Mazinger Edition Z: The Impact!

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  1. valondar

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    Shin Mazinger Shougeki! Z-Hen[sadhl=2375]shin-mazinger-shougeki-z-hen[/sadhl][sadhdc][/sadhdc]

    Just curious as to whether or not anyone else saw this complete trainwreck of a series.

    I thought Mazinger had a fair bit going for it - this is really impressive animation, in some respects I liked it a lot more than Basquash's animation (specifically, while CGI is used the mecha remain 2D, which would be my preference) and the style is gorgeously retro. Not 'retro' in the updated, dark, angsty style of Casshern Sins. Retro retro. As in almost none of this would feel out of place in the 1970s AT ALL.

    Unfortunately, what brings down Shin Mazinger is... it's retro. Allow me to clarify by invoking everyone's favourite recent Super Robot anime, Gurren Lagann. Gurren Lagann may be ripped wholesale from hoary old cliches, but it was definitely a modern Super Robot series, giving us characters who were clearly defined and likeable and who did things other than smash each other up with their mecha.

    Shin Mazinger is a throwback to the days when character and personality don't matter a wit. You just need a broadly drawn cariacture and you're good to go. For four whole episodes people have either fought, acted epic, been hotblooded and/or ridiculous, given expository dialogue, or fought. Unbelievably crazy mecha silliness is jampacked into each an every episode with such intensity that it might EXPLODE but given how completely shallow the affair is it's just no bloody fun at all. I mean this makes me appreciate the subtelty of the classic Gundam series's characterisation... and that series isn't subtle at ALL. I just think a series which dresses Zeus up in this insanely campy gold-plated robo-suit (it must be seen to be BELIEVED) should be, um, entertaining.

    Also the cast is frigging enormous, a whole ocean of simply defined characters that likely aren't going to get any deeper. What's the deal with the two identical twin girls who each sit in a breast of their giant robot? Hm, I think that IS the deal. Etc.

    The OP is fairly awesome, though, the incidental music is great (you couldn't ask for a more wonderfully bombastic super robot sound), production values etc. etc. And I might be a little harsh on it - I guess if you're looking for nothing more than stolidly melodramatic excess it works fairly well.
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  2. cedulet

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    Re: Shin Mazinger Shougeki! Z-Hen

    I kow when i was a kid i was a fan of Mazinger z (I still have a MZ robot toy) but i don't remember anything about the series characters, story etc..

    some blogs say this version has nothing to do with the old one. that Shin means 'True' and not 'New'

    for me the first ep was a mess with all those characters coming from nowhere saying things that don't make sense, it felt like i was watching ep 20 or something. if this is a new version should't it start form cero? introducing the characters correctly

    it reminds me to Karas which also started like this. I'm still confused
  3. SantaBla

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    Re: Shin Mazinger Shougeki! Z-Hen

    Today, Gurren Lagann is today's most favourite super robot show, but have you forgotten who's the father of Super Robot shows? It's the 1972 Mazinger Z series of course.

    All I can say is, this is aimed at the old nostalgic fans, that's all. Even the first episode showed this. I don't think the characters need to be well defined and overemotional, if it does have them, then call the show whatever you want but it's not Mazinger.
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  4. Aznmonster

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    Re: Shin Mazinger Shougeki! Z-Hen

    I agree,without Mazinger there would no be TTGL.People seem to forget that.
  5. ingram

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    Posted by ingram on Jun 2, 2009
    Re: Shin Mazinger Shougeki! Z-Hen

    finally i found a thread about shin mazinger, personally i like this new mazinger series, i like that kind of mix between mazinger z and god mazinger, the role of kenji akabane like koji kabuto is good, it has a good start and hope it ends the same way :smile:

    but guys, that's what a good super robot show is about, we dont get involved into the characters mind and personality, leave that to the real type mecha animes like gundam or macross we want to see hotblood, pasion, courage, and a kickass mecha beating the bad guys :drink:

    i think that more than mazinger, the father of super robot shows is tetsujin 28 or astroganga, but mazinger will always be one of the best :ramen:

    amen :drinking:
  6. SantaBla

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    Re: Shin Mazinger Shougeki! Z-Hen

    Yes perhaps but it was Mazinger who set the standards (the pilot-in-a-robot thing).
  7. Anathemus

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    Re: Shin Mazinger Shougeki! Z-Hen

    What about Mazinkaiser SKL the new OVA? it's still not on the database and let me tell you... it's the most pretty straight forward kickass mechs anime I've seen so far, I always hated mech shows..but this one was really enjoyable... the artwork is pretty awesome, the soundtrack (metal) is cool as well, and it doesn't take itself too seriously, thumbs up for the show
  8. Inu230

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    Posted by Inu230 on Apr 18, 2019
    Episode 1: Skipped following @g3data 's advice -->
    Episode 2:
    I like the opening song.

    All those people on that yacht should have been battling sharks.

    No deity should forgive your treatment of that bird!!!

    Kouji & Shiro ride that bike on that same stretch of road for a really long time yet went nowhere until Mazinger Z launched >>

    A dub of this could have played on Toonami. If they x’d the curses it couldn’t been on Cartoon Network.
    hmm.. Wonder why it was never picked up for either.
  9. g3data

    g3data Well-Known Member

    Posted by g3data on Apr 19, 2019
    Jumping the gun a bit (a lot), but thanks for the reminder
  10. Inu230

    Inu230 Well-Known Member

    And here I thought I was right on track.
    That's all right I'm liking it so I'll keep my pacing.

    Episode 3
    Zeus with a sword instead of a lightning bolt. Eh.

    I like Dr. Hell’s voice.
  11. g3data

    g3data Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I did go back on that didn't I, sorry. Honestly I'm just waiting till I can get at least couple more on board and clearing off some of my current watchlist.
  12. Inu230

    Inu230 Well-Known Member

    Episode 4.

    Like it was ever going to be “easy”. Duh.

    The is anime is not afraid to get the blood flowing early on. They might have been big on lighting the blood but at least they didn’t shy away from some realistic pain in the battle.

    So Mazinger Z will become a devil if Kouji lets it fight because some civilians might get hurt in the process? … if he’s in control a few lost lives could be worth ending it here. Though I suppose that’s why there are more eps. Gotta make some more money by keeping the story going.

    I don’t care for remote controlling Mazinger Z.

    The old man's injured and cant walk up the shrine steps but he can jump into the cockpit of Mazinger Z … *facepalm*

    The classic sinister laugh made me smile.
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  13. Inu230

    Inu230 Well-Known Member

    Episode 5

    "Burn it up."
    Or take a break and get spoon-fed how to operate the giant robot. Yeah that works too.

    I liked it better when Kouji was trying to figure out what to do.

    I’m glad the old guy’s dead.

    “...can no longer be held back.” [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Sure gained control of himself quickly.
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  14. Inu230

    Inu230 Well-Known Member

    Episode 6
    I think the real problem is your hair blonde. And the chick behind you.

    No the old guy was not a victim. That is what I will continue to believe.

    Oh that woman is a pain.
    I would have used my giant robot to squish her.

    A simple “turn the nob all the way” would have sufficed. Telling him to tell you what color it is was eye twitching stupidity.

    The Professor trusted a bath attendant with the secrets of the universe's greatest power.

    I was liking this show but this got so stupid real quick.
  15. Inu230

    Inu230 Well-Known Member

    Episode 7:
    Na just left the corpses pile up.

    Now I don’t believe the phone deserved to be shot.

    I’d choke you and put you out of my misery.

    For being dead the old guy’s getting a lot of screen time.

    Episode 8:
    I want to shove her pipe through that woman's head.
    She really irritates me.

    “Come here” chant was nice.

    Hmm a wall that isn’t painted or carved.
    I feel there could be a more interesting backstory than it rose from the earth.

    A mad scientist doesn't understand why he’s attacked. [​IMG]

    The creators of this show must be suffering from severe oxygen deprivation with those bags on their heads.

    Juuzou was not permitted into heaven.

    YES YES YES take out your own eyes to do the universe a favor and eliminate the bossy wench! KILL HER! KILL HER! KILL HER!
    I could totally lead a mob.​
  16. Inu230

    Inu230 Well-Known Member

    Posted by Inu230 on Jun 3, 2019
    Episode 9:
    That’s some strong love for a hat to take it with you during bath time.
    Hit a switch and goodbye excess baggage XD
    I really enjoyed that and think the invention of such a device is much needed.
    Annoying backseat drivers begone!​

    Ghostfire’s most impressive when his hair’s ablaze like a whip.

    3 blond androids. [​IMG]

    Episode 10:
    This episode was filth.
  17. Inu230

    Inu230 Well-Known Member

    Posted by Inu230 on Jun 5, 2019
    Episode 11:
    ….So Mazinger Z was said to be the ultimate but now it needs a team ‘cause it’s not good enough.
    That could be sad. If the Mazinger team takes center stage for the next 15 episodes I may slow down my watching schedule for this even more.​

    “Run away” ... Kouji you’ve got to have more confidence.

    Episode 12:
    It’s nice that both sides of Baron enjoy fun.
    I got a kick out of its joy ride.​

    Another blonde android >>

    Seriously stop freaking out, drop the sheet, and take out the opposition.

    Ah Kouji’s bonding with Mazinger Z ^^ and seconds later >> you have to be reminded AGAIN not to give up. Oh Kouji you are really sucking as an MC.
  18. Inu230

    Inu230 Well-Known Member

    Posted by Inu230 on Jun 6, 2019
    Episode 13
    From the title I was expecting a break from the main story for a one sided puppy love tale, instead there was some plot progression.

    I’m still disappointed though, Shiro was WAY TOO trusting of this blond after learning that the last three blonde guests were androides.

    Kouji should have beaten some sense into him from the start.

    Episode 14
    Too much backstory.

    Too much emphasis on Tsubasa.

    Too much android obsession.

    Too many resurrections
  19. Inu230

    Inu230 Well-Known Member

    Episode 15
    Cross would be more likable if he wasn’t so devoted to that woman.

    Robot with a heart.


    Oh the eh factor.

    “I’m done for” but I can give you this long-arse speech before my injuries take me to the netherworld again. [​IMG]

    Yeah, Lorelei you are a robot. [​IMG]

    Episode 16
    Breaking the fourth wall by telling the audience to keep their eyes on it. Oh my.

    Shiro should not be mourning over Lorelei. She wasn’t even that friendly.

    I really really want to shove that pipe down her throat.

    Kedora’s character design is the most impressive thus far though he long speech about his greatness was rather taxing.

    More Baron Ashura would have been nice.
  20. Inu230

    Inu230 Well-Known Member

    Episode 17
    Full speed ahead on choppy water. … Don’t really know how to sail now do ya? I think not.

    I like the idea of Zeus fighting for the humans.

    Episode 18

    I don't’ care too much for riding the tiger.

    Ashura should not be helping her. No one should help her. NO ONE!!!

    You belong to yourself. I feel for you Baron Ashura, I really do.

    Zeus thanking a human. I don’t care too much for that. It’s pretty sad that a god is relying on a teen piloting a robot.

    I hope this new guy kills her.

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