Lord of Vermilion: Guren no Ou

Discussion in 'Specific Anime Discussion' started by ZetsubouKaiji, May 24, 2018.

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    I was going to throw shade on the based on a card game tag, but then I remember that both seasons of Bahamut were pretty decent. Although it's probably like expecting for lightning to strike twice for another card game anime to be good in this lifetime.
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    Rage of Bahamut was a once-in-a-franchise accident, comparable to Steins;Gate with the ; franchise. You can tell that Cygames has gone on to create crap games and anime adaptions with examples like Granblue Fantasy and Uma Musume.

    I don't know about this one, as this game doesn't come from mobile and console/pc, but from arcade. Also, it's not as infamous in the japanese game industry as those 2(-uma musume) above. Plus it's not a Cygame.
    I mean look what happened to Fate Grand Order anime adaption.

    Might throw the gloves for this one, but I will see.
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    The show overestimates the amount of fucks I give about the characters when they start with such a lame-ass, generic action sequence.
    The animation is shit.
    The characters are bland.
    The dialogues are pretentious.
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  5. TurkeyGami

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    This was a mistake.
    We start with red shit everywhere and a really underwhelming battle going on which I can only assume is the end of the series, and where this whole thing is progressing. This is a problem because it doesn't look that interesting and it's not really even a cool battle. All the characters look lame and it kinda seems like... no one really wants to be here, like they're just phoning it in.

    Add the fact that afterwords it just cuts to what i can assume is way before this fact, and the actual beginning, and it's looking slice if life-ish with no real personality or enthusiasm from anyone once again, and if THAT'S the contrast they're putting out there, I really don't care.

    I hope these two aren't the mains. If so they have as much chemistry as a guy talking to his dog, and even that has potential for more chemistry.

    Oh no, they played the live action beauty and the beast soundtrack over the loudspeakers again. Now everyone's fainted.

    Now that red shit is everywhere we can start getting through this thing.

    Or we can listen to some kind of... thing tell poetry to us.

    Lucky you dude, you're the chosen one!

    I've been asleep for 5 Months? IS BORUTO OVER YET?

    "The Great Collapse, they called it. We're not sure what it was but we know it involved the ingestion of like 15 pounds of kinder eggs"

    wait, you're going to question why he's following him around, but not why he asked how many people he killed 13 years ago? That's a tell-tale sign that these two are in cahoots! What a terrible reporter!

    That's quite a large sword he just got cleaved in two with. He'll probably be ok though.
  6. Toy

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    Posted by Toy on Jul 13, 2018
    Episode 1, should I even use a spoiler tag, because the show itself doesn't seem to think so

    Everyone dies the end. Oh, but we gotta watch the entire series first to see how it came to that. There are some interesting details in that fight, I mean for what it's worth I am kinda curious why they were fighting. Someone got called a nationalist, and someone else said something implying that, so I imagine that has a lot to do with it. Really though, there isn't a lot to be said, the sound track was good in places okay for the most part, voice acting was eh alright I guess, animation is lacking a little. I've pretty much given up trying to say anything about plot or story in the first couple episodes, I've come realize, anime almost never makes sense, that's not why I watch anime in the first place.

    This has potential to be alright, at least when you consider it's based on a card game. I'd really be more interested in the opinion of someone who is a fan of that card game, as I feel this show in theory is targeted towards those people not the general anime viewers.
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    This is quite possibly the chuuni-est thing I've ever seen. Not edgy, I wouldn't even say it's dark enough to be called that. Since I've just learned it's based on a card game or something, I'm gonna cut it a little slack for the boring fight choreography(if it can even be called that), 1-dimensional characters, flat dialogue, and just overall bad presentation, but on the other hand I now find it extra inexcusable that these are fundamentally some of the worst character designs I've ever seen. What a stinker.
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  8. Quizap

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    Posted by Quizap on Jul 14, 2018
    I bet this still turns out better than Caligula!:troll:
  9. Shikiya

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    Lord have mercy on me. This would be dropped like a hot pocket straight out of microwave if this wasn't my lottery pick.

    ep 1

    Right off the start, they burden themselves by introducing a ginormous cast, a number you won't remember unless you had prior experience with the franchise maybe.

    The setting wasn't explained well, so I had no idea what the hell was going on except the events on the surface. It wasn't the type of the mystery that would make me curious, but the type that would make me want to turn my tv off.

    I can somewhat see semi-political route that this show can might go down through, but so far it feels super shallow.

    (Un)funny how much this reminds me of Caligula last season.
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  10. BurntJelly

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    I knew it when they opened with a non-exciting "final" battle...
    Too generic. Dropped. 1.0/5
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  11. TurkeyGami

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    if your friend was almost dead but turned up not dead would you say "wait the fuck how is he still alive" or "im glad hes still alive" first? Because if you're the former you're this black haired bastard, and you're not reacting correctly to this. Just weird. And from what we've seen of him so far at least, there's no reason for him to be somehow sociopathic.

    Thats just unrealistic.
  12. ValkyrieNight

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    Click finger guy says "Your beloved blah blah blah." So this is just one giant lovers spat spanning worlds and maybe years. Maybe the opening fight was a previous life?! Just goes to show relationships suck, not all sunshine and roses.

    "Come to the church and we'll give you all the answers!" Never trust the church, they feed you lies! (And molest/murder your kids if you live in Ireland.)

    "All I need to tell the truth is this mouth." Sure girly, then everyone tells the truth if that's the case. HA *proceeds with cryptic ass answers*

    So....good cult/religion v bad cult/religion. World destruction and domination. YAY!
  13. Quizap

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    The animation is so baaaad. Distant shots Chihiro looked liked a thugged out stick figure.
    I also noticed that the first episode fights were of a different life time with all the characters. Makes some sense but doesn't just remove the fact that Caligula is actually a bit more interesting by this point and that's plain sad
  14. Epimondas

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    This thing jumped right into battle wopith little to no character development and a weak plot if one even exists.

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