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  1. cassiesheepgirl

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    Anyone else read any of this?

    I've read all 6 volumes that have been released here in the UK and I LOVE it. The stories are amazing and it's really nicely paced. I loved the series, so it's great that I get to experience more stories of Ginko's experiences! :D

    I'm just bummed that I have to wait until May for volume 7! :crying:
  2. drakenfyre75

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    I've read the 6 volumes that are out also and I have to agree that it is a great series to follow, I love the anime series also, granted that it is a great one to fall asleep to.

    Also the little bits of info at the end of each vol is great as to the inspration as to where one story came from each book.

    I already have vol 7 on order :laugh:

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