Large new batch of character tags: Demon Hunters, Intersex, Healing Powers, and more!

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    Today we've launched a new set of character tags, joining the hundreds of others in the database. Character tags can be helpful to try to remember an anime or manga you've seen when you only remember something about the cast, for finding cosplay ideas, or simply for finding another title to watch or read. Browse all character tags.

    As a reminder, you can post suggestions for characters that are missing specific tags, in the update a character thread. And remember that you can check out recently added tags anytime by using the "date added" sort on the tags page.

    Vampire Hunters
    These characters are dedicated to finding and killing Vampires. Some do this solely to protect humanity, while others are Hunters for hire who slay them for profit.

    Demon Hunters

    These characters are dedicated to finding and killing devils and Demons. Demon hunters may do this for money, due to orders through an organization, to avenge family, or just for the good of the land.

    Intersex characters are born with biological sex characteristics that are outside the typical binary of "male" or "female". Intersex people were once more commonly known by the now-dated term "hermaphrodite", but this usage has fallen out of favor in modern times.

    Blood Powers
    These characters have the power to manipulate blood. Blood manipulation is also known as hemokinesis: the power to move and create shapes with it outside of the body, and the ability to control it within the body by causing it to clot, change temperature, or thin to the point of causing the person to bleed excessively. Some characters with blood powers can use their abilities to heal contaminated blood or restore blood loss in others.

    Chain Fighters
    These characters use a chain or chain-like weapon to fight with. In addition to wielding common chains, chain whips, or chain maces, they may also have the ability to magically summon chains, or possess powers that allow for other kinds of chain manipulation.

    Force Field Powers
    These characters have the ability to erect force fields - sometimes called deflector shields - either through Magic, Psychic Powers, or another type of ability. These invisible or transparent barriers can be electric, magnetic, or made of magic or pure energy. Characters who specialize in using this power are sometimes called barrier warriors.

    Hammer Wielders
    These characters wield a hammer in battle. Hammer weapons can vary in size and weight, from a common war hammer to giant weapons that dwarf their wielder. Some hammers have magical or divine properties, such as the god Thor's hammer, Mjolnir.

    Healing Powers
    These characters have the ability to heal others using Magic, Psychic Powers, a divine blessing, or other Superpowers. Artificial beings might have built-in healing technology. Healers may use their powers for their profession, or only in secret in case of emergencies.

    Invisibility Powers
    These characters have the ability to render themselves or others completely invisible using Magic or Superpowers. Supernatural beings such as Ghosts or Youkai may possess a natural ability to turn invisible.

    Prehensile Hair
    These characters have the power to control their hair and make it move without touching it. This kind of hair manipulation may include the ability to grasp and lift objects with it, to make one's hair instantly grow and retract, or to fight with their hair by using it as a weapon to attack or restrain opponents.

    Shield Wielders
    These characters wield a shield as part of their equipment. Although shields are almost always used for defense, they are also used to attack in some cases.

    Staff Wielders
    These characters regularly carry a staff. It may be a common staff used for walking, a battle staff used for fighting, a magic staff used for casting spells or performing exorcisms, a traditional khakkhara issued to Buddhist monks, or a staff of office carried as a sign of authority.

    Teleportation Powers
    These characters have the ability to teleport from place to place using Magic or Superpowers. Characters with teleportation powers may use them to travel great distances, pass through walls and barriers, or move quickly and avoid harm in battle.

    Time Manipulators
    Time Manipulators have the ability to control time using Magic or Superpowers. Characters who can manipulate time may be able to jump backward or forward in time, reset time back to a specific point, or can speed, slow, or freeze time entirely. People with time manipulation powers may also be Time Travelers.

    The Cyclops is a race of beings that have a single eye in the center of their upper face. Originating in Greek Mythology, the original Cyclopses were one-eyed giants who forged the thunderbolts of Zeus.

    These characters are golems: animated beings that are magically created from substances such as wood, clay, or stone. Golems may be soulless automatons that move according to their creator's will, or they may have developed their own consciousness, or possess the soul of a living or formerly living being.

    An incubus is a Demon or spirit in male form that engages in sexual intercourse to feed off the energy of its partner. In traditional folklore, incubi would visit women in their sleep, but modern renditions of these creatures can have them pursuing people of either sex, whether they are asleep or awake.

    These characters are lamias: mythological monsters that have the upper body of a human and the lower body of a snake.

    These characters are orcs: fantasy creatures that tend to be brutish, aggressive, and generally malevolent. They often have a mixture of ape-like and pig-like facial features, with prominent fangs.

    A succubus is a Demon or spirit in female form that engages in sexual intercourse to feed off the energy of their partner. In traditional folklore, succubi would visit men in their sleep, but modern renditions of these creatures can have them pursuing people of either sex, whether they are asleep or awake.

    These characters are unicorns: mythical beasts that resemble a horse with a horn on the center of its forehead. They are often magical and rare to find, and are known for attracting innocent young maidens.

    Valkyries are female figures that serve the god Odin in Norse Mythology. Sent by Odin to every battle, Valkyries have the power to decide which warriors live and die, choosing the most heroic souls among the slain to take to Valhalla. In popular culture, Valkyries are a class of female knights in fantasy stories.

    Zombies can take many forms: from slow, shuffling and mindless undead, to relatively normal-looking humans, to anything in between. What they have in common is they're reanimated corpses brought back to life through an outside force. Who's hungry for some brains?!

    These characters are skilled at creating calligraphy, an artistic form of writing, either professionally or as a hobby. Japanese calligraphists traditionally use a brush on mulberry paper and grind their own ink using an inkstick, water, and inkstone.

    These characters are cannibals: those who eat all or part of another individual of their species.

    Club Presidents
    These characters are presidents of a club. It may be a School Club, sports club, culture club, or any other type of club.

    These characters are comedians: professional entertainers who amuse those around them by telling jokes, acting out comical situations, relating funny anecdotes, or engaging in other humorous actions designed to make their audience laugh. A stand-up comic who performs live Comedy skits is a common type of comedian.

    These characters are florists: people who work at a shop or a greenhouse selling plants and cut flowers.

    Fashion Designers
    These characters design clothes either professionally in the Fashion industry or as a hobby. Some both design and create the garments. Designers of high fashion may create outfits worn by celebrities or have their creations displayed in fashion shows and magazines.

    These Animals are scientifically classified as fish: cold-blooded creatures with gills and fins that live in water. This tag doesn't include Whales or Dolphins, as they are not actually fish, despite their fish-like appearance.

    Fudanshi (腐男子), translated as "rotten boy", describes men who are obsessed with men in homosexual relationships. Their preferred fiction is anything to do with Yaoi or Boys' Love (BL).

    These characters are ranchers: people who work on or own a ranch. They're often depicted as cowboys who are more comfortable at the ranch than in the city. Typical day-to-day duties include taking care of livestock, farming and agriculture, or overall management of the ranch.

    These characters love to tell stories. They may be traveling bards who spread their tales across the land, people who strive to master a particular style of storytelling such as Rakugo or Kodan, or someone who frequently tells stories to others, such as a parent or grandparent entertaining children.

    These characters are cars, trucks, planes, or other vehicles.




    Physical Traits

    Thanks, as always, for your continued support of Anime-Planet!
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    Personally, I'm excited about the Unicorn and Fish tags, but also the new Musician tags. (Particularly Koto, Biwa, and Shamisen.) :D
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    Excellent stuff, these are some great new tags!
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    I am always game for new, excellent tags to help narrow down and find things! Thanks for all your hard work as always!
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    New tags are coming, you can check them out!
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    I definitely appreciate the Lamia and Intersex tags in particular!
    Thank you so much for all of these lovely contributions to the site. You keep somehow managing to make this site more enjoyable then it already is.
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    Excellent. I agree with the Calligrapher, Florist, Shield Wielders and Time Manipulators tags though.
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    I am so excited with these new tags especially with time manipulator, teleportation hunters, demon/ vampire hunters, calligraphers, and unicorns.
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    Seeking guidance: does the Force Field Powers tag only apply to characters whose primary ability is producing a force field/barrier, as opposed to characters who may use one in battle but whose primary ability is not this?
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    Still waiting for a "Truck-kun" tag to be added.
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    Yep, Truck-kun's still the best...! :)
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    I actually made a request once to the Anime Recommendations forum for anime with shield specialists. I'm happy to see an entire tag dedicated to it now.
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    Wow, great work as always!
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    Usually, it's either primary or the ability is used a lot.
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    And, wait a second - how does your favorite character (he or she) can use abilities called spells? I think so.
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    Thank you for the update
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