still, Tenya proves himself to be very quick, although I wonder how the paper mache "core" doesn't get ripped to shreds by being handled so roughly.
    Tenya acting all villainous, villain laugh and all, is pretty funny, but it seems he's aware that Uraraka being able to touch him would pose a problem, and he's decided on simply using his superior speed to keep the core out of her reach until the time limit is up, rather than trying to capture her.
    Midoriya and Uraraka appear to be discussing something right before Bakugou launches his second attack where Bakugou is quite clearly pummeling him, using the explosions to throw his own weight around quite a bit.
    Hm, it seems some actually argue that Bakugou was captured when Deku used the capture tape earlier.

    Midoriya and Bakugou shouting at each other is pretty great, with some high intensity rivalry being made from what was previously just a bully and his victim.
    Uraraka's plan(judging by what was said previously, it would appear it is her idea) is set into motion as Midoriya sends his punch flying upwards instead of straight at Bakugou, intentionally taking the hit and breaking the floor above them, which lets Uraraka use the pillar there as a freaking baseball bat! And then she sends loads of rubble flying at Tenya, but at the same time hurls herself over him while he's distracted and lands right at the core! God that is awesome!

    And as much as Midoriya believes he can't win in a one on one fight, I think it is pretty clear that Bakugou would have been blown to bits if he had actually been hit by that, and judging by his expression it would seem he agrees.
    And while Midoriya collapses from the strain, the Hero team is declared victorious.
    Gah, this was great!

    I do wonder what direction Bakugou will take. Not to draw too many Naruto comparisons, but hopefully we won't get some storyline where Bakugou blames Midoriya for all his problems, and then goes under the tutelage of some villain or something.
    Still, Bakugou basically lost this team battle, and his score will suffer greatly from his actions.
    Yup, this is real good.
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    Re: Boku no Hero Academia

    Hold up. You've said too many things that warrant me to read this immediately.

    Feeling like One Punch Man? The author is the same from Sensei no barrage!? The art looking good. The story is fun?

    Ok, I'm going to go read this.
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    Re: Boku no Hero Academia

    That would be my intent.

    Kinda. Onepunch-man is generally superior artistically(sweet Jesus, those goddamn "3D" shots), but there's a few stylistic similarities(not too weird, as both are stories where superheroes make up a huge portion of the world's law enforcement).
    Keep in mind it is a WSJ series, though.

    The very same, and he's clearly polished his ideas and writing this time too, and the art has more spectacle than ever.


    So far, yes, verily.

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    Re: Boku no Hero Academia

    You kidding? This thread didn't hype it up enough for me! Absolutely love it.

    What we've seen of the cast so far has been wonderful. I can't wait for some character development involving his new found friends.

    It certainly does remind me of One Punch Man, but that's bound to happen with superheroes. The art also reminds me of it, if not just with All Might. I'm a huge fan for this art style in general.

    I just really hope
    the story with Bangokou doesn't take a Sasuke route. At this point it looks so obvious it will happen but I'm hoping the same as you Brad.

    Just a few small thoughts while reading:
    Midoriyas training, while skipped mostly, was still cool to see. All Might is all kinds of awesome.

    Bangokou clearly doesn't understand the term "Hero."

    The exam was fun to read. Watching everyone run away while Midoriya awkwardly jumped to save Uraraka, then in turn be saved by her was cute. As is Uraraka in general.

    I'm glad IIda turned out to be a nice guy and not rivalry material like I thought he would be. His costume is beast.

    Yuugas laser makes me laugh more then it should.

    Their homeroom teacher has a pro troll-face.

    Can't wait to see how mentally broken Bangokou is after losing.
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    Re: Boku no Hero Academia

    I also read the first chapter of this last week and for a first chapter it was bloody amazing!! Dont really want to continue it yet with so little chapters both translated and released but it certainly seems like it will be around for a while. Its rankings on Jump are insane and apparently it has had the 3rd best first volume sales and any jump manga in a long time. Assass Classroom and Bakuman are the only things that beat it, even Shokugeki sold less.

    And the art, ideas and story just seem to blend extremely well. If this keeps up, it could turn out amazing.
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    Re: Boku no Hero Academia

    Whoa nelly, these chapters are suddenly coming out super fast!

    Chapter 11
    Bakugou is getting mindfucked right about now, and Uraraka is puking again, probably.
    Amusingly, Tenya is the one who got the best results, so even if your team lose, you can still be judged as having performed the best.
    Momo(thank god, I guessed correctly who Momo was earlier, or else it would have been annoying to try to "Unlearn" ) dissects the situation, and makes some very damning judgement about everyone, except Tenya... and Tenya looks like he's getting off on being praised.
    I like Momo's spunk, though.(and possibly her outfit, depending on how it will be colored)
    The battle was a total clusterfuck, though, and she is indeed correct, but I do like that she actually says that cheering people on is important. As soon as she started her review, I was afraid she'd just be the humorless, faux-stoic type, but I won't be surprised is she's actually just similar to Tenya.

    The next round starts, and the invisible person, whom I honestly thought was just a pair of floating hands, is apparently a girl.
    That Mezou dude has a terrifying-looking quirk. Do not want. He was also ranked #6 on the gym stuff.
    The other guy apparently has frost and flame powers, but I really don't get what his outfit is supposed to be. He was the guy ranked #2 in the gym stuff, so he's probably one of the best in the class.

    Unfortunately they do montage the next groups, and thus I do not really learn what their powers are.
    Horn-girl has, uh, water powers? The guy with the headset seems to be electricity oriented.
    All Might does notice Bakugou's troubles, and hopefully he does get around to advising him on stuff.

    I already like the bunch that crowds Midoriya when he enters the classroom, and they finally present us some more names.
    -Kirishima Eijirou who got 8th place in the gym, and was the dude protesting the most at Bakugou's actions.
    -Ashido Nami, whose name is either spelled wrong here, or in the chapter where it was listed first, as it said "Mina" on the list, who was ranked #9. I'll just refer to her as "Ashido" until I get a clarification.
    -Satou was in 12th place, but his full name was unfortunately hidden on the list.
    -Re-introduced to Asui Tsuyu. I was afraid she was going to have something of a "slimy" act going on, being a frog girl and all, but she seems to be quite nice so far. Neat.

    Electricity dude is probably a flirt, and Uraraka likes rice cakes. That last thing is surely very important.
    Wow, I actually really liked Bakugou's anger here. Sure, this is kind of exaggerated being a comic and all, but I think this scene demonstrated impotent rage very well.
    I'm glad he gets this outburst, rather than having him brooding and sulking for another five arcs or something.
    And it isn't just "losing" to Deku that angers him. Momo's words and the Ice/Flame dude's powers really got to him, being huge blows to his ego.
    But hopefully Bakugou is now set on the surely old and tried, but far less obnoxious route of simply trying to be the best by conventional means.
    So there will be friendship forged in the flames and whatnot. The Naruto comparison is still there, but MHA has already done a way better job at portraying the rival relationship her, the pride, the complexes and whatnot.

    "[Name] My Boy!" is pretty much All Might's catchphrase at this point.
    Aaand the chapter ends with some Megalomaniac villains planning their evil deeds upon the news spreading that All Might is a teacher.
    This should be fun.
    Not really sure why now is supposed to be such a great time to target him, though. What, they gonna attack one of the best superhero academies in the world, surely filled with powerful superheroes young and old?
    Doesn't sound like the best idea, but I guess it has to do with All Might remaining in one place, as I'm assuming his official residency is not known.

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    Re: Boku no Hero Academia

    Chapter 12
    This was a good chapter to make sure of establishing Iida as a main character, if it wasn't clear enough already.
    I also think this is the first manga/anime where I've seen the entire class throw itself at the Class president position. Usually it is the opposite, so that was kinda fun.
    The way Tenya's meritocratic ideals clash with his desires is pretty damn amusing, and I like the way this all ended with him actually becoming class president.
    I had actually wondered what he would be capable of if made to float by Uraraka, and now we got to see with that audacious display to calm the crowd.

    Chapter 13
    Mount lady and Kamui are seen for the first time in a while, and it seems All Might's presence might be a problem for their work situation.

    I was wondering about Tsuyu's seemingly IMMENSE popularity in the fanart community, but this might have been the primary clue if she's so direct with everything, like pointing out how Midoriya's quirk looks like All Might's, or how she intentionally tries aggravating Bakugou.
    We also get to know a bit more about other characters, such as Kirishima mentioning what his quirk is. "Hardening" would explain why he wears so little clothes to battle.
    And I get the feeling that Ashido brought up some bad memories to Frenchie when she mentioned the "collapsing stomach" thing. Seriously, how does he know? What did knowing involve? Most likely something cringe-worthy.

    As mentioned above, Tsuyu poking fun at Bakugou was funny, and electro dude joining in on the teasing is even funnier!
    Seems his shtick is to use a wide vocabulary just for shits and giggles(I had to google most of those words myself).

    Uraraka fangirling over "No. 13" is super adorable, and he does seem to be a cool character so far. Probably of the "beware the fury of a patient man" type.
    The "main" villain looks kinda unusual with all those hands. Gonna be interesting to see what his quirk is, and I loved that close-up shot!

    I do wonder how this villain battle will unfold. They are confident enough to take on All Might, so they are probably do have some weight behind their words, but I still do have to wonder.
    Hopefully the villains will be pretty strong, and will knock around most of the students some, particularly the stronger ones as it would be good to establish the difference between first year high school kids and these adult villains that probably have a fair bit more of experience.
    My wish is on some great teamup battles.

  12. 8MangaMan

    8MangaMan Well-Known Member

    Re: Boku no Hero Academia

    Ch 13

    OH BOY THE VILLAINS ARE HERE! Maybe this will teach All Might a lesson he seems to somehow not have learned, save your power for emergencies.

    Anywho another great chapter! Tsuyu being super blunt was great. Bakugou getting teased by the class was also fun to read. No.13 seems to be one of the only heroes who has a truly devastating power, and one with no drawbacks, at least that we know of.

    I feel like this is the point where the author knows that his work won't be getting the early axe again and even so it seems he's going all out. That was a whole lot of villains. Now I just want to know did that bring that many for the strength in numbers reason, or did they need to bring that many because of who they are up against?
  13. BrainBlow

    BrainBlow Well-Known Member

    Re: Boku no Hero Academia

    My assumption is
    that there's probably just two or three formidable villains in the group, while the rest are random thugs and career criminals they just happened to be acquainted with, judging by what was said about the effort it took to get them all together.
    So they're probably not some tightly knit crime league or anything like that, though a few of them probably are closely working together.
    My headcount is about 15 villains so far, so it is logical to assume most of those are actually just distractions/cannon fodder for the strongest ones to more effectively do whatever they plan to do to take out All Might.

    So it probably won't be too illogical for the students to be able to beat a few if they group together(I doubt most of these villains are highly trained military or anything like that)

    Huh, now I wonder if the author reads Grll Power. The timing is odd.
  14. randomredneck

    randomredneck Well-Known Member

    Re: Boku no Hero Academia

    All caught up.

  15. BrainBlow

    BrainBlow Well-Known Member

    Re: Boku no Hero Academia

    Chapter 14
    Dayumn, I counted over 30 people down there. Still, I feel the first page reinforced my assumption that only about three of these villains will really matter.
    Maybe the one with the hood and the swords too, but mostly just those three guys.
    I do like that the manga actually does draw attention to how an assault like this one is obviously idiocy with All Might around, and that the villains thus must have some sort of plan or ability they are confident in.
    And Eraserhead is pretty damn cool with his fighting style, though he has probably taken on more than he can chew here.(not that he had much of a choice, really)
    I do like that we now know the main purpose of his goggles: To render multiple opponents unable to know who he is staring at(and probably to protect his eyes, obviously).
    I wonder what No. 13 looks like under the suit. We've already seen his/her slim ankles, so not a fatty like the suit would otherwise suggest.
    I do like the small details, like how we're rather quickly given a hint as to the extent of Kaminari's electric powers, which we now know can extend to communication.

    I do like how Kirishima and Bakugou both pounce on the portal guy, and how they seem to have opposite feelings despite deciding on the same preemptive strike.
    Bakugou is clearly confident, but Kirishima seems really nervous. Again, the little details.

    And as I thought, the students get split into multiple groups(with the exception of Todoroki) and are scattered around the area into "death pits" of other villains.
    At first I thought Uraraka was just playing the damsel in the distress while being carried by Iida, but then it became apparent to me that Iida is carrying both her and Satou. My assumption is that those two wanted to rush in to grab the others, but Tenya could see it was futile to do so.
    Shouji's quirk freaks me out, so I'm glad to see him throwing himself on top of his nearest classmates to protect them. I feared he might be kinda creepy himself.

    Then there's the water zone, and Tsuyu's underwater rescue was pretty freaking badass. I like how she does it with that "smiling deadpan" expression, though I do hope she can be a bit more expressive than that.
    Though those "blush stickers" that occasionally appear on her face are pretty funny when used for such.
    "Call me Tsuyu" seems like it is going to be her catchphrase or something. Oh, and as I commented earlier, the manga does draw attention to the absurdity of assaulting All Might intentionally, and the manga does it through her. Yeah, I like her. I'm starting to understand why there's so much fanart of her.
    Mineta, I'm not so sure about. Being a cowardly pervert will hopefully not be his only traits.

    So we already seem to have a KO count. Todoroki seems to have already frozen a few people, and Bakugou/Kirishima have knocked out at least one dude.
    Momo's power seems to allow her to either store or create objects out of her body. Kinda freaky way to introduce it.

    We'll see how the fights go, and hopefully no super wins for everyone, but at least Todoroki is probably going to lay waste to quite a few. And Tsuyu is in her environment.
    Still, my guess is the students will mostly be "saved by the bell" of sorts, rather than outright winning or losing.

  16. BrainBlow

    BrainBlow Well-Known Member

    Re: Boku no Hero Academia

    As I've said before, they probably have more of a plan, and one that doesn't just involve trying to muscle him into submission.
    I'm not saying most of the villains are worthless, just that the plan most likely not to try to beat him with numbers. That would make them "just another rabble".
    Most of them are probably sacrificial pawns, which could mean anything.
    This chapter does seem to make it clear that killing the students is part of the plan, though, and chances are that that is the purpose of most of the "rabble"(even maybe to make any unexpected abilities the students have be known without having there be any risk to the core members of the group), while whatever ace they have against All Might does not get revealed carelessly.

    If all of these villains were super powerful each, and the plan was indeed just to "beat 'im with numbers" then that would be shitty writing.
    Just a guess, but I think chances are that the core troop already knows about All Might's weakening/injury. That will probably have something to do with it.

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