Lord Marksman and Vanadis

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    Posted by Naga on Sep 29, 2014
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  2. Thrawn


    Posted by Thrawn on Sep 29, 2014
    Re: Madan no Ou to Vanadis

    This one I have to watch, got it for ALC. To sum it up:

    It's about a bunch of hot chicks with badass scrotum wrecking weapons they got from ancient fucking dragons, as in these dragons said "Holy shit, you girls are the fucking tits. Here is a weapon that will cause testicles to implode by waving it at them and will make everybody else look like a pussy ass bitch in comparison." Each chick has a kingdom where they make other kingdoms shit a brick at the thought of fucking with them. Then this guy, he does something and gets turned into a slave by this totally hot chick, one of the chicks who have a dragon weapon.
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    Re: Madan no Ou to Vanadis

    The start of the synop sounds like a heavy metal song then I read the tags and get a little sad inside.
  4. Thrawn


    Posted by Thrawn on Oct 4, 2014
    Ass flashing. And yet sounds better than the sexual rapist dreck that was Penguin Boner's and it's douchey MC.
  5. randomredneck

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    I saw Brad complaining about this in DAT. So naturally I figured I'd enjoy it..and I do!

    Nothing amazing or anything, but I like it. I like the "I'm horny for your badass bow skills" female lead. And the OP promises a plethora of crazy chicks with crazy powers.

    Redneck likes.

    On a secondary note, what does Zhcted have against vowels? Jeez.
  6. Aranneas

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    ^ they could have rendered it as 'Jistad' or 'Jhistad', would have made more sense imo

    I feel deceived. the PV promised me action, instead I got bewbs.

    it strikes me as odd that the noblemen display a decidedly modern fallacy about bows and swords - namely, that melee weapons are harder to use (in fact the reverse is true). people who have actually been in a mixed battle would pretty much never make that mistake.
  7. Thrawn


    Posted by Thrawn on Oct 4, 2014
    Episode 1

    Still not expecting much from plot, apart from dragons, badass weapons and chicks. And ass. Brad promised that, and he wouldn't lie about that.

    Did anybody see Immortals, or that movie where the main guy shot a bow 4 times and had all four arrows hit their targets at the same time? Bet Tiger is like that: Fucking badass with the bow.


    Tiger, I'll call him that.
    Lucky bastard.

    Her eyes are like his hair.

    It's like Dynasty Warriors, but with chicks.

    Oh shit, tapping that arrow cache totally wigged me out. Dat animation!

    Shit, that guy went flying the fuck out of there! I'm surprised he didn't explode.

    Alsins, 1.5 meters per. Which is something something feet.
    Eris, that is reasonable.


    Thought it was gonna be two arrows at once, like a pimp.

    Like a man, he doesn't be a pussy and cower like a whipped bitch.

    Zatched? No... that has way too many vowels. Sounds like a cough, or a sneeze. Throat clearing.

    Zion is a douche. I can sense it from his world's Lacoste armor. He just needs to pop his steel collar.

    OLD GUY. This guy is badass and one of my favorite characters. Mashas, better than most names.

    Man, check out this conversation. World building and stuff.

    Thought... hm. Nice. Thought it was something wrong with Tiger. Nice dream flashback world thing.

    Zhcted. That is so retarded.

    Oh... I thought it was Athena and some... other people. But mostly 1 person soloing the crap out of those pansies.

    Shitloads of money. And as everybody knows, Alanase is ricking rich as fuck.

    Hm... it was White who was the chick who kicks ass? And those dames have some rack.


    Vorn. Vern. Tiger Vern. Vechys Tigris.

    Man Tiger is a cool cat. And it's real nice how the subtitles are so close to her boobs. I can have my cake and eat it too, and lick the plate too.

    Tiger won at life.
    Oh, it was just for his bow skills? A win is a win. And it looks like he... shot her through the heart.

    Yup, still Dynasty Warriors.

    That douchebag was killed? She is a hero to root for!
    Was that douchebag really that influential?

    Very nice legs. Veeeeeery nice :megusta:

    Lim will fall for Tiger.

    Count = Lord?

    Dude, say yes. Go turncoat. She is worth it.
    Oh, inheritance and a nice spot, that's legit.

    Comic relief, definitely. And bet he had some flowing locks.

    Tiger's bow skills make all the girls wet.


    Ugh, it's a bunch of dudes bathing. Dammit Brad.

    Now it's a moshi mini-dragon. Dammit Brad, you jacka-
    Worth it :megusta:


    And like... sexiness happened. This is an excellent show.

    Mushi! Maushi!Other old man? He's cool.
    Duke- Nah, I immediately forgot his weird ass name.

    Some fanservice, promise of whips made of lightning, holographic chess, ass and a guy whose bow skills are so awesome that he makes all the women wet. Every single girl commented on how sexy his bow skills were. All of them. Except for that one girl but she actually loved him and is thus turned on by his bow skills.

    Actually good, which means I shouldn't listen to Brad.
  8. randomredneck

    randomredneck Well-Known Member

    Uh...Thrawn? Dynasty Warriors has chicks already...
  9. Aranneas

    Aranneas New Member

    since rl Alsace is, in fact, in France, Tiger is a perfectly acceptable rendition of his name nickname.

    I'm still trying to figure out where vurmud/vermud/vermood comes from, it's damnably familiar but I haven't pinned it down yet. only thing I came across is a secret society of Afghani Jewish bandits

    *one possible version might be a corruption of wormwood, which might be a biblical reference to the end times, or a metaphor for sorrow (likely by way of absinthe and therefore alcohol).

    or a random jumble of letters from the same author who brought us Zhcted.
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  10. Thrawn


    Posted by Thrawn on Oct 4, 2014
    It was Tiger or Tigre, the latter he told his hot captor to call him because his long ass confusing name was more than a mouthful. Tiger is so much more proper.

    If anything I related Vanadis to vikings and norse.

    Then it's like Dynasty Warriors, but with more chicks than dudes. And her killing hundreds of guys all on her own made me think of it.
  11. Aranneas

    Aranneas New Member

    ^since Vanadis is Freya, that would follow. but Tigre's own county (he's a count) is called Alsace.

    Brune is a pretty common surname in France, too. It means brown.
  12. GekoHayate

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    I... actually kind of enjoyed this :pokerface:

    Ahh, that might be why.

    I like Tiger better, if only so valkyrie girl can go rrrrrrrrrrawr. Cause she wants the D. Everything is sexier with rolled r's, jst listen to anything by Wakamoto!

    My only complaint
    Noticing the rare dragon before the naked chick next to said dragon.

    Protagonists everywhere are shaking their heads in shame.

    Basically this, I r8 8/8 jiggle shots.
  13. Etue

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    Posted by Etue on Oct 5, 2014
    Episode 1

    I liked this, It was stupid and the setting combined with colour use and ample chest s totally ruin any darker atmosphere even during the battle cleavage princess drew attention away from the dreary. But this show looks like it actually has a competent enough plot WHILE being ecchi.

    It's like... it's been so long since an ecchi anime had a proper story or something like that. They all have settings but.... ( and yes, I don't regard Date a live as having a story. ) Ecchi comedies are fine with me, but sometimes someone want's attempts at substance to go with substantial mounts

    Fuck my Life if this ends up being bad as Momo Kyun Sword..
  14. ZetsubouKaiji

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    Now I feel like I need to watch this and hate it for Brad's sake. Furby dragon does sound awful though.
  15. Etue

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    Posted by Etue on Oct 5, 2014
    I totally forgot about that.

    Another thing to make me take this series less serious it is. :drink:
  16. Etue

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    Posted by Etue on Oct 5, 2014
    It was followed by tits and ass, it was really hard to remember. :drink:
  17. Thrawn


    Posted by Thrawn on Oct 5, 2014
    Then it's like the real world, where Frenchie Tiger is against the hot babes of norse mythology who follow Freya.

    Hey! That's Furby Moshi Dragon to you, ya dunce. But yes, it was crap.

    And what magnificent ass it was, but I cannot deny the appeal of those fine sweater puppies :megusta:

    R rolling, if she did that then the sexiness would be a complete singularity. Blondie wouldn't roll the Rrrrrr's but she is definitely interested. All the women are. It's like Ichika, except this guy has more talent doing stuff and isn't a complete moron. And he is the only guy to have mad skills on par with the Valkyries.

    That complaint is totally valid. Maybe
    the sight of that little wussy dragon was- No, I got nothing. He should have noticed that sexy nakedness instead of something that wasn't a naked chick.

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