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  1. AdmiralMuffin

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    Episode 3:
    Well a wet dream is sure a hell of a way to start an episode. Gojo apologizing to his unfinished Hina doll was weird and hilarious too.

    I love Marin's friends. They're so laid-back and chill and are just cool with Marin's nerdiness. Laid-back and chill gyaru friends are nice. Also, I feel for Marin. It's not easy to find a fellow eroge connoisseur who would openly discuss all-girls school sex slaves with you.
  2. Gens

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    Posted by Gens on Jan 22, 2022

    It's really nice to see a subversion of expectation, where Marin's friends are all actually quite nice people around Gojo and considerate. It displays I think, that Marin is really a person of principle with the kind of people she surrounds herself with.

    Talking about porn in public is RELATIONSHIP GOALS:

    Also, Marin knows what is up with that choice of underwear, garterbelt is some serious classiness.
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  3. tootalls

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    Good thought, probably true, the way she quickly dismissed that other guy in a previous episode shows she quickly sorts through the weeds..........
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  4. Quakes

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    Goddam can this show get more wholesome?
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  5. Nemurin238

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    I love how Marin keeps teasing Gojo especially when they were in the panty shop and when Gojo was talking about the series with Marin. When everyone started looking at them, it was hilarious. When they were in the shop, I love how they have photos of real places when they were looking around, I honestly found that pretty cool.
  6. Hummingbird52

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    Episode 3
    I can't with this series lol, that scene outside the restaurant *wheeze*.
    I'm glad Marin didn't let Gojo stay away from her. And I can relate to the excitement of finally finding someone you can geek out with. Their shopping looked like fun. I don't remember the last time I fell in love so fast with an anime/manga couple.
    Two weeks to sew a cosplay... Good luck, Gojo.
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  7. RavenheartN1Anime

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    Mieruko-chan is great too though.
  8. Balthasaurus

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    Well, this show continues to be disarmingly cute and heartwarming considering that it's premise is essentially "gyaru girl ropes a socially awkward guy into helping her dress up as a character from an eroge game".
    It had a pretty wild start, but there was lots of good stuff in this episode, though, and I can see a lot of signs that things are going in a direction that I think I'm going to like. Marin's friends seem nice, for one. I suspect that they'll remain side characters throughout the rest of the series, but I think that it'd be nice to see Gojo interact with them again down the line. And, honestly, the whole shopping sequence was really great fun. I really enjoyed it.

    This show continues to keep on hitting those emotional beats. I can totally relate to Marin's excitement at seeing someone actually give the things she likes a chance, rather than just saying that they "sound cool" and dismissing them. It's always difficult to get other people interested in the things you like, but it's always wonderful whenever someone else really gets it in the same way that you do. And I guess that even applies to eroge games. In any case, Gojo and Marin are practically a couple, but moments like that show that they're also quite good friends.

    But, yikes, only three weeks to put together the whole outfit? My brother cosplays from time to time, and he always has to spend at least a month putting his outfit together. Good luck, Gojo, you're going to need it!
  9. randomredneck

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    Episode 3.
    I can tell you from experience that they would not let Gojo in that one shop.
    I once had mall security ask me what I was doing for standing across the way from a Victoria's Secret while waiting for a job interview at another store. They serious about that.

    Anyway, Marin continues to be perfect and adorable. Just two pals, talking about porn games in public where everyone can hear. Talk about friendship goals.
  10. Ixhishishi

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    this frame is the embodiment of "teenagers scare living shit outta me!"
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  11. Crua9

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    Posted by Crua9 on Jan 26, 2022
    This is actually not that bad. I wish I knew a girl like this when I was in school. Too bad real world sucks
  12. Rastamepas

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    I really pictured Gojo with a different voice..
  13. tootalls

    tootalls Well-Known Member

    That's funny, every character has my voice when I read manga >_>
  14. Qplayer

    Qplayer Well-Known Member

    I almost always hate when stories romanticize a toxic work mentality like this episode did. GOJO NEEDS TO LEARN TO SAY NO TO STUFF. WORKING LIKE THIS IS NOT SUSTAINABLE. In fiction it always works out in the end but in reality it often results in everything crashing and burning, failed exams, an unfinished dress, and a dysfunctional family life. The added layer of irony is that some poor animators had to have this mentality just to get this episode done.



    Please take care of yourself people.
  15. Hummingbird52

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    Episode 4
    Oh, no, Gojo don't cry... T-T If you cry, I'll cry too. *sniff* *honk* That was so relatable. The fear that all the effort you put into mastering the craft you love may be for naught. It was painful to watch him despair alone in a cluttered house he was too overworked to tidy.
    I may be mistaken, but I thought that was the point? That it was necessary for Gojo to go through this experience to learn to communicate and to pace himself, and also to learn what an unhealthy working ethic was. Maybe also to further disprove to us as readers/watchers the common misconception that the people that do cosplay just whip up those looks in a jiffy. To me it looked like a lesson for the people who wear cosplay as well, that it takes an enormous amount of time and effort to create what they love and that you should respect the work the tailor/seamstress/whoever put into it.
    The look on Kitagawa's face at the end was priceless though.
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  16. Qplayer

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    I see what you mean, but I think the lesson would have been better tought if he had failed. The way that it's depicted it's still teaching "If I work myself to exhaustion I'm able to handle this. There won't be any long term negative consequences; I'll just rest up and recover from this tomorrow." There's times in life where you have to go into this mode, but it shouldn't ever be for something like this, a non-critical favor for a friend. Maybe he'll learn from this, or maybe he'll need to learn the hard way. Either way I still can't endorse Gojo's actions or the romanticization of this kind of work. It's not sustainable and puts things in the wrong priority.
  17. tootalls

    tootalls Well-Known Member

    Well what I got from it was this was addressed when they both acknowledged that they should have communicated about it. And it's his beta personality, many MANY people exist in reality like this, not that it's a good thing, but they do. And I suspect this was a stepping stone in their relationship where they both do less of assuming what the other is thinking and having better communication. It won't perhaps drastically change his personality, it takes more than 1 thing to do that, but it should at least strengthen this relationship.

    Now he knows she wasn't pressuring him to sweat shop a dress. And going forward their relationship should get stronger now that the basis of why they interacted with each other for an extended period of time is now complete. Now he gets to learn that he means more to her than just a costume maker.........(unless she immediately gives him a new similar task).

    It's a toss up that this may have been more impactful if he failed to finish on time. That could be the case, but I think the episode as presented worked out fine....

    What I wonder though, is how much of a beta is this guy, and how much of it how much he values is friendship. He gained new motivation to complete the costume when he imagined her smiling face. But on the flip side, when he new he shouldn't have, he went against policy to let a customer come in on an off day when he was already swamped with work just to please a complete stranger that he had never even seen..........
  18. MisterDapper

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    Ep 4:
    My heart can't take this and I'm going to get a cavity. Don't mind me I'm just going to go cry now. :crying:
  19. Nemurin238

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    Episode 4

    I respect Gojo Kun making Shizuku cosplay but honestly he could’ve asked Marin for more details about the events. He also should of been honest to Marin but at least he got the costume done with that much dedication. I also like how Marin was so sympathetic to Gojo for making the cosplay for her because making a cosplay takes a lot of work to do and lots of time such as buying the stuff, making it by adding details, and seeing if it fits. I also think she understood what Gojo Kun was going through and started feeling bad for him which made me respect Marin so much, she even wanted to pass by to eat noodles with Gojo Kun at his place.
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  20. AdmiralMuffin

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    Episode 4:
    The second half was sweet and all but it kinda bothers me all of this mess could have been easily avoided with a simple phone call or text. But I guess crunch and miscommunication make for good drama or something. All he had to do was discuss and confirm things again with Marin, but I guess he was so dead set and nervous he got tunnel vision.

    Decent episode but kinda left a bad taste...

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