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Discussion in 'Specific Anime Discussion' started by chii, Sep 22, 2016.

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    Posted by chii on Sep 22, 2016
  2. chii

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    Posted by chii on Oct 9, 2016
  3. Etue

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    Posted by Etue on Oct 9, 2016
    Episode 1

    Well, let's see what we have here. Yep this is another episode of cute girls doing cute things. This time it's the "college girls on bicycles" edition. It very much follows formula much in the same way as Bakuon!! did with girls just really liking *insert thing* and doing it as a casual activity in a group. Well, this episode focusses mostly on the female lead...

    It's first episode is also very much Nao Touyama being genki/energetic on a bicycle. I'm not mentioning her name a lot just for minor roles as she again is the genki/energetic main character in an anime this season.

    Now does this anime really bring anything new to the table? It really doesn't. It doesn't really have conflict now and there is no competitive element to it in the first episode. It's just a clumsy but very happy girl and her friend doing bicycle things and being cute while doing it. This means that the anime really is nothing new under the sun so far.

    But it's moe shit and I love me some moe shit so I'll keep watching it.
  4. AdmiralMuffin

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    Episode 1:
    It's like Bakuon but with cycling and minus the absurdity. Yep. I'm going full Type B on this one. I'll just watch it for Nao Touyama. Genki Nao Touyama all day everyday.

    Also, Yayoi's chest is really nice.
  5. Etue

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    Posted by Etue on Oct 15, 2016
    Episode 2

    This is very much what I expected an anime with energetic Nao Touyama as a female lead would be like. This anime sure has energy. :P
  6. AdmiralMuffin

    AdmiralMuffin Well-Known Member

    Episode 2:
    Well now this episode was actually not half bad. Much better than the first episode. I was expecting the usual tacked-in beach episode shenanigans with swimsuits based from the episode title but I actually got some actual cycling and a really nice scenic view. The episode also had this pleasant and relaxing feeling.

    Hinako and Yayoi are actually pretty cool senpais. I was expecting the usual quirkiness you'd expect from a cute-girls-doing-cute-stuff show but these two are actually pretty level-headed and nice. Very patient and considerate to a complete amateur like Ami.

    The animation was a bit janky but this was an okay episode. If this keeps up I might actually enjoy this show.
  7. Etue

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    Posted by Etue on Nov 5, 2016
    Episode 4

    Sadly some scenes had clear instances of production issues with poorly drawn frames of animation which most certainly had some poorly drawn key frames there. Still most of the episode looked acceptable. This series takes a more slice of life approach than usual this week while still being very hype about bicycles.

    Also, it was very loli, god damn that fucking outfit that they made the legal loli girl wear the difference between her and her mom despite being technically supposed to be an adult herself...
  8. AdmiralMuffin

    AdmiralMuffin Well-Known Member

    Episode 4:

    The animation really took a full nose dive this episode, especially near the end.

    Also, Hinako and Ami's jobs are definitely fodder for future doujins.


    Oh and episode 5 delayed. Get your shit together, Actas.
  9. Etue

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    Posted by Etue on Nov 20, 2016
    Episode 5

    Actas has blessed us with another episode. ( finally )

    Eitherway, the production quality was up to par again with practically no derpy faces or anything. Everyone is genki and the legal loli is still forced to dress up in random fanservice costumes on screen. Saki ( Houko Hikasa ) finally get's enough screentime for her introduction and a small insight into her character. Apparently she's their senior by a little. I got to say again that this is the least "youko hikasa''-ish role I've seen of her yet but she's good so whatever.
  10. Gens

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    Posted by Gens on Dec 7, 2016
  11. g3data

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    Posted by g3data on Dec 7, 2016
    This really does look like another Bakuon!! Particularly the episode
    in which Sakura dreamed that all of her club friends were suddenly into bikes instead of motorcycles.

    Not a bad comparison though. Bakuon!! was pretty dope.
  12. Etue

    Etue Well-Known Member

    Posted by Etue on Dec 10, 2016
    Episode 8

    What can I say about this.

    Well the story is mostly as you expect it to be and quite enjoyable.
    The budget was mostly cut through still frames so while it wasn't absent of derp faces ( especially in the first half and the minor background characters ) it was still not really bad persée just about average from most series still I'd love this to be more consistent with the quite low amount of animation this series generally uses.

    and now, we will have a break till bloody febuari after the next episode, GG Actas G-fucking-G.

    Doing two series in a single series as a tiny animation studio probably wasn't going to ever work well.
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  13. Etue

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    Posted by Etue on Dec 18, 2016
    Episode 9

    Genki food eating Youko Hikasa is fun certainly.
    Of course Ami is still pooring too much energy into everything and getting upset.

    eitherway, it's another episode on par with the rest so it was enjoyable.
    Well, actas, thank you for now having to finish this in Febuari.
  14. AdmiralMuffin

    AdmiralMuffin Well-Known Member

    Episode 9:

    I quite enjoyed the scenery porn and all that food actually made me hungry but like hell I'm gonna eat at 5 am. Maybe a chocolate bar before hitting the sack. Anyway, this was the most enjoyable episode since the second one. Youko Hikasa's character here is at her genkiest since there's ton of grub and Nao Touyama is still Nao Touyama even if she's out of breath and wheezing like mad.

    Next episode will be the last before the delay. Damn it, Actas.
  15. AdmiralMuffin

    AdmiralMuffin Well-Known Member

    Episode 12:
    An alright finale. A lot better than I expected. It wrapped up pretty nicely and the animation did get slightly better so I guess there's at least some good that came out from the delay.

    Overall, Long Riders is an okay show. Ami experiencing the joys of cycling was a pleasure to watch and it was somewhat informative. A few episodes bored me though and the animation kinda got janky at times but the show did well enough for what it is.

    I give it a 3 out of 5. It's not terrible but not very memorable either.

    Now let's see how Minami will fare.
  16. Etue

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    Posted by Etue on Feb 7, 2017
    I'll say the same. Overall the show was just very average.

    While a bicycle themed girls doing cute things show isn't an amazing concept they could have done more with it. Simply put it was a little too slice of life for the most part with no real competitive element you have to use humour and cuteness to keep things interesting. The weakness in this lies with Long Riders that there isn't much in the way of comedy other than Ami's reaction faces, minor character quirks and the occasional ''fanservice'' abuse making this show lean perhaps ''too much'' on cute characters and it's cycling element.

    Simply put the character designs aren't that unique or very cute. Ami herself is mostly personified by being voiced by Nao Touyama with her rather plain but youthful look trying to pass her off as an ordinary girl presumably but it makes her less than she could have been.

    Saki and Aoi have very similar "Yamato Nadeshiko" character designs being tall, developed and black haired. While Saki is goofy her goofy aspect is limited to her food intake which is a one note joke, surely.

    Hinako and Yayoi's character designs stand out as being completely out there by contrast. Both possessing unnatural hair colours, their entire character designs play off each other with Hinako being a ''twin-tail legal loli'' and Yayoi being a ''tall busty babe'' which gives us a two or three scenes of breast envy in this show for comedy.

    Basically, most of the shows drama and comedy is completely reliant on Ami's expressions and emotional highs and lows. As amusing it is to see Ami make silly faces and dramatic it is to face her own limits the entertainment element is stretched really thin due to the lack of variance which simply affects the enjoyability of this series which will make most people that not enjoy slice of life's pull out.
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  17. RedShadow

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    Dropped at episode 1. Ami Kurata made it seem like Riding a bike is like riding a rainbow. They were laying the cool factor on a bit too thick. Meer eye rolls werent enough I scoffed a few times.
  18. JailBait707

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    your typical cute girls do cute things anime

    yet fsr i felt like I lost 1 year off my lifespan watching this

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