Magical Sempai

Discussion in 'Currently Airing Anime' started by Zed60K, Jan 21, 2019.

  1. Zed60K

    Zed60K Database Moderator

    Posted by Zed60K on Jan 21, 2019
  2. Nicknames

    Nicknames Database Moderator

    I'm pretty curious about this one. Let's hope it turns out to be good
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  3. Thrawn


    Posted by Thrawn on Jan 21, 2019
    Cute girl in magical ecchi situations, getting stuck and shit, that's my shit.
  4. BrainBlow

    BrainBlow Well-Known Member

    Pleasr don't be a Dagashi Kashi repeat... I want this adaptation to be good!
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  5. Thrawn


    Posted by Thrawn on Jan 22, 2019
    I promise you it will not be a Mekaku City Actors. Or Dagashi Kashi. It'll be like one of them good adaptations, like Magical Girl Site in the sense of being faithful to the source material. Or D-Frag.
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  6. Damias

    Damias Database Moderator

    Posted by Damias on Jul 2, 2019
    Episode 1
    Such a pathetic sempai. Like Aqua level pathetic but she's our pathetic sempai.
  7. PandaBeard

    PandaBeard Well-Known Member

    This was cute. Rather see a character being a bumbling fool exploring something they love then just being a bumbling fool.
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  8. Aldrich606

    Aldrich606 Member

    She's so cute! No way it's 2.5* ... It wasn't that bad...
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  9. Helbaworshipper

    Helbaworshipper Database Moderator

    It's... Okay so far. It's reminding me a lot of Kaguya-sama in some ways and I'm not sure if it's a good or bad thing. Only difference being that Kaguya was longer. It's better than Ao-chan I guess...
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  10. BrainBlow

    BrainBlow Well-Known Member

    Well, same magazine, and the authors are mutual fans having each drawn their own respective crossovers.
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  11. randomredneck

    randomredneck Well-Known Member

    Cute I guess. Amusing enough that the ecchi stuff doesn't phase me.
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  12. interregnum

    interregnum Well-Known Member


    Kohaku and Eita fumbling through failed magic tricks and upskirts for 12 minutes.

    I didn't laugh, but I almost chuckled. Lightly.

    I"ll be back for the second episode, at least.
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  13. LordAinz

    LordAinz Well-Known Member

    I can see that, although as someone who really, really enjoyed Kaguya-sama (enough that I started reading the manga because I just needed more of it), this isn't really in the same ballpark of quality, and the ecchi stuff holds it back. Still, the first episode was genuinely amusing enough to make me chuckle, and I enjoyed that aspect, so I'll keep watching despite not really being into shows that have an emphasis on ecchi.
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  14. Annalices

    Annalices Member

    Episode 1:
    I like the senpai's character. I feel bad for the male MC though; He's forced to go along with her spoofs and bad tricks. Well, it did make me chuckle. Hopefully the ecchi doesn't way it down too much.

    That's whom I was thinking of too!
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  15. interregnum

    interregnum Well-Known Member

    Then you obviously have great taste.
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  16. randomredneck

    randomredneck Well-Known Member

    Episode 2.
    I think I might love this show...
  17. interregnum

    interregnum Well-Known Member

    All right...
    The "long and hard" gag--wherein the next frame has him holding a yardstick--was incredibly clever. Maybe a touch too subtle, but definitely clever.

    Otherwise, they're not putting much effort into making this feel like anything but a straight-up comic strip adaptation, which makes me wonder what I'm getting from watching the anime version. (Well, other than a couple of voice actors I like.)

    But some of the lines made me laugh, so...we'll see if next week wins me over or leaves me disinclined to continue.

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