Legend of the Galactic Heroes

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    gesus, in this episode that differing artstyles thing i mentioned in my previous post happened literally cut-to-cut, this is so disorienting. I'm definitely going to be appreciating the remake visually more when it gets to this point XD
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    fucking rip, konev. that made me so sad, poor poplin. that was almost as sad as kircheis.
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    I don't think disliking Oberstein is unpopular, exactly. Probably some people on here like him a lot, but moreso than characters like Yang, Reinhard, Kircheis, most of the case I think he is set up to be someone you can get really mad at. It's understandable. I wouldn't say he's divisive enough to be a basebreaker, I don't really think anyone in LoGH is tbh, but he's probably the character people have the most half and half opinions on.

    I'm a big fan of 'for the greater good at any cost' types, but it's not like Oberstein doesn't do a bunch of stuff that is upsetting. Plus I can't remember when you get his sparse backstory, but I find it interesting and how you can draw the link between it and his motivations. Also it's kind of hilarious how much all the characters openly despise him (and makes me a little sad but well he's fine with it)
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    Posted by Gens on Feb 18, 2021
    Same, also the dog moment is great:

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    I looked it up and this is apparently only an issue with the DVD release due to artists' inconsistent attempts to improve the artstyle, they just didn't particularly redo ALL cuts due to time or budget constraints or whatever. Pretty interesting.
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    Damn @Rascal you’re breezing through it. I’m going at a decidedly slower pace because I’m watching with a friend. But I did show another friend of mine episode 7 with the Iserlohn Fortress scene and he was hooked. I haven’t heard from him in a few days so I assume he’s almost finished it haha
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    this makes sense. I was looking at your posts going HOW DID I NOT NOTICE but I watched before there was a dvd release so that makes sense
    wow saying that makes me feel devastatingly old
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    One of the best anime in terms of universe building and design of character personality. Also the saga produced a lot of material since their first realease.
    110 episode
    24 ovas
    28 ova
    3 movies

    12 episodes serie
    3 movies (I have pending to see these movies)
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    i follow so many oberstein fanartists and that dog probably has over a hundred art pieces at least lol
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    i mean if i had some asshole referring to himself as "We" and "Us" in my house i'd try and blow him up too.
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