Mr. Love: Queen's Choice

Discussion in 'Specific Anime Discussion' started by Damias, Jul 8, 2019.

  1. Damias

    Damias Well-Known Member

    Posted by Damias on Jul 8, 2019
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  2. Damias

    Damias Well-Known Member

  3. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Posted by Guest on Jul 13, 2019
    Oooh I'm going to watch this!!
  4. Tilde919

    Tilde919 New Member

    As a player of the game I CANT WAIT!!!!
  5. Ryuubus

    Ryuubus Database Moderator

    i've been playing this game for less than a week and it already owns my wallet ;;;;;;;;;;; can't wait to watch it
  6. RyujiSakamoto

    RyujiSakamoto New Member

    Interested to see how they'll play this out considering it has so much potential.

    Hopefully it follows the game's plot as close as can be. If they do, it'll be one heck of a show!

    Most importantly, I hope MAPPA takes their time.
  7. rizabeatrix

    rizabeatrix New Member

    As a player of the original game, I sincerely hope that the plot will be portrayed as beautifully as how it played out in the game. I swear, it has so much potential to become a very good anime. It's labelled as a reverse harem but it's not your typical one. I love the story so much and knowing that it will be produced as an anime series makes me so happy!!! I really just wish the best~
  8. Musicgirl2379

    Musicgirl2379 New Member

    I’m so excited for this anime!!! I also curious what MC will be named. I hope the animation Is as beautiful as the karma cards.
  9. Cattrah

    Cattrah Member

    yay new reverse harem with potentially amazing plot. I can't wait!
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  10. bluefeatherr

    bluefeatherr New Member

    I wonder if the English dub (assuming it gets one) will use the names from the English version of the game or the Japanese ones? Not normal for name changes to happen in anime dubbing these days, but they might want to keep in line with the game names so as not to confuse people.
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  11. Ebonyslayer

    Ebonyslayer Well-Known Member

    And this would be the official PV.

    And its based on a otome game that I have no clue about. Though that's on me since I've played zero otome games. I should change that sometime though.
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  12. Warpuppy

    Warpuppy Well-Known Member

    Does this have anything to do with Val X Love or is the name similarity just a coincidence?
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  13. Ryuubus

    Ryuubus Database Moderator

    not even close lol, i think the X is an aesthetic choice, usually in jp titles X is silent such as Hunter x Hunter; this is based of a Chinese otome mobile game about a young tv producer and her 4 potential love interests that have superpowers
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  14. DefMeph

    DefMeph New Member

    I wonder if it’ll be watchable on anime planet, I hope so
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  15. RyuuSakuya

    RyuuSakuya New Member


    Okay now seriously, I am really excited to see this Anime. Yayyy... Welcome depression 2.0. :'))) Game is really dark at some point.
  16. Yudesei

    Yudesei Well-Known Member

    Well, I like Kiro and Gavin, so of course I'll watch this. I have absolutely no hope for the MC though.
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  17. Oceanwithwaves

    Oceanwithwaves Well-Known Member

    Honestly, the plot is so surprisingly good and if I didn't have self-constraint my wallet would be emptied on those beautiful, beautiful cards.
    But is it just me or is Lucien's face a little off?
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  18. Oceanwithwaves

    Oceanwithwaves Well-Known Member

    This. It really went from 0 to 100 in like, 2 chapters starting with chapter 9
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  19. Minjiuto

    Minjiuto New Member

    I can't wait, still playing the game myself! The story is so damn good.

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