Magia Record: Puella Magi Madoka Magica Side Story

Discussion in 'Specific Anime Discussion' started by Damias, Apr 19, 2019.

  1. Damias

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    Posted by Damias on Apr 19, 2019
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  2. Damias

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    Posted by Damias on Apr 19, 2019
    Watch trailer #1 here:
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  3. NerdOracle

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  4. FunkyTime

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    I am confused. Is this a new anime or a mobile game?
  5. Shikiya

    Shikiya Well-Known Member

    It's an anime based on the mobile game.
    The mobile game has been out for a while already.
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  6. Damias

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  7. QueenSkull

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    it looks cute

    but is it good? that's the question hmmm
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  8. Guest

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    Posted by Guest on Jan 4, 2020
    Could this be watched before the first 2011 Madoka Magica series? I don't want to accidentally be spoiled on major events that could have happened in the 2011 anime.
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  9. Mayank

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    Posted by Mayank on Jan 4, 2020
    First Episode was decent. The animation is nice and smooth, though a bit abstract-y in some places.

    I doubt there will be major spoilers in this one. Most of the cast is of completely new characters. Judging from the first Episode, the characters from original series will probably only appear to establish a narrative link between the two stories.
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  10. victoireblanc

    victoireblanc New Member

    Shaft's animation here seems a lot like the Monogatari series' animation (more so than the original Madoka Magica series'). No brain-damaging plot lines yet. Somewhat different from the game's storyline, but I liked this better.
    The main story quintet appeared for literally 1/4 of a second. Against a blood-red background. I should assume they're still suffering, huh...
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  11. Safaq

    Safaq Active Member

    Posted by Safaq on Jan 5, 2020
    I don't think you should, to be honest. I don't play the game, so I have no idea regarding the direction of the plot, but judging by the first episode it is not really connected to the old series. It is a side story, after all. But in my opinion, one of the things the original series does very well is introducing certain points regarding the setting at certain times, and watching this first might be a bit confusing. I don't think you would be spoiled on the major events of the original Madoka, but it would spoil some aspects of it and you would lose some fun figuring out why some things are what they are. I hold the old series in high regard, so I strongly recommend watching it first, it's not that long (even shorter if you choose to watch the movie version).
  12. meganeorcx

    meganeorcx Member

    The first episode looks great! The new characters seem interesting enough and Iroha is such a cutie! I love the animation too! Hopefully, it won't disappoint^^
  13. hinatahonoka

    hinatahonoka Member

    for me even if the first episode wasn't good (though it was) I would still watch it even if I was suffering! I fell in love with this anime when I was a child and it changed my point of view a lot of times. If it wasn't for this anime probably I wouldn't be the otaku I am now.

    to die because I hate him for what he did to my cuties and all that stuff! What!? This way the world will be safe? It is because of your kind that it became like this! I hope in this new series there will be some justice because only sending him away (like Homura did) won't solve it!
  14. BurntJelly

    BurntJelly Well-Known Member

    I'm not expecting this to be anywhere near as good as the original... but it would be nice...

    30s in... perfect music choice to start this with!

    OMG a Kyubey! Kill it!

    A very nice start. I guess this is sort of a prequel/parallel side-story.

    There is no way to answer that without the series being finished. I expect this series to take into account that the majority of watchers will have seen the original... so I would expect some spoilers. This is why, as a general rule, I prefer to watch anime in date-released order to ensure proper expectations.

    I suspect something about this "chain witch"...
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  15. naterbug8278

    naterbug8278 Member

    As someone who has been playing the English version of the game since its release, i'm super excited for this anime...seeing all the characters animated is amazing, and there seems to be slight additions to the story but otherwise its pretty identical. Can't wait to see more of later stuff that happens.
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  16. BurntJelly

    BurntJelly Well-Known Member

    Witch's identity still unconfirmed.
    4 transformations!

    Dat preview! Hype!
    The hype will have to wait. More rumor hunting.
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  17. puppy0cam

    puppy0cam Member

    My current theory is that Iroha's wish is what is causing Kyubey to be unable to enter the city.
    Her wish was to cure Ui's disease, so it is likely that if Ui happened to be a magical girl at the time, then the wish may have involuntarily wrapped in the fate of turning into a witch. It's far more localised to a single city and isn't retroactive like Madoka's wish which would make sense for the strength of the wish.
    The small Kyubey may actually be key to this alternative process, as instead of taking the magical girl's soul, it is taking the curses out of the soul gem resulting in a wraith instead of a witch. It is likely blocking the regular incubators from entering the city. The soul of Ui is probably in some kind of limbo, and might be taking advantage of the situation to try and have the current wish spread further than Kamihama city. As this results in a lower energy gain for the incubators. I imagine this wouldn't have been the first time this happened, so the incubators probably sent in Mami to work out what is happening in there, and have plans in place to this kind of situation.
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  18. Mayank

    Mayank Database Moderator

    Posted by Mayank on Feb 2, 2020
    Episode 4:
    So far I'm loving the show. I didn't really expect much from Madoka as well as Magia since they're based on a mobile game, but both have been good. I really like the build-up around Ui's existence.
  19. BurntJelly

    BurntJelly Well-Known Member

    YES! That battle! So awesome!


    Oh, it's Mami.

    Dat post credits WTF!?
    ... so... I definitely would not recommend watching this without first watching the original... we're getting into spoiler territory now.
  20. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Posted by Guest on Feb 8, 2020
    Well... this was... kinda boring.
    Even the witches' domain artwork has left me...

    Aw yeah! It's my girl! Mami!
    It's not my girl at all.
    Eh... Mami-ish. Just without the big... personality.

    Really not feeling this so far.
    Characters are meh.
    Nonexistent story is negative meh.
    This is just a cash grab, isn't it?
    Taking pages from America with unnecessary, cheaply done sequels?

    Feel like they're about to kill off a character in hopes we'll magically care.
    Like that's what's needed to get us invested.

    This is just annoying at this point.

    Oh here we go.
    Chain gang. oooo "spooky"

    Welp. That was almost as big of a waste of time as the first episode.

    I have a feeling it's about to start improving, but man I need a break.
    Bleach my brain with some West Wing or something.
    Could have, should have combined those two episodes.

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