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Discussion in 'Specific Anime Discussion' started by azanimefan, Jan 10, 2011.

  1. azanimefan

    azanimefan Active Member

    omg... ep 3

    i will need an hour to recover from the stitch in my side the 2nd half of this ep left me with...

    a reality tv show? roflol

    this show is easily one of the best this seasons.
  2. VivisQueen

    VivisQueen Well-Known Member

    Episode 3:

    Didn't make me laugh as hard as episode 2, but it's still great fun.
    For me, the whole 'it was all a test' thing went a bit far and left me behind. On par with 'it's all a dream'.

    Generally very glad I picked this up. Man, more conversation needed in this thread! Oh, and anyone else enjoying the ending theme? Nice.
  3. unitzero

    unitzero Active Member

    ep 3.

    I think they went over the top with the explanation, which might have mucked it up a bit, and lost a little bit of the humor. I think the point is to show that Ouji is a downright mischievous bastard who lives to fuck with people. I've been reading the manga also but I'm trying not to get too far ahead. So far this is following the manga so close it's scary.
  4. eaper

    eaper Active Member

    Posted by eaper on Jan 26, 2011
    I'm thinking that this series may have comedy of the season... although Beelzebub is pretty good too. Either way, good fun.
  5. VivisQueen

    VivisQueen Well-Known Member

    The comedy in Beelzebub is highly repetitive and wore thin by the third episode. I'm just waiting now for the main plot to kick in. Level E on the other hand is continually weird and off-beat in interesting ways. Its comedy is much better, although both score equally low so far on an actually riveting narrative. It's early days, though, I suppose.
  6. azanimefan

    azanimefan Active Member

    oh i don't know... the more i think about it the better the first 3 eps get... i mean how many anime -

    willingly troll the audience and story for the first 3 eps, just for 1 joke? I mean 3 eps to set up 1 joke? That takes some balls. that they pulled it off is notable to me. I like the fact this isn't really slapstick, but rather weird and situational humor.

    Hell, look at all the attention to detail to set up that joke! All the clues were present right in plain sight... a number of which i noticed but incorrectly interpreted. Gosick, the supposed "mystery" anime of the season could take a lesson or two on how to present a mystery from this comedy. I mean really... this is unique, fresh and above all hasn't insulted my intellegence. seems a winner to me thus far.

    DRASTICC New Member

    Well I fell into this by accident, and I have yet to have any real complaints. I'm usually not a fan of Japanese humor, but this seems to have a good handle on comedic timing. I'll give it a try.
  8. rusty0

    rusty0 New Member

    Really digging this show so far. The Third episode was one of the funniest episodes of anime ive ever seen, and im also really liking the characters.

    Seems like a winner so far.
  9. AC1

    AC1 New Member

    Posted by AC1 on Jan 27, 2011
  10. PhilipAres

    PhilipAres New Member

    I've only seen Episode 1 so far, but this show promises to be worth watching.

    With that in mind, if it breaks its promise I will use a hack saw to violently remove its limbs.

  11. azanimefan

    azanimefan Active Member

    ep 4

    Audacious is the word of the day.

    Trolled! Again! Roflol. oh man... talk about mood whiplash. Ah well, at least i got a good laugh out of it.
  12. rusty0

    rusty0 New Member

    Posted by rusty0 on Feb 2, 2011
    So, just finished watching the fourth episode, and at the end of it all i managed to do was swear as violently as i could at it.

    Sure it was well done, sure it was quite funny, and sure it was interesting. But damn you anyway Level E.
  13. azanimefan

    azanimefan Active Member

    I only had an inkling about what was going on when they were eating the chicken at the end of ep 4.

    a whole 10 seconds before the wham! all of a sudden i was like... "wait a minute that line is so f-ing corny it's only something the stupid prince could come up with"

    of course my mind instantly dismissed the thought then 3 seconds later i was facepalming

  14. VivisQueen

    VivisQueen Well-Known Member

    Episode 4:

    The odd thing was, that was really a beautiful story!
  15. azanimefan

    azanimefan Active Member

    ep 5 - omg... this show just gets funnier and funnier
  16. captaincrunch

    captaincrunch Well-Known Member

    I don't really like the change in humor, it has it's moments, but isn't as funny.

    I found the whole "odd couple" thing between Baka and Yukitaka to be much more entertaining. This is starting to feel more like Occult Academy now.
  17. HasseRovdjur

    HasseRovdjur Breast Claw

    Episode 5

    The beginning was pretty bland and just felt like an outdrawn set-up, but some of the stuff at the later half of the episode was kind of funny.
  18. Sou

    Sou New Member

    Posted by Sou on Feb 8, 2011
    I hate being Trolled.
  19. RisikaFox

    RisikaFox New Member

    Ep 4- Well, I'm a little confused right now. Give me a moment to compose myself...

    Okay, the little side story was actually really nice, if completely unrelated to whatever plot this show happens to have. Unless it doesn't have one. Whatever.

    The ending upset me however.
    It turned a good story into a bad joke, which made me sad.

    I'll still be watching, but I really don't know what to expect from here on out.
  20. Garyuu

    Garyuu Active Member

    ep. 6

    I'm sick of this whole Color Ranger thing. I want the normal episodes back.

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