Manhwa/Manhua where MC is loser/weak then gets OP and turns awesome

Discussion in 'Manga Recommendations' started by AlphaX, Mar 24, 2018.

  1. AlphaX

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    Posted by AlphaX on Mar 24, 2018
    Hey guys! I'm looking for a manhwa/manhua/webcomic where the Mc is a loser, gets beaten up, and taken advantage of. But then he gets super strong (Does't have to be immediate, but I'd be fine if he gets super strong over time) and beats up everyone that did him wrong. And I'm looking for something on the more serious side, where the MC is actually savage, doesn't give a fck, and wrecks his enemies.

  2. Zed

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    Posted by Zed on Mar 24, 2018
    The only one I know of is The breaker, it's a bit derivative, but has a charming cast and can is a quick read.
  3. clockworkerr0r

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    Definitely try out Ultimate Outcast! It has literally everything you're looking for. The MC of this series has been weak his entire life, and after he's unable to protect his friend from a traumatic event, he vows to become stronger to get revenge for her. He ends up finding someone to train him, and he unlocks a hidden power that turns him into an unstoppable revenge machine. The action in this series is honestly amazing. The MC definitely does not hold back, and you'll see some really intricate and easy to follow fight scenes.
  4. YoWeebs

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    Isn't it like every shounen ever?
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  5. alonzoel16

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  6. Guest

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    Posted by Guest on Aug 5, 2018
    The Breaker is a must.

    Also try Tower of God, it hasn't finished yet, but it rocks so hard.
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  7. JADK

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    Posted by JADK on Oct 21, 2018
    I strongly recommend Girls of the Wilds and History's strongest disciple Kenichi...

    My hero academia is also pretty good... Main character gets the strongest possible power, but is too weak to use it and gradually grows into it during the course of the manga.
  8. Rascal

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    Posted by Rascal on Oct 21, 2018
  9. Tactic

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    Posted by Tactic on Oct 23, 2018
    he is talking about donjag, not shounen.
  10. Kjordan

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    That is star martial God technique
  11. Zerosis

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    These are all great but let me add on a few if you don’t mind
    Solo leveling
    I am the sorcerer king
    Soul land (kinda)
    Soul land II
    Soul land III
    Battle through the heavens
    Moshi fanren (kinda)
    The mythical realm
    Strongest anti meta
    Tower of god( super good he starts off really weak but gets suuuuuuper strong)
    Kumo desu ga Nani ka
    Wu dong Qian kun
    Against the gods
    Portal of wonderland
    The great ruler
    Hunter age
    Legend of immortals
    Yuan zun
    Tensei shittara dragon no tamago datta
    Dungeon seeker
    Shin yin wang zuo
    Sekai owari no encore
    Desolate age
    Long live summons

    I mostly gave you martial art mangas so tell me if you want more isekai or martial art manga in the future
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  12. Zerosis

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    Bro calm yourself he was just making a joke.
  13. PeterTheMountain

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    Idk if you would like it but I think it's great it's called Rebirth of the Urban immortal cultivator actually you'll probably love it hes badass doesn't give a fuck and he starts weak and underestimated and turns to a complete badass it's really good
  14. 4xdblack

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    Sun Ken Rock is one of my favorites, but has a terrible ending. The majority of it is the most badass manga you'll ever read though.
  15. NeAzeroHerE15

    NeAzeroHerE15 New Member

    I will say "SOLO LEVELING" first of all the mc is weak and has a low capabilities and called the weakest but he become stronger, surpassing the current s ranks and become one of the most powerful it only have season 1 but its super good
  16. DarkDarpan

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    It was so good that i couldnot wait for the second season to release so i read the the light novel. He becomes a god in the second season!!.
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  17. NeAzeroHerE15

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  18. 26thbam

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    I rlllly wanna read this but i cant find it anywhere :(
    What did u watch it on?
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  19. UnholyAxyom

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    Well on the manhwa side, highly recommend either Dice on webtoons, cause it fits to perfection with what you want brutal art, really good for sure, or if you wanna more rpg feel to it go for Solo Levelling.
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    • The Gamer
    • The Moonlight Sculptor
    • The Beginning after the End
    • Tales of Demons and Gods
    I hope this helps! I like this type of manga too so I'm following this thread! :love:
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