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    Hmmm, he seems alright to me. I must have been mistaken.

    But... but I wear glasses... and have a goatee... Maybe I'm secretly smart and not so secretly evil!

    [laughs maniacally while stroking his goatee]

    SMores Prime here, stepping in for the possibly smart but clearly not observant Evil SMores of your universe.

    Yes, you read that correctly. The SMores you typically hijack anime threads with is, indeed, Evil SMores. Though in his defense, you're all evil. This is, after all, the Evil Universe. We from Universe Prime call it "The Negaverse," because Darkwing Duck is still a thing where I'm from. Sasuga Universe Prime!

    Like the denizens of Plato's Cave, you may find this alarming and impossible to believe. However, it should explain why your goatee grows so much faster than the rest of your facial hair, and why you keep hijacking threads with conversions about large breasted anime women from unrelated shows.

    While I can't speak to the efficacy of monocles as a deterministic factor in alternate universe intelligence levels, I can assure that I am clean shaven, and therefore trustworthy.

    Now I'll turn it back over to your Evil SMores.

    [continues laughing maniacally while stroking his goatee for a moment]

    But back on topic,

    Did someone say large breasted anime women?
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    It's just about the only thing I say to people, anymore. So...yes.

    1. YES!!!
    3. If you had any idea how much I LOVED Darkwing Duck and what that show meant to me...
    4. O-TA-TOP! O-TA-TOP! (There's a deep cut, for ya.)
    5. Much as I loved Negaduck, I was always a little bit miffed that they took the name from a previous episode where Darkwing was split into positive and negative versions of himself.

    Actually on topic, though...

    One of their friends asked Rio if she was a little bummed by Ichika being on a not-a-date date with Not-Faceless Guy, and she admitted that she wasn't happy about it.

    Now, putting aside my still-hopeful theory that Rio wants an Ichika x Ryo pairing so she can vicariously experience sex with both of them, she's obviously bummed because she wants Ryo to end up with Ichika. We know this, as the audience. But her friends don't.

    Do the friends think Rio is bummed because Ichika's not with them or because getting a boyfriend means Ichika's not gonna be around as much or...because--and I refuse to think this is even possible--Rio's jealous?
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    Well it's a fair point that her friends have no reason to understand what is really going on as they don't know the Ryo x Ichika story, which did make me wonder if they might just think she is jealous over Ichika being with Hentai-protag A... maybe they could take this super wrong and think she likes him... maybe she does like him? I mean its oddly a option no one covered... okay she doesn't but still. It's all the same somewhat interesting how others will take her date ("Not-A-Date") with the hentai guy, I mean they (her friends) will wanna know what's the story behind that, are they dating ect.

    I still prefer it ending with Ichika x Rio...

    Your Glasses make you smart by default and the goatee means your a evil person bent on world domination... your a evil genius? better keep our eye on you!

    Well your more trust worthy than myself so i guess by default you must be telling the truth, which does make a lot of sense actually, our world being the evil one, I'm down for this thought pattern.
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    She always made me think of Count Duckula, another brilliant classic. Why are all the best shows about ducks?

    I vaguely recall being miffed about this, but honestly how were they going to top Negaduck for a name? They should have kept that bullet in the gun for later.

    I wondered at the time if they'd think she was jealous, but settled on them meaning she'd be sad Ichika wasn't hanging out with them on their free day.

    And I contend that Rio 100% wants to have vicarious sex with Ichika and her brother while having real sex with a sumo wrestler.


    This is the dream.

    Fun fact: My first LPO (Like a commanding enlisted guy) in the service told meon his last day that he was certain I would either go on to become an evil genius, or some hermit living in the mountains who only comes down for food. My response was something long the lines of, "Por que no los dos?"
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    I see what you did here and i approve!

    Did you achieve the latter, the former is a box to tick of the bucket list for sure!

    I strangely enough (I'm confused myself) have no issues with this... at all.
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    co-worker-chan is pretty cool, I like her.
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    Still probably my favorite show of the season. (Battling with Shadows House, which is pretty great.)

    Oo--new, Ryo-centric slides for our ED.

    Which is appropriate, of course, since we got a lot of Ryo-centric story, this week, even if he wasn't in it the whole time.

    He...really likes Ichika, doesn't he. (Still wearing that tie clip!) In that pure-hearted, anime teenage-y way, too. He's better at making gestures, and he has the knowledge/confidence/experience to properly charm Ichika's mother onto his side. But he's still just wrapped up in his feelings and declaring them to Ichika. Which, particularly since he's so afraid of Not-Faceless Guy's "ability" to be her classmate, is pretty adorable.

    Of course, the best part was Ryo balking at the volume of anime in the new season. Which was hilarious, for obvious reasons.

    On Ichika's side of the story, Not-Faceless Guy is, apparently, popular-ish for his looks. Probably more than I thought he was, but also seemingly less so than, like, "popular" boys. (If they didn't know he was good at soccer, he wasn't in the has-a-fan-club category.) And we can say for certain that Ichika isn't interested in him, if everyone fawning over him and him rocking the socks off that soccer game made her wonder if Ryo is good at soccer.

    And...is there a sport that Rio isn't playing?
    In a more serious mode of thinking, and in line with my #ShutUpItCouldHappen theory, it is possible that Rio's sumo response to the ideal man question from a couple of weeks ago was a deliberately silly answer to throw off the scent that she's actually in love with Ichika.

    She's quite charming, isn't she.

    I find her more sympathetic, in a way, than Not-Faceless Guy, because she's somewhat more forthright in her crush. In that I can see her as maybe a protagonist in a romance, whereas he feels almost too serious to be a central character in a romance.

    Speaking of, though, she'd be smart to apply the same strategy to Ryo as Ryo is to Ichika: watch the same anime. It's why "go to a movie" is first-date standard: it guarantees a point of conversation.
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    Wow okay... I have to mention this again. The song is seriously so... Upbeat and Groovy it's just irresistible. I just can't bring myself to skip past the opening! And well also that ending is just soooooooo soft and soothing to the ears. I love the music of this anime.

    Moving on,
    So yeah... The story moved forward. We got a little more involvement from Ariett (btw no matter what anyone says that is the coolest Nick name I could ever hope for). Hmm also that part where sports festival or whatever it was was going on was kinda boring. Except for one thing that stuck out to me... Ichika was wondering if Ryo was good at soccer when she saw that "whatever his name is" play well and all. For me, that is a hint to what her subconscious priorities are ; P.
    Then we also had a very very tiny part where we got to know another emotional aspect of Ryo. But ukw... I really don't know where this is headed. Or who is gonna end up with whom. And it all makes it soo much more interesting. So yeah... Also idk but that development between Ariett and Ryo also threw me off... I mean I was expecting Ariett to have hots for Ryo. (Honestly who won't have hota for that man?) But I wasn't expecting it to reach to that point the way it did.
    Ahh well, lastly... Idk how or why this happens but every time they show Ryo's sad face, I physically feel like someone's punching me softly on my abdomen. Not hard enough to make me fall or something but not light enough to just be a shove... Lol okay I guess that was weird.
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    So, we get so much times to show us sexy milf teacher but nope, she is also likely gone too! I mean, they now know she doesn't exist!!!

    On that:
    I totally love her!!!
    She is pretty great, when she is shown with the gossip trio(was there 3? who knows) i admit i figured she was just boring, whilst last week i felt a tease element of bringing her here i wasn't expecting to like her but this show has done it again, she is pretty great. She is pretty kind and i enjoy seeing her get up about the small stuff, seeing her sorting her hair in the cafe was kind of cute and i liked watching her. Her being a secret Otaku obviously adds charm (for me), imagine working with someone like her, finding she has a crush on you and loves anime... damn, i wouldn't even need a second to think, but then again, I'm not Ryo either so i wouldn't have her on my heels!

    Wait... what else happened? I'm to smitten by her!!!

    minus the appearance, here is real life footage of me every season combing through what stuff i will/wont watch... except my list wont be 2 or 3 series, my list involves 6-10 shows, a week looking into if i think they will or wont be good and then intently asking if i really want to watch one before deciding against it.

    ... and i don't have a lady describe me as looking picture perfect as i do it... should probably keep that one in here.

    On the cafe scene, can i also say i loved watching this, maybe its just me thinking how great it is when you find that rare relationship where the other person enjoys your hobbies as much as you do but seeing her more relaxed and talking to him so normally... okay damn, not i want her to be legit win... no but then, Ichika.. but... arghhh...
    If only other anime could have so many good characters!!

    Ryo sweet charms Ichika mum, well played! It's a tough situation actually, so we all know to score points with the parents should we be unlucky to meet them early on (something i love delaying for as long as possible... which if you explain things out usually does work weirdly) but lets be honest, your daughter walks in with some guy, she is 16... or 17, i dunno, you forgot her age because your a great parent, then she brings this dude who is... 26? (maybe your going senile as she told you his age but you already forgot), it's gonna be pretty hard to win over that one if your in Ryo's shoes.
    I mean sure when she is 20 you not gotta justify nothing but still, he wins her over before they date, they they hookup at 18? 19? something like, and bam!! Mum is on board!!!

    On this note, Rio mentioned (or thought) keeping Ryo's habit of bringing the ladies home a secret, guess my assumptions of Ichika being aware was unfounded. Actually... i kind of do want Ichika to know of this side for two reasons, firstly and most importantly, i would love for her to see he gave up that lifestyle of just one-nighters (lucky bastard!) for her, to be with or wait for her, to show his level of respect ect for her - it shows his growth, and sure she wont be happy to learn of who he was but i think once she thinks it through... it will make their relationship more meaningful.
    Oh and secondly, well i want her to know his past, and this is just face-value, i think she deserves to know this side of him, not for the improvement above but... i think she has a right to know this before getting involved with him, just in fairness really.

    moving on, sports stuff happen, Hentai-kun on the yellow team nailed the pink generic team, it was a big day for football (soccer) the world over! Wait... this had nothing to do with anything and was pointless? Oh... oh yeah, it did feel as such.
    Honestly i like Hentai-protag#1 but we get it, as always the handsome lead can kick balls with his feet, congrats, we have never seen this before... okay maybe i am projecting my dislike for the sport (... waits for the shock that there is someone from the UK who doesn't like this sport to wear off) but i didn't see a point in the scene, if maybe Ichika show more interest but nope, she was busy denying having interest as her friends assumed she did, the only thing here is she compared him to Ryo (okay, she wondered if Ryo can kick balls with his feet, same thing), which shows her mind is on Ryo, still a waste of time.

    Back to Office... damn, what can i call her? We can't have another office lady this season, Co-worker feels to simple (yes, i do see the irony in saying this despite i insist on using the term "office Lady B" in another age-gap show this season)... i dunno, but drinks-chan sure was great (that's not her name, just... a bar? she drinks..) I really loved the end scene, her optimism shined through so bright it blinded me for several seconds... well it made me lookup directly into my light which in turn dazzled me for a second but dammit her optimism is bright! She isn't giving up so easily, she saw a chance when sexy-teacher milf didn't exist, got turned down indirectly for a "crush" and went right back with asking if his crush feels the same, she is a force and i like it! This lady is free to walk... i will stop there.
    Still, i really do like her, she is pretty rounded for someone who came out of the background from "yawn gossiper" to my new favourite.
    Damn i love this show, i don't even care if you guys agree or not!

    lets see in details if you do!!!
    Of course you like it!!! Your broken if you don't!

    See? What did i say... and yes, Shadows House is equally great, i like your style! (This is winning of the two for me but kudos from mentioning Shadow's House, i love that!).

    please tell me you laughed as much as i did her
    This just was great, both the dialogue and the imagery shown! I mean, if you could see this aura coming from a car (and he has his foot on the accelerator too!) as you crossed, you would probably be terrified!

    Touche on your thinking here. His "Popular-generic-sports-senpai" probably graduated last year and he has unknowingly inherited the torch, in the next year he will notice girls literally posting 100 love letters in his locker per day, falling into a state of bliss over him saying "good morning" to them and a cheerleading squad becoming a permanent fixture at his every sporting class (this applies to regular PE lessons to afterschool sports clubs).

    Yes and yes. I also want to note she wasn't all that interested either, the Ryo stuff aside, as you say the other girls are giddy over his ability to kick the inflated ball of air in a line but Ichika really doesn't seem to care at all. Sure she wonders if Ryo can kick balls around too but that's the highlight of this for her... and us.

    Well... she does like Sumo so it could go either way... I am considered slim and totally out of her strike zone but i shall now wait before throwing on loads of weight, need this confirming, is secretly looking for a way into Ichika's underwear? This...this is a question we need answers to, i don't care how long until the sun burns out or if Mars is housing a secret cheese factory, this is the question i want to know the answers to!!!
    ...Also i like you put this as "a more serious" note when its very likely a unintended idea we have formed of our own because Ichika x Rio is totally a great dream.

    I would love a office romance next season with her at the helm of the female cast. Though... i think i ask for a office romance just about every season... or a romance which isn't affraid to step away from the high-schoolers and deliver me a milf lady in a suit!

    Actually i assume she will do this, though we might not see the fruit of this labour, who knows. Still, it would be weird to recommend it without watching it... especially when your crushing on the person you told to watch it, its literally a open source to come together.

    Yeah i was confused when she said its embarrassing to explain its her nickname. Other than its perfectly clear where the name comes from (its not like being called say, "Hentai Protag" or something which leaves a rather dubious look on everyone's faces) but it was actually kind of cute... i hope Ryo adopts using it!

    I didn't expect it but i love that it happened!

    He does a good sad face! Even i can admit they capture a good "sad" face for him when he is upset or down.
    Good stuff, this show is aiming for #1 this season, that is for sure.
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    It's currently at #1 on my list. But there's still a way to go.

    I mean, what if Ichika and everyone are at the beach and Ichika finds a girl in a jelly pod and then becomes her sort-of mom and this totally ruins the character dynamics of the show and forces things to be about her (the jelly pod girl) for the rest of the season?
    What if that hell came to pass?!?!?!

    Rio did call him a scumbag, in Ep...1? Which isn't very detailed, but it's something.

    As if your enjoyment of MILFs wasn't sign enough of enlightenment!

    Soccer is a game for peasants.

    Good for you.

    I still like the Clutch of Gossiping Office Ladies better. Even if they don't like anime.

    ...or do they???

    I can say for certain that it was as much, but it absolutely made me laugh. (Poor dude crossing the street. It's not his fault Ichika's maybe-cute!)

    Ha! Very good.

    She jumps on Ichika in the OP! And she's in the final shot of the ED! And she plays lots of sports!



    It'd be foolish of her not to.

    Question is: will we get a scene of her psyching herself up over asking him what he thought of the first episode? (Further: will he break her heart by disagreeing about who is best girl in it?)

    I like how she took "she's like you" as a big ray of hope, when Ryo alluded to Ichika's fangirling. If only she knew.

    I assume because it's childish, in some way. Or maybe just more casual than she wants to present herself as, to him.

    Like if her name was Victoria and all her pals called her "Toto" because it first got shortened to "Tori" and then further to "Toto." It's goofy but affectionate--but not the kind of affectionate she'd want from Ryo.
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    Sounds good
    .. oh right, there is more, i got ahead of myself there.

    Why would you remind me such bad plot twists can happen to destroy perfection?

    ... i like where this is going... oh wait, i covered that, but i still appreciate this part.

    Well not likely Ichika caught on, she does say numerous times they only recently got along, could of just been sibling rivalry speaking there, I do however stand by my point of wanting to have Ichika find out, i don't really need the response of Ichika reconsidering her feelings and all but i do want Ryo to show he isn't the guy he was before... its the damn acknowledgement, he needs this and she needs to know his past, even if we will never see the relationship further on, i don't need the thought in my self created after story for the two that some ex of his spells out his true nature... i think way too seriously about this stuff, i know.

    I like you, your a good person and i now know i can trust you!!!

    Plot twist, they are all secret Otaku with stalls at comiket 2021 with doujins selling on their fantasy with Ryo in variants of "office lock(ed)down"... i like this, please make this happen!

    Preach to the choir my friend, I'm 100% behind this!!!

    See its a shame, that show has all the offerings, i like Gotou and Office Lady B so its a perfect triangle (OLB is still best bae - hahaa i used the word too!!!) but because that isn't the focus it doesn't really work, i said before but i do like the main story... all i ask it that same setup without Sayu, i wont say change the show because i like it but another office, sexy I-cup Milf, Cute adorable OLB and maybe some other girl... cute reception lady A or something, all in office attire... as apparently this is my new fetish, which is actually pretty normal for me.

    If i can ask for... i would say one thing but i am asking a lot it seems... but still, i like this idea! It's a shame this scene isn't likely to happen, i figure his office life is really just sub-plot stuff to fill in his "work" side (which is fine as its nice they bothered) so they probably wont deem it needed... but it is!!! I would love this, though it would be funny if he didn't agree with Ichika that Riri was the best girl or something, would he back down for Ichika or stand up for Riri!!

    Yeah i wrote this whole post with that GIF playing above, reminds me how great Riri was!!!

    Yeah, though i mean when you only know half the story its the best you can do. Still, its gonna hurt her when the day comes and she isn't on his radar.
    No really, i know i keep saying this but this show is possibly too good at writing its side characters, i think they all are so great, i literally want everyone to win!!!

    I mean i kind of get this and all and maybe this is me being too "real world" but everyone i met just uses nicknames, obviously some shortened ones make sense but the more "weird" ones which may/may not be embarrassing or childish (which don't reflect their name) are usually the most fun, they show a closer relationship and intimacy and well... me being real world and all here but i think no one really cares once they hear it once or twice... i demand her nickname is used by Ryo dammit!!!
    Gimme more false hope!!
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    It was the first and most palpable thing I could think of.

    Ugh. Such a s*** decision for that show.

    In fairness to you, she should find out what he used to be like. It's important for fairness to her AND for understanding just how much Ichika means to him.

    Although...there was that run-in with the woman at the coffee shop in Ep 1, as well. Which was pretty telling.

    I know, I know--it's not the full picture. But she does know he's a player. Just...abstractly.

    This is also canon, now.

    Heh, well...I mean, I'd watch that show.

    Is there not a market for sexy adult anime ladies in fitted skirt-suits and stylish (yet functional) heels? There has to be. If Pink-sensei is the consistently top-ranked character in We Never Learn, there HAS TO BE a market for this stuff.

    Oh, I like this idea. That he'd be so certain Ichika would love Kaede best, then they'd fight over it.

    And then he'd say something about it to Co-Worker-chan who also thinks Kaede is best girl (because she is). And then he'd mention how this woman at work agrees with him, and Ichika would get all mad about it.

    And she'd be in a bad mood, and then she'd be complaining to Rio, and Rio would point out that she seems pretty invested in what Ryo thinks, and Ichika'd be all "th-th-that's not the point!" and then she'd run off and grumble to Not-Faceless Guy, who definitely thinks Riri is best girl, but all Ichika can talk about is how Ryo is a dummy for not seeing that.

    ...and print.

    It's just about what she wants him to see her as: cutesy nickname doesn't portray the sophistication or whatever she wants to present herself as having. It's not about logic but image.

    Like, if your nickname was Bubba and you didn't want to be seen as a redneck by the pretty college girl from the city you're hoping to impress, you might flinch when someone calls you Bubba rather than Marcus.

    Or, using a totally different analogy: think of it as a small zit on the side of your cheek. Most people don't give a damn about a minor, temporary blemish. But you'd be freaking the f*** out about it.
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    Episode 6

    This show is going to break my heart twice. I like Randomly Introduced Office Lady and Not Faceless Dude too much to see them get rejected. And sure, I don't know either of their names, but don't let that distract you from the fact that they're both fantastic characters. I hope they find each other in the end.
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    R.I.O. Lady.

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    ohoho very keen eye, well done here, i like this!

    This, this is what i meant to say (you can see why i would be a terrible teacher... that and the 65 typo's per post. Ahem, but yes, i most certainly agree, it's a big thing in learning who he is (was) before her but also to see how he changed for her.. or because of his feelings for her and in turn, how much she means to him, which is a fun play for me to think how the one girl he loves is the one he can't just win over night (without thinking of this in reverse of he loves her because he rejects him, i dislike that as it ruins their relationship for me).

    I suppose it depends how she took the situation, i can't recall what was said that episode but i don't think stranger lady really said too much, could of just been a ex (well... she was, one of many though) or something. Though i suppose i did expect to see more of either her or more likely, some other ex's, so this series is pretty good at showing me it doesn't have to follow the norm.

    Actually you raise a good point here, i mean i was going to agree regardless to that first line as its what i want to see but your point on We Never Learn is pretty good, if she (pinky) was always ranked in the top position, that clearly says stuff, i mean whilst i didn't dislike her, its not like she was anything special so i am only able to conclude people liked seeing a lady in a suit (and heels! - another good point), which means surely there is a market for this!
    Though i had a rather similar discussion with someone not too long ago, they read a lot of visual novels and said they wished more would explore "work place" settings over schools as the few which do are more relatable, interesting and offer better (mature!) characters... i am inclined to agree! Sure i wont see office-Riri working because... it just wont work but, well we get the point.

    See i could totally get into that show! And i could see it being fair (Kaede was equally great for the record, Riri only won for me because her positive personality all the time), It would be battle of best girl threads being en-acted in show!
    This equally highlights all the characters for being so great, no one is left behind whilst everyone is on different levels! I love it!
    I think if my nickname is Bubba i would equally hide away from the world, you have made your point sir!

    I am totally behind this... though i do love to just remember how much this shows their ability to make good characters (as rare as they are to normally come by), when the two sides have become so great they rival the leads, well it says good things for the writing!
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    Boom--cracked it.

    Rio in just about anything is a good idea. But...yes.

    The question is--what kind?

    Oh, it's definitely this and not some kind of, like, conquest thing. Or a masochist thing.

    By not immediately falling for him, it means Ichika isn't shallow/"shallow," that she isn't just going to yes at him so that he'll pay attention to her. It is perhaps the first girl who is dealing with him without fawning. (Even Ichika's mom is utterly charmed by him.) She's genuine with him and innately expects people (him included) to be genuine with her. In fact, I'd bet it's not the flirting or courtship or his age that she occasionally calls creepy but the fakeness of it. She may blush or not be confident enough to think he's being serious, when he compliments her, but she doesn't think it's gross. Annoying, maybe, but not gross. She gets grossed out when he tries to dip into ye olde bag of moves.

    It's got to be a demographics thing that the companies see (or think they see) that we don't. Which sounds obvious, I guess, but...still.

    And--silly though this will sound--it's not like there's not a significant swath of hentai about office ladies (and wives and moms and teachers). In terms of going gaga over anime girls (which, let's not lie to ourselves, is half of what they try to do with anime series), people clearly aren't opposed to the concept. And you can do just as much anime cliche nonsense with characters in their 30s in an office as you can with high school students in their clubs.

    The difference, I guess, is the kinds of responsibilities and freedoms each group has, which can limit the storytelling, in either direction. (Also sex stuff. That's got more to address with adults than with blushy-blushy teens.) But you can skip over workday stuff just as easily as you can skip over class stuff.

    Also: high heels are a thing for a reason. (And, no, I don't mean for stepping on people. (And yes--I'm talking to you.))

    Also also: style and personality need to compliment each other, ultimately. Ichika, for example, might look nice in a Goto-style skirt-suit and heels, but would she look her best? Would she look peak-Ichika?

    For a moment I wondered if you misspelled "Office-Rio." But then I realized you did not.

    Kaede would absolutely be of the skirt-suit and heels variety, but I think she'd be...not more professional about it, but certainly less "come hither" than Goto. (There's nothing wrong with how she dresses, mind you, but she's showing off more than I think Kaede would.)

    Riri would be in slacks and more sensible shoes, closer to Office Lady B, I'd think.

    This concludes the discussion of two entirely other shows. Like and subscribe--aaaand click that bell icon so you get updates ev-er-y time we post somethin' new. We'll be back with more just like this before ya know it. But, until then, we'll se YOU...in the comments.

    They should definitely do this. And they should either go hardcore to win us over with their arguments or show us enough of the show to get us to have our own opinions and then take sides based on that so we're in it with Ichika or Ryo.

    This is not going to happen, but it would be awesome if it did.

    ...I dunno about that, but they are definitely good characters in their own right. If only for their lack of being horrible cliche rivals.

    And, conversely (inversely? contrapositively? I literally never remember to look this up), neither is the "WHY AREN'T YOU PICKING THAT ONE?!" character. Which is also pretty great.
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    Now see i think formal looks pretty great in all forms, and if there is one girl who shows even basic formal can look good, we have to take a trip to
    ... ok that was bigger than i expected!
    Anyway, Aoba was master as basic formal attire, i am seeing this suit right now on Rio... it doesn't fit her style... hmm so maybe a bit more stylish? Maybe dark isn't her thing, not sure... gotta stop looking at aoba for this stuff, dammit!
    Why didn't her colleagues care for dressing correctly.

    Can we also appreciate how she isn't won by his looks either? So the show has no issues telling us how handsome he is, yet this isn't a priority for Ichika at all, i wont say she doesn't see his cuter side or attractive side as she does but she certainly isn't influenced by it... anyway, back on topic (just the shallow comment brought this to mind, she ain't just a looks = win" girl!

    Very good point, actually its pretty funny when we consider her other mother is more easily won than she is, she obviously has more experience than Ichika and is likely more mature yet she is easily influenced by Ryo's charms... which isn't all bad but it certainly means she is easier in respect, i mean to be fair, Ryo puts all the right moves in, whilst escorting Rio (what a kind brother, eh? no ulterior motive to see Ichika at all) he brings flowers and always has a compliment up his sleeve, he is well spoken and mannered, i guess this in Ichika's mothers case is reason enough... Ichika is able to see beyond this!
    But not that this is bad from her view, as you say, she is pretty fair and genuine with him, i think she enjoys some of the gifts and compliments and sure the stalk moments make her a bit grossed out but i think she doesn't dislike it either. As you say its more the fake stuff she hates or when he oversteps his mark, as you say when he tries to put the moves on, she gets annoyed, which to be fair to her i think she has some fair level of right to be on guard...

    It's funny (off topic) how when you first start watching the stuff you don't even realise this stuff, yet 2 years in its a big part of it. Though i don't deny its also part of the enjoyment, in a weird way, Making good characters = better investment in a series as a whole from the fans... if that "good" character is because she sports a nice certain sized cup, or has some mature charm or just is down to their writing (like this show)... or or... Perfect stepping potential (yes i saw your comment and yes i demand it!).

    But this very much so. I will spare you the conversation i had with the person i was talking to about this take but it was this in summary. The potential is mostly untouched (or better to say there aren't many in this area) so the market is fresh and as you say, the actual settings aren't so different from a office (or place of work in general) to the school life setting, the principle is the same in large regards with only variations being say clubs and festivals which maybe become drinking scenes or dates.
    The rest is the same. The change is characters just offers new options, so okay you wont get some weird childhood friend loli kid who is 18 but looks 12 and acts 10 as even for the smaller people (my colleague who left recently is the real definition for the Oppai-loli tag, 25 at about 5ft area and... i would say i could only dream how big her chest was!!!) they must become more mature but in turn we get the mature character who is normally locked as a parents, teacher or older sibling unlocked to explore.
    This one i guess varies on the show, like if you take Wotakoi (i know you didn't like it but bear with me a second), it wasn't really sexual in much way, i think the first episodes made some small talk about sex but i don't think the relationships expressed that side which my point being, if it wanted to give us a romance but still wanted it to be able to air on day tv it could be pretty clean still. Like take Tsuki ga Kirei - whilst it of course isn't a mature setting, the relationship side was still enjoyable, okay sure this one is about firsts and them both being shy but my point being you could still incorporate this into a adult environment. But it means they could equally have the relationships which obviously do have more focus in sexual areas which maybe school ones don't usually go for. Point is, both could still work, but you get new settings, new themes to focus on whilst equally the environment its self. Some shows being based around their jobs, juggling it with relationships, and projects/deadlines add anew level from "home work" and sleeping through class.

    But i digress... i could go on forever hijacking this thread on this topic lol.


    Hmmm... i dunno, i really need to get hold of photoshop again and pretend i can use it so i can put Ichika into a suit to see this, because i can see a suit working well on her given the right style...
    Rio might need to lose the blazer, not so sure if it would work with her or not...

    dammit why don't we have a artist here!!!

    I think this is about right, i could see her having a pretty smart jacket or blazer what she wears but only "at times" like normally she is in a smart shirt put this on during meetings or just when she wants to, slacks and more sensible shoes certainly
    Kaede... honestly i felt Kaede looks pretty smart in the show its self she could totally work both casual smart and smart smart if she wanted and i think they would all work. This is going to send me on a image search so see if someone else has already made such things exist yet!

    We ever stop? i wonder if we ever keep a single thread on topic!

    I would support it, OVA episode or something so they can just mess around with it and we don't have to see it as serious if we don't wish!
    I mean, Ichika and Cafe girl (and Hentai-kun) all seem pretty into their show already, half the cast is good to go!

    I like this word, lets use this!

    Yup. I actually like when people differ in opinion as its creates more conversation (nothing like defending why Riri is the best or why Kaede has the best feet ect) but its a rare example of them all being so good you could just accept any...
    Not that i even know what couple i support at this point. Maybe I'm okay with keeping it simple with Ichika x Rio Ryo Rio but i just enjoy the rarity that it is to like them all. Though i guess in another sense, we are only half way, things could change drastically.

    Regardless, this show is pretty damn great, i might be kind and say it is #1 this season.
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  18. EvilSMores

    EvilSMores Silver Supporter

    Contrapositive: The choke slam of logical arguments.

    Though your statement was more of an, "additionally."

    The interrEnigma Machine

    Swim. The swim kind of suit, please.

    Pretty sure every iteration of Ichika is peak Ichika for Ryo.

    That's what she said.

    Golden Time. Sure, not an office romance, but I loved that anime. And it's not the only college settings romance anime out there. There's still hope for the R.I.O Lady X Office Lady B yuri romance of our dreams.

    If I'm not already subscribed, how do I keep getting these alerts?
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  19. interregnum

    interregnum Well-Known Member

    ...a broken link.

    I was able to bring it up in another window, but--and you're not going to believe this--I literally jumped to New Game, in my head, when I was thinking about this. How's that for a coinky-dink?

    Also: I never liked Aoba's outfit.

    Come at me.

    How...dare you?!


    No, I have no memory of her dressing in a fashion that quite meets the standards we're discussing. And I don't care.



    Heh, yeah. I definitely started out being very much into story and strength of character (which is not to say I ever stopped, of course), but loving Faye Valentine for being awesome and also liking her for being hot had a much shorter road to travel than I'd have expected to reach "This show is mostly upskirts and heaving bosoms and I don't understand what part of this plot people don't like."

    But for every waifu indulgence (cough Full Dive cough cough)...or five...we get a Rio, who is genuinely great and who we love for being genuinely great.

    It all balances out.


    Off-balance is a kind of balance.

    It counts.

    [stops work on Doki Doki Icicle, his tsundere adventure TTRPG]

    [begins first draft of Render Unto Desk-sama, a tragicomic visual novel]




    I spent waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too long trying to find something I thought would approximate something I think she'd rock.

    I don't think I found it.

    BUT...that didn't stop me from picking something close to close to maybe what I was thinking:

    See, whenever it's about styles, I start with simple searches for anime [style in question]. And I can never find what I'm looking for.

    And then try a million other parameters and combinations.

    But it's always back to the JAV covers.

    No, wait--this was what I was thinking.

    Lemme just...

    [returns to google search]

    [for 5 hours]

    ...m-message me, when...y'know...

    For a moment I was thinking how odd that you would say that, when all the girls' feet were obviously drawn the same way--and then it hit me that this was a crack at my avatar and how you know I don't like feet.

    It's Kaede's tights that are the best, you curr!

    Wait, why is the canon one crossed out?

    Every episode has been great. And Shadows House wasn't only really good, this past week. So.

    Drat. Got myself all tangled up in logic proofs terminology for no good reason. Again.

    ...okay, I'm tempted to change my username to that, now.

    I won't. But if ever I was going to...

    Gosh, I like that.


    [stops work on Render Unto Desk-sama, a tragicomic visual novel]

    [begins work on Arietty of the Lost Rival: A Mishima Tale doujin]

    I just saw a panel from the manga(?) of OLB in casual clothes.

    My dudes.

    Presumably you smashed that like button. And it did a YouTube. So the internet.

    (Sorry to be so technical about it.)
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  20. Madoka

    Madoka Bronze Supporter

    I'm... totally okay with this too!

    lol this was perfect!

    oh wow, its been some times since i watched this, i actually remember very little about it now, sadly.

    Not gonna lie, New Game is always my go-to(u) series for some reason, i think it was more just because Aoba wears formal wear every episode whilst most others don't... It just stays in my head.

    This means war!
    I mean, what wasn't to like. Okay sure it stood out like a sore thumb and looked questionable on her due to her tiny build... but she clearly needed it else everyone would think she was a kid! (and this attire could totally work on the right person!).

    Was this gif chosen intentionally is was it just the first... never mind, i know the answer to this.
    Not that i would complain to that pairing... no wait, i can't, Hifumi x Aoba and Yun x Hajime

    Wait what was we talking about again?

    ah yes right, errr... I have nothing more to add as i am now in a locked image search of the respective pairings above... how the heck is there not more fan art of Yun, i loved her style!

    I like this as a round up for your statement because it not only wraps up so well... it is equally so true!

    +1 it most certainly does count, and don't let any convince you otherwise!

    offt, i like the sounds of this, c'mon desk-sama, don't let me down!

    I... i don't know how to respond to this heartbreaking news

    I thought i would be kind, that it Mami expressed my point (sort of), Heels (walking on me) + Sexy + them yandere dead eyes = Bliss!!!!

    I'm not broken!!!

    I could see this working pretty well actually!
    It looks better than what i had in mind, any photoshop pro want to merge this outfit and Rio, send me a message and get this project moving!!

    I can pay in compliments, positive comments, constructive criticism and other useless methods of text on screen.

    I can actually appreciate this more than you would imagine, i literally do pretty much the same thing, though then i get annoyed when i can't find anything close to what i want so i sleep on it, then proceed to spend half my next shift looking at work and making excuses of why my internet has been giving my issues thus the lack of productivity.

    If we are lucky, we can expect this in the coming episodes, rule of anime says the "swimsuits" come around episode 6 - 8, usually 6 or 7 and more frequently 6... this is from many years of research, research well spent might i add.

    why not both? I would use the meme people use for this but i feel i will post too many gifs the internet might die... or something.
    I see you have good tastes though for noticing the tights!

    It's just a formality the writers made me do, something about missing the point or something, i dunno, i think they was trying to sell me Ichika fan pics instead of Ichika x Rio, amateurs.

    Please don't, it took me a whole 4 or 5 replies and at least 3 minutes to remember your current one, who knows how much effort the next one will take? 5 minutes? 8 posts? This hurts my mind to even begin to imagine!

    I'm not sure how to feel about this...

    Your technical talk is too confusing for me, i shall retreat on this matter
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