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    :balloon:hi everyone. I'm new here. I'm seeking some light hearted manga to read . Ones that are shorter for now.
    I've enjoyed manga like Gacha Gacha Revolution , which is a little NSFW. I have also began reading Monster Musume. I want something more light , something positive and inspiring. I know that is vague. Help me out ? Thanks a lot.
    It would also be helpful to find a manga reader for Android that doesn't have a lot of ads and has good features such as a bookmarks.
    Thanks again

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    They say when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. In the main character's case, life gives him an adorable kitten named Mii- before also giving him a nice friendly visit from the reaper. But is the now-deceased protagonist discouraged? Nope, he's totally excited to begin his new life in a new world, and he's promised to have powers bestowed on him for his kindness in rescuing the kitten. Once he arrives, however, he finds out that Mii has tagged along on his new adventure, and the powers he was promised have been replaced by the ability to summon high-quality cat food! Even so, Nero is still not discouraged. He intends to enjoy his new life with Mii!
    Ever feel like nobody wants you? An odd-looking cat named Fukumaru feels that way, having sat in a pet shop for nearly a year waiting for someone to take him home. Again and again he is passed up in favor of cute little kittens, until one day a nice old widower decides he's the perfect cat for him! Fukumaru learns that a loving family is possible; and his new human learns that he can still be happy in his latter years, even after his wife has passed away and his children have grown up and left home. A cute story of their sweet lives together.
    Is it really too late to learn from your mistakes and have a better life? Nope, not at all! Former yakuza Tatsu, also known as "The Immortal Dragon" has put his criminal ways behind him and moved on to a law-abiding life with his new wife in this slice-of-life comedy. While our past is always with us in a sense - as Tatsu proves again and again when he hilariously applies his hard-to-break yakuza mindset while cleaning house, shopping for groceries and trying to buy his wife just the right birthday gift - it doesn't have to control our present. When people he used to know from his less-than-savory days as a gangster try to pull him into whatever b.s. they are involved in, he sends them packing and continues on the path he has chosen for himself. We could all learn from this guy.
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    Thanks for your feed back. They have been added to my want to watch and will probably start with A Man and his Cat first. Thanks for taking the time to help me. I wasn't so sure I would get any replies.
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    You're very welcome! Can't help w/ the phone thing though, since I read online stuff on a laptop.
  5. Do you know which site I can read A Man and His Cat? The synopsis seems so lovable!! :love:
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  6. Some super super cute and lighthearted manga:
    • Nukoduke
    • Gakuen Babysitters

    I hope this helps!
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