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  1. Damias

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    Posted by Damias on Mar 25, 2019
  2. Damias

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    Posted by Damias on Mar 25, 2019
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  3. Thrawn


    Posted by Thrawn on Mar 25, 2019
    I thought this was Touch, or a remake of Touch but apparently it's its own thing.
  4. ShinShini

    ShinShini Well-Known Member

    I tried watching Touch in preparation, but then I remembered why I stopped the first time. It was way too much cheap 80s melodrama.
    So I hope they give this one a more modern touch and lay off the cheese a bit.
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  5. Zed

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    Posted by Zed on Mar 27, 2019
    I think it's a sequel, or at least takes place in the same universe.

    Shit dude, you sure know how to kill my hype :D
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  6. ShinShini

    ShinShini Well-Known Member

    Yeah, Touch had it all. Love triangles, unrequited loves, brotherly love, tragedies and a surprisingly long time to finally baseball.
    I don't think that they'll lay it on as thick as they did in the 80s, but all that drama is kinda the author's shtick. At the very least this seem to contain way more baseball than Touch did, which is a plus.
  7. ZetsubouKaiji

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    One of my pet peeves in sports anime is too much off field drama. Save the melodrama for the game.
  8. Gens

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    Posted by Gens on Mar 27, 2019
    Battery was already enough melodrama to last us a life time in baseball anime.
  9. Franconator

    Franconator Well-Known Member

    But if the athletes were in game-mode ALL OF THE TIME, then how would we ever know how much they appreciate their senpai and how would we ever see how they would handle out-of-the-blue confessions at the back of the gym by some no-name whatsherface, who was clearly only put there to allow the show to continue living out its hetero illusions?!
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  10. ZetsubouKaiji

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    Fujioshi are just going to gay it up anyway.
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  11. ShinShini

    ShinShini Well-Known Member

    This is better paced, more charming and easier to watch than Touch was.

    What's really great so far are the dialogues, though. The way everyone is speaking feels very natural and grounded, not very anime-like. There are some interesting choices with scene transitions, too, so a bit creative cinematography.
    Edit: The sibling chemistry is also good in the first episode, also better than in the beginning of Touch.
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  12. Rastamepas

    Rastamepas Database Moderator

    Does it feel based on the first episode that you do need to have watched Touch, or did they make it feel more standalone?
  13. Franconator

    Franconator Well-Known Member

    This is making me want to try this again. I couldn't finish the pilot, because of the narration and how old school the whole thing felt. But I did like how the OP established that this'll be a very chill show and something easy-going. I'm also interested in the main sibling dynamic, since sibling MCs in sports anime are rare. Transitions have been very creative so far too. I'll give it another couple of hours before coming back to this.
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  14. lazyproblems

    lazyproblems Active Member

    I enjoyed the quaint vibe of the show. The VCR fast forwarding effect, and using 4:3 ratio for the quick flashbacks to Touch were a nice touch. This did feel very old fashioned, but I appreciated the way they embraced that aspect. Overall, this was a charming start. Very laid back and chill, but I appreciated it. I liked it more than I was expecting.

    At the very beginning of the episode there's a sort of recap that fills you in on the most important aspect of Touch that does feel like it will be important to this story. As someone who hasn't watched Touch, I didn't feel lost, but I can tell its ending will have impact on this story. There may have been some winks and nods I missed meaning the meaning to, but again nothing huge.
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  15. Franconator

    Franconator Well-Known Member

    Mix feels like a legacy thing, sort of a spiritual successor to Touch. I haven't seen Touch either, but I wasn't really lost when I was watching this. I'd say the narration helped in that regard, although I'm still not a huge fan of it.
  16. ShinShini

    ShinShini Well-Known Member

    Yeah, you kinda have to accept that this will probably be a Slice of Life with a lot of baseball, instead of a sports show. And you instantly get the feeling that the author has some kind of schema that he kept since the 80s, which makes it feel old school. Which has it good parts, because the live action drama vibes are lending itself perfectly for these grounded dialogues.

    So I wonder if they will modernize it where it counts, i.e. less ham-fisted drama and so on. It also has to establish itself independently from Touch, too, so I hope there are less references to the predecessor.

    I got weirdly exited about the show, because I expected to check out the first episode and then drop it because I disliked Touch so much. But the chemistry between the main characters is so damn charming that I got kinda sold on it.
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  17. Scalpelexis

    Scalpelexis Database Moderator

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  18. ShinShini

    ShinShini Well-Known Member

    It's the same author. One day he said: "How about I just write the same story twice?" and then did exactly that.

    There's no connection story-wise, aside from being extremely similar.
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  19. Zed

    Zed Database Moderator

    Posted by Zed on Apr 8, 2019
    Episode 01

    The sound track at the start reminded me a lot of Final Fantasy, I would've been surprised if the characters drew swords and went to hunt down goblins in the forest after the game. I don't really have anything to add to what Shin said so I'll just say I look forward to more of this.
  20. Annalices

    Annalices Member

    Episode 1
    I didn't watch Touch( the prequel to this?), but I am enjoying it so far. The soundtrack is nice, there is nice chemistry between some of the characters, and the narrator bits aren't too overblown.

    I'm not really big on sports anime, but I will give this one a try~

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