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    Posted by Ailly on Sep 3, 2014
    Episode 9


    Huehue, dat Ryouma though (¬‿¬)
    I'll say it again and again, but Izumi is really the best uke ever. The dude is so self aware and it's freakin' hilarious.
    Sad that it'll come to an end next week; there aren't many good shounen-ai anime out there (and this one has such pretty art to boot!).
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    These were all pretty damn decent episodes. They were funny and sweet as usual, but the drama here also made sense given the characters. I really like the main pairing because they have a relationship outside of the uke/seme shit and they have respect for each other's lives. Despite the stupid censoring again I quite liked that Ryouma didn't have sex with Izumi when he was vulnerable it shows a sense of respect for Izumi which is really nice. Yes, with the 10 episode time crunch their relationship isn't getting developed quite as much as I'd like. With more episodes we could see Izumi grow into the relationship some more rather than it happening all at once mostly. Still it is a believable relationship and I like both guys so I am happy with what we've got.

    I also like the show business stuff as well. It's interesting to watch the backroom dealings going on as well as Izumi's struggle to debut to the public. These episodes also make me like Rei quite a bit. He really was a father figure to Izumi. Rei works so tirelessly for the family that he's become an unofficial part of it. However, his and Shogo's babying of Izumi has turned him into a brat and it was cute to see that acknowledged. Izumi can't commit to anything and has no life skills because everything was done for him. It's no wonder he's so socially awkward. Although he does try which makes him likable. It was cute to see the messy job he did trying to tidy up Ryouma's apartment. It was a sweet and funny moment when he thought he'd done the job well.

    These episodes didn't fall on those rape-y scenes which was refreshing in this genre. The ones at the start were too heavy to put a sour taste in my mouth but they weren't so bad either. After all nothing happened and Ryouma apologized profusely knowing that what he'd done was terribly wrong which is a pretty big thing missing in this genre. Usually the one attacked has to apologize for not admitting they enjoyed and I'm glad Love Stage avoided that.

    And Izumi has to come to terms with his lack of talent as a manga-ka. Once again Ryouma was pretty sweet to him getting Izumi's favorite mangaka to look at the work. It is better than just giving up completely. Now he'll have to work hard on improving his skills and take it more seriously, but he can also be kind of at peace with it for now after his harsh rejection.

    Shogo isn't in these episodes very much as it was mostly about the press conference and the debut of Izumi, while he wrestled with his feelings and it was all handled well. It is all pretty general rom-com type of stuff, but with enough humor and charm to make it a fun fluffy watch. There's not a ton of depth to anything, but this story doesn't need it that much to be enjoyable. I do think the series would have benefited from having a couple of more episodes though to develop things little better.

    So yeah, still quite an enjoyable watch.
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    I forgot to mention this about episode 8 but I really didn't like the narration or the stupid black screens with text over them. I know it was supposed to be a sort of documentary style thing, but unnecessary narration and those kinda of stupid screens are both things I pretty strongly dislike. The text over black screens really bug me because they are things the character could just say and they always come across as pretentious like everything just has to stop we can all absorb this oh so important message.

    Although I did like this episode as a whole as it show why Izumi is such a little brat and I found the segments with Rei and Shougo spoiling him to be quite cute.
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    Episode 9-10:

    I found the ending to be very satisfying.
    Episode 9 was just hilarious. I had to pause I was laughing so hard at Izumi's research scene. Rei's responses were hilarious too. Izumi is indeed a great Uke. I think episode 8 helped to understand the character a bit better, but despite being a brat he does have a self-awareness about his own short comings.

    The Ryouma parts are pretty typical with him passing out and his jealousy over people fawning over touching Izumi. Honestly, he is really outshone by his uke for these episodes. A lot of this series has been more focuses on Izumi and Ryouma's development has just been good enough to make him an interesting partner for Izumi.

    I however didn't enjoy the stupid rape squad at the end of episode 9 and the start of episode 10. It wasn't necessary to go there to get Izumi to realize his feelings. It felt more like time killing filler in this episode. Not to mention of course he'd run into the one gang that are willing to say fuck it to their sexual orientation and fuck a dude. It's really stupid. However, the bathroom conversation was pretty good even if it was heavy on the padding flashbacks.

    The actual sex was quite sweet and a fulfilling end to this story. Ryouma and the relationship could have used more development, but given that it is only ten episodes I think the anime did about as good a job as could have been expected.

    Of course the scene with Rei and Shougo just made me wish we had spent more time with that pairing and maybe it goes more in depth in the manga. Rei is my favorite from the show and he got a surprising amount of development in his appearances

    Overall this is light and fluffy rom-com without a ton of substance but it is funny and has a lot of charm. I think that it follows the rough outline of the rom-com genre just fine without falling too far into the yaoi cliches. They are certainly present and there are a few uncomfortable scenes but for the most part the characters don't just fall into their roles without getting a lot more personality beyond that. It's funny, it's cute and it is one of the better shounen-ai series to be animated. 7 out of 10.
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    I loved the manga, but for some reason, the voice actors weren't up to my expectations. Like the MC's brother talks like a doting brother, yes. However, it's just a little bit stereotypical. (He still is amazing though.) Everyone else's voices were really nice. Especially Rei Sagara, perfect voice.

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