Looking for long running and amusing romance manga

Discussion in 'Manga Recommendations' started by UniversalParanoia1, Jan 23, 2019.

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    Lately I’ve been craving romance manga, but when I find a good one, I have to wait for updates. And I’d rather have a big romance manga I could just read whenever. I would prefer that the characters end up in a canon ship at some point. So I’m wondering if anyone knows any great, long, satisfying romance manga.
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    Ldk is a very nice manga with 99 chapters! The last 30 chapters weren't translated before, but a new group is translating it now (already translated 6 chapters already).
    Skip Beat is a verrrry long manga (273+ chapters, and is ongoing). But the romance in it is dragging... meaning the mc are still not a couple.
    Akatsuki no Yona is supernatural genre, but is long with great character development, but the romance between the MCs is too slow. (162+ chapters)
    Vampire Knight is vampire genre, but has great romance, and beautiful art style. (93 chapters + Vampire knight Memories manga).
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    Look at romance containing sport
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    Mayo Chiki! It's not too long though ... and I actually have only seen anime (am planning to read the manga too one day.) right now, but I know it's story is quite cute and amusing. I found the characters interesting and cute too. So if you don't mind ecchi and panty shots too much, then you might want to give it a try. There were not too many of those things in the anime, but there's no guarantee manga doesn't have a lot of it.

    Almost forgot an ongoing manhwa I am enjoying right now. A Good Day to Be a Dog. The story itself is kind of silly but I can't stop reading it because it's also cute and funny.
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    Some of them take a while to get going, while others just jump right in; not sure if all of them are 'amusing', but here's a small list of mostly complete romances in no particular order, with current progress:
    Their Story (187ch, ongoing)
    Spice & Wolf (108ch, but not romance focused)
    Pulse (68ch)
    Real Girl (48ch)
    What Does the Fox Say (112ch, ongoing)
    Komi Can't Communicate (201ch, ongoing)
    I Love Yoo (89ch, ongoing)
    Girls of the Wild's (260ch, although not all romance)
    Hiyokoi (61ch)
    Lily (733ch, ongoing)
    Bakuman (176ch, but not romance focused)
    unTOUCHable (140ch)
    A Silent Voice (62ch)
    Her Tale of Shim Cheong (81ch)
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    I don’t know if it is very long but masamune no revenge kun is pretty amusing

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