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Discussion in 'Entertainment' started by Gens, Mar 5, 2016.

  1. Gens

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    Posted by Gens on Mar 5, 2016
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  2. ZetsubouKaiji

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    Re: Latest Thought 2: 2 Thought 2 Furious

    Glad to see this isn't going to be the new Venture Brothers with years between seasons.
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  3. ZetsubouKaiji

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    This thread is for discussing Rick and Morty, and your favorite methods of squanching.

    Please restrain from getting schwifty though, I don't want to clean that up.
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  4. g3data

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    Posted by g3data on Mar 6, 2016
    too late
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  5. ZetsubouKaiji

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    You're in big trouble now.
  6. g3data

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    Posted by g3data on Mar 6, 2016
    I regret nothing.

    Back to hype
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  7. niotabunny

    niotabunny Well-Known Member

    outstanding news ! I love this show, I play the pocket mortys on my tablet while I patiently wait for more rick and morty. I can't wait, it's good to see adult swim knows what their fans want.
  8. ZetsubouKaiji

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    Here's an interesting analysis of Rick and Morty. I've noticed a lot of this stuff myself, but this guy goes into it in a lot more depth and detail.

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  9. randomredneck

    randomredneck Well-Known Member

    One of the character designers was on the Pizza Party Podcast last night.
  10. SpanglishJC

    SpanglishJC Well-Known Member

    Watched both seasons back to back whilst I was away after having watched the first a while ago. Love this show, can't wait for the next series.
  11. Lizardbitch

    Lizardbitch Well-Known Member

    Love this show so much! Can't wait for the next season.

    Speaking of Next Season, I actually entered a contest on Deviantart about finding ideas for the next season. I found it with one day left and decided to quickly throw together something in MSPaint. It wasn't the greatest work of art, but it was based off of my husband and his interests and jokes made about him. It wasn't chosen as a winner or runner up, but Justin Roiland (who was one of the judges) did say it was a funny concept, so that was good enough for me! That, and it was a surprise gift for my husband's birthday, too.

    So, my husband is a huge corgi lover. He loved the velociraptors from Jurassic Park (we had just seen that movie) and we had just gotten an amazing router which made our internet super fast
    and my husband wanted an epic name for both different wifi connections- one being 5G and the other 4G. So, the first we chose was "WUBALUBADUBDUB" and the second was a random name I came up with off the top of my head: "VELOCIRAPTORFIGHTINGCORGIS". So, you can see where the idea of using those two things together came about for the contest.

    The second part was from us playing Killing Floor. My husband glitched and was never able to die. He would "die" but then just jump right back up and the round would never end. People started joking and saying he was a Hydra and that you could never kill him. He then got the nickname "Lord Hydra"

    Name of the "piece of art work": Universe of the Velociraptor Fighting Corgis Who Worship Lord Hydra

    Rick accidentally teleports him, Morty, and Summer into a world where corgis take control of velociraptors and battle each other in order to gain the love and adoration of Lord Hydra in the sea. Hydra falls in love with Morty and goes to have Summer and Rick hauled off and killed so he can have Morty all to himself.

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  12. ZetsubouKaiji

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  13. Zaig

    Zaig Well-Known Member

    Posted by Zaig on Nov 6, 2016
    Late response, but I would have loved to see this as an episode. Now that you threw the idea out there, I need it to be real.
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  14. Lizardbitch

    Lizardbitch Well-Known Member

    Thanks! :) It would be quite a fun episode.
  15. Lizardbitch

    Lizardbitch Well-Known Member

  16. randomredneck

    randomredneck Well-Known Member

    Couple things: Someone forgot to move this to entertainment.

    And Adult Swim is running the season 3 premiere all night as their April Fools gag. Like, right now.
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  17. Gens

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    Posted by Gens on Apr 1, 2017

    HOLY FUCK, this is the most awesome surprise ever. I definitely gotta get on this shit, time to get my motherfucking schwifty ON.

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  18. Damias

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    Posted by Damias on Apr 1, 2017
    I hurried home as fast as possible to catch the Samurai Jack episode which was supposed to be on at 11pm and instead find myself watching first episode of Rick and Morty s3...... what the fuck.
    Motherfucking Mulan szechaun dipping sauce
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  19. Naga

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    Posted by Naga on Apr 2, 2017
    I'm generally not the biggest fan of reddit & mimi but I felt this was very weak episode.

    It felt like some form of final episode of the season two few years later. It's like they knew where they wanted to end the season but had no idea how to resolve it. The anti-globalist joke about changing currency was easily the laziest way to resolve a plot line that occupied and drove almost the entire last season, all for a status quo. I can't even tell if they want to develop things and go for a overarching plot continuation thingy or are they just okay with remaining in standard "Rick & Morty go on insane adventures every episode" format. I guess they'll combine both because of that cyber birdperson thing on the end. But at the same time it's a show without actual consequence. I think they're still unsure about what direction they want to take it, so they experiment with a bit of everything.
  20. ZetsubouKaiji

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    Moving the thread, because @Naga is never going to get his general discussion moderation powers, leaving me to do everything.
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