Large new batch of character tags: non-binary gender, elemental powers, waiters, and more!

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  1. Okay, so I made an oopsie, to 'err' is human they say. I meant to say the Gender Identity movement. I've consumed an s-ton of content, I have friends who I frequently speak who are part of the LGBT (at least one per letter), and none of them have once consumed content that included any xQ+ characters. Although an excessive deep dive may net some results.

    But I don't get the 2nd point. "A conservative hive-mind where everyone thinks like you"? Are you insinuating that I am conservative? That would be wrong; or is it that I consume content of my own political views? I actually consume from almost all of the spectrum. I do agree with the point that there are a lot of artists who would disagree with me. It'd be a fun-boring world if there was only agreement.
    But don't worry, I know my gist. But I do want to point out that if I come to the conclusion that "non-binary" is bogus, then doesn't that mean your ending also applies to yourself?

    But I can see this only end ugly from here onward. Neither side will nudge to the arguments of the other party. How about we decide on a truce and bury the battleaxe, leave each other in their values and let us believe what we stand for?
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    The "Gender Identity Movement" is a movement that battles gender assignment surgery at birth. Also has nothing to do with what we are talking about. Words mean things, you can't invent your own.

    Also, I have friends who will tell you the opposite. Now what?

    You made generalizations that are not true. I pointed them out, that's it. Yes, there are Japanese people that are supporting LGBT rights and Japanese feminists that are fighting for gender rights. Yes, they create characters that are aside from the norm. So your "there are no Japanese people that support that" is just wrong. As wrong as your assessment that there are no characters this will apply to.

    No, that doesn't make any sense.

    Yes, so how about you don't stand up and suppress the urge to tell everyone their life is a lie and you don't believe them? You can believe what you want, but you thought it was a smart idea to yell it out into the ether without any sound reason or argument.
    If you want for people to let you believe what you want, how about you extend the same courtesy towards them instead of denying their experience and reality?
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  3. Well too bad it turned out this way. I'm sorry you eventually had to go to the point of enforcing your believes on me. There seems to be a double standard going on that is applied that your believes are true while mine are not, even though we both present the same form of arguments, just from opposite sides.

    The spiral I wanted to avoid going into was politics, as that was never the intention. Besides that, we've entered the first phase of a collapsing conversation: ridicule. So if you want to further the conversation, I believe there exists a chat function, or might have at one point, or it was a different site altogether, all possible. This forum post is perhaps not the best location to do so since it wasn't made, as far as I can tell, intense conversation. There we can indulge in the topics of politics and 3rd-wave feminism and leave the forum to Anime/Manga.
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    You found it really important to evangelize your belief here and to deny a whole group of people their reality and living experiences. And after showing that you don't even know what you're talking about and getting reactions about it, you turn around and act like I want to force my beliefs on you.

    You can't just say something and then act all attacked once you get countered. If your point is that you find other people's experiences/opinions useless or stupid, then don't act all offended and demand that your opinion is to be left alone. Because that's a double-standard.
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    I'm not against the tag edits. The character Suu identifies as female but has no true gender (Not a character edit request). I identity as female but refuse to reveal my gender.

    It's just Leechi is a hermaphrodite since she is a leech monster, and no tags exist yet.

    If someone talks about gender and sexuality, it's bound to have criticism and naysayers.

    I think we should agree to disagree on this and not have a heated discussion on a tag. If a discussion like this continues, a newer or different thread should be made to discuss this, as the intention for this thread is to acknowledge new tags that are added and possibly discuss new ones.
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    Just going to quote sothis. This thread isn't for debating non-binary genders. The tag exists, it's going to be used. There's no need for further comment on it. Any further arguments or derailments will be deleted.

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