Lack of video playback.

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  1. killerman33

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    The video playback does not load for crunch roll and Hulu videos. The content does not appear to be streaming at this time and the video player does not seem to load. By that i mean that video players do not load. I have used multiple computers each with different specs and different web browsers such as google crome, microsoft edge, and internet explorer. Link to show videos wont load. I couldn't get anything to show pictures so i included a link to the images of two different anime.
  2. killerman33

    killerman33 New Member

    Also i have this problem across multiple computers and also different isps as well. I tried it on windows 10 and on windows 7 home premium with no fix. I tried to get video playback at my sister's house, the library and my house with no fix. (the library has their own computers.)
  3. killerman33

    killerman33 New Member

    I disabled my plug-ins and that also did not fix the problem
  4. StarsMine

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  5. killerman33

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  6. killerman33

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    I found the fix on google crome. 3rd party websites were unable to set and read cookies.
  7. sothis

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    Posted by sothis on Aug 16, 2019
    I'm surprised the site has worked for you at all? A-P uses cookies as well

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