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  1. Aro

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    Posted by Aro on Mar 16, 2011
    For some reason I kept expecting it to be related to the prince in the end. I'm not obsessed or anything, I just thought the mermaid looked really similar.

    Must include following spoiler:

    "Stop! I'm an alien"
    "Oh, I see"
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    Finished ep 13, I enjoyed it and the show overall, was not expecting that twist after the supposed twist at the end, well done. Anyone know if there will be a season 2? I haven read the manga so I dont know if there is more content or not.
  3. azanimefan

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    man i love that last ep... this was definitely my 2nd favorite for the season.
  4. eaper

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    Posted by eaper on Apr 5, 2011
    I enjoyed all the trolling in this series. Other than a few lagging eps in the center it was pretty fun.
  5. VivisQueen

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    Episode 13:

    This show was a lot of fun indeed. It wasn't consistently hilarious, but it was consistently charming and interesting. The prince is the core reason, of course, but also Craft and the way the show likes to play around with expectations. I didn't think it would be possible, but the show even wrapped up perfectly and on a resonant note. May there be more surprises like this one in future seasons. 7/10
  6. BreakDancinSamurai

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    imo the first 3 eps where very funny and fun to watch but everthing else after episode 3 was an epic fail
  7. Zarakava

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    I'm pretty sure there's not going to be a second season, because there is no more source material. What we saw was the entirety of the manga. Though that's not to say that I didn't love this. Personally though the arc about the Princess who needed to find a mate was pretty dull. I loved the Color Rangers arc very much, and my friend and I are trying to find the Color Rangers song.
  8. azanimefan

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  9. Zarakava

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    Thanks for the link. More accurately though we were trying to find the song without any of the excess noise from the episode inside. But we doubt we're going to find it.
  10. r18

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    Posted by r18 on Apr 17, 2011
    seriously .....wth level e is very different ......most entertaining thought and the end is so ......well just so....yeah twisted ....just like the prince...

    DRASTICC New Member

    Unlike a few critics, I rather enjoyed this series. I was more or less a breath of fresh air with it's off beat humor. Though a few eps lagged, it was still enjoyable. Too bad there's not gonna a sequal, spin-off or season 2. And that's rare for me to say. All well, at least the ending was a neat wrap up.
  12. Scruffy8642

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    Hmm, I don’t really get what this show was going for. It set itself up to have a deep story in the first episode, then flipped it all on it’s head and made it clear it was going to be a comedy. But then it abandoned everything for new characters every episode or two, so it was a struggle to really feel anything for the series half the time considering the prince and his grunts were the only recurring characters and had practically no role 90% of the time. And they weren’t interesting when they did appear. Craft was good, but wore thin when he was carrying the series.

    Individual stories themselves weren’t great either, and the comedy was never particularly strong. So we end up with a comedy series that falls flat on its face more often than not, with individual, unrelated and uninteresting stories with practically no recurring characters to give us some groundwork. I feel like the series could have been great with the right direction, but it just seemed to make the wrong choice every step of the way. I normally dislike episodic stuff at the best of times, but this lacked everything they still have going for them, and it’s left with almost nothing.

    That said, the final episode was nice. OP and ED were the best parts easily.

    6/10. Not inherently bad, but can’t say it did anything to impress me at all.
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