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Discussion in 'Specific Anime Discussion' started by azanimefan, Jan 10, 2011.

  1. azanimefan

    azanimefan Active Member

    Level E[sadhl=3281]level-e[/sadhl][sadhdc][/sadhdc]

    not bad. I'll definitely watch more at least... it caught my attention, might be a better first ep then Beelzebub... that anime could go either way. either be very good or very bad. but thus far it's pretty interesting.
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  2. VivisQueen

    VivisQueen Well-Known Member

    I think the opening to Beelzebub was more fun, the premise has originality, and I think at only 12 eps, it can't go too wrong. But this feels like it's set up for a fall. The spots of wacky comedy makes it hard for me to take the alien stuff seriously. The animation's clunky (despite how glossy everything is put together), the concept design dull. And not to mention we've seen it all before in Men in Black.

    I am not seeing this going in any original directions, do you?
  3. azanimefan

    azanimefan Active Member

    i'm not comparing it to beelzebub and saying one will be a better anime. i just rather liked the first ep for this one. i agree with you. this one has the possibility to be a massive and complete disaster... or just be plain boring.

    or it could be rather good.

    I don't know where it is heading, but i'll give it a chance to get there because the first ep atleast was pretty interesting to me.
  4. unitzero

    unitzero Active Member

    I actually like this quite a bit. It has an older feel to it, and the character designs remind me of Monster. Apparently this is an anime based on a 16 chapter manga from (1995 – 1997) so maybe the Men in Black (1997) comparison isn't totally off insofar as they are products of the same era. It makes sense to me why Az would like this, there's tons of aliens in the Southwestern United States :laugh:

    I think it might be a little harsh to write this off right away. I really enjoyed the puppet show. I was worried at first this would take itself too seriously.

    *goes to read the manga*


    The manga is 16 chapters long. The first episode followed the first chapter of the manga almost word for word. This is going to be really funny, actually. I just finished up the 3rd chapter, and if it continues the course laid out in the manga, we are in for a treat with this.
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  5. theAlien

    theAlien New Member

    I liked the first episode. Most of the comedic scenes worked... at least for me. I think I'll give this a shot.
  6. azanimefan

    azanimefan Active Member

    that puppet show was awesome... mostly because his argument in it sounds almost 100% like something i would say.. hell his whole behavior over the explosion is right down the line of how i would act in his shoes... it cracked me up.
  7. Jtier

    Jtier Member

    Posted by Jtier on Jan 10, 2011
    ANOTHER Shonen Jump anime?!

    Anyway, about the episode, it was enjoyable, it attempts to build intrigue, but I'm not really buying that part of it. I like the animation, though the puppet CGI (?) is strange, but otherwise it was amusing. Regardless, I'll keep this on my list of "Watching" anime; it's no Beelzebub in level of comedy, but it should be fun.
  8. KittyEmperor

    KittyEmperor New Member

    Overall I thought it was good. It had it's funny moments and I'm slightly interested in the series. But beyond that I have no real strong opinions about the show.
  9. chii

    chii Well-Known Member

    Posted by chii on Jan 11, 2011
    thought it was a good first episode. better than most i've seen so far this season that's for sure. great funny moments

    that parrot creeps me out XD
  10. Tomthe1337

    Tomthe1337 New Member

    Main character is homo, alien is a pretty cool guy, the girl makes me think of Occult Gakuin
  11. eaper

    eaper Active Member

    Posted by eaper on Jan 11, 2011
    This one. If this stays on track, it should be pretty good. One of the better ep 1s this season. Should be good.
  12. Garyuu

    Garyuu Active Member

    I wasn't going to watch it, but I heard good things at other sites. The first episode was good. I like this kind of animation. I think we need more of the more realistic style.
  13. Warlucith

    Warlucith Member

    Best first episode I've seen so far this season probably. I'll definitely stick with this one.
  14. renorxukuth

    renorxukuth Well-Known Member

    I'm interested to see the full direction this series takes, I do admit to liking it after only the first episode however.
  15. gretzky99

    gretzky99 New Member

    The first episode wasn't bad, I think it was average or above average compared to other shows in this season. I thought the opening was quite cool so I was a bit disappointed at the end but I kinda liked it.
  16. Tsumibito

    Tsumibito Member

    I just picked up this anime, and ive never heard anything or read a review about it so here goes. Aliens and some guy that looks like a girl. Oh the parody flying in this anime. Id be willing to watch this anime.
  17. VivisQueen

    VivisQueen Well-Known Member

    Episode 2:

    Hahaha! This episode was great on the comedy front, especially the bit
    with the corpse!
    A laugh pretty much every minute. And I'm liking the developing mystery surrounding the main alien bishie (I still haven't learned his name) and how he's always a bit quirky and off-beat and somehow never tells the full truth. Suddenly, I like this more than Beelzebub and am now nurturing a small, fluttering hope that Level E will turn into a season winner.
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  18. azanimefan

    azanimefan Active Member

    i'm with you on this... ep 2 was hilarious. this (to this point) is easily my favorite of the new season.
  19. DunkyHarwood

    DunkyHarwood New Member

    Yeah this is the only one of the new season I'm liking so far, mostly because of the main character's personality and unpredictable actions, not so much for the comedy which hasn't really appealed to me so far.
  20. unitzero

    unitzero Active Member

    It's weird they are producing this anime this now. The manga is like 15 years old, and it follows the same story so far (I've only read a few chapters). Good stuff I say and easily in my top 3 so far this season.

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