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    Yeah, still a no for me, lads. I really did try to give this a fair shake because if it weren’t for the Lottery, I would have dropped it months ago. I’m just gonna dump my thoughts here and go. Since the responses to the show seem to be overwhelmingly positive, I thought I’d try and represent the other side a bit here.

    For something that rode hard on the age gap angle to set itself apart from the other rom coms, I didn’t think the show was able to particularly challenge the idea very well. Which might have been the point anyway. Because yeah, Koikimo addresses this, but it felt more like something the show wanted to get over quickly so it could get to the endgame. I felt the romance was forced in the sense that they didn't really work that hard to make us understand why it should be okay for people like Ryo and Ichika to get together. They love each other and that's it, forget about "some rando's standards" like age and all that hooey. Geez, Rio, why'd you have to put it like that?

    There was some seriousness given to the issue since they dedicated a whole final arc to it and everything. But I feel the show already made up its mind about the ending halfway through, when Ichika started falling for Ryo despite her initial feelings and especially when the other two suitors were dropped shortly after being set up. So everything after that was just the show going through the motions until it could get to the ending.

    Ryo just lost me really early on in the series, too. I get that he’s supposed to be the immature adult going after the supposedly mature Ichika, but saving all the heavy drama for the last parts just makes him look worse off. That he didn’t really truly consider the consequences of a relationship with a high school girl until it was brought up to him is just some other kind of irresponsibility or oblivious selfishness on his part, that it makes Ichika’s classmate look more emotionally mature in comparison. His threats to that classmate weren’t funny either – I thought they were more cringe and pathetic on his end than anything. Which again might have been the point, but he wasn't exactly called out for that behavior either.

    Was mad uncomfortable too with the way they pressured Ichika to make a decision on the relationship – because why? Why put the burden on her and make it look like she was the one delaying the relationship? I know they addressed it and everything, but I’m bothered they even decided to put her on the spot at all. It might have been for the sake of parity, but the age gap is still a thing. The relationship was no longer on even ground even before it started.

    Which is why the argument of age not mattering as an adult doesn’t hold much water because Ichika just isn’t an adult yet. And yes, I know how this ends, I know they aren’t technically a couple yet, but the way it ended, they might as well be anyway. I know she's supposed to have been treated respectfully as an adult, but who really knew themselves at 17?

    Minus the age gap thing, I thought it was really just meh all around. I liked that they eventually got around to addressing the age issue for real, but all that made me feel was worse for the side characters. I just had a hard time buying into the couple and by default, into the series. More than the age gap thing – this still leans towards grooming, at the end of the day – it’s more the blandness of the material and the characters I felt were lacking that were the bigger issues here.

    Maybe the most objective way to judge this is to take the age gap out of the equation and figure out if the rom com stands on its own without it. The answer, unfortunately, is no. It’s still your average rom com show, age gap or no. I know they wanted to show the audience that age shouldn't matter so okay. It gets a few points for not being lecherous about it and for trying to give it the softest treatment possible, but I thought the relationship lost its tension - and from there, reasons for me to invest in it - the moment she started catching feelings for him. From there, the protagonists became typical rom com characters, just dressed up in different uniforms. At least the ED was nice?

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    Posted by Xnub on Jun 24, 2021
    Think show is a tad bit under rated. To many people focusing on the age gap part and the overly aggressive start that Ryou has with Ichika. Then they can't get past it, giving it bad rating because of it. I think someone on another forum put it nicely "If you’re sensitive or not able to accept that fiction does not equate to reality, you should avoid this." That being said i thought it was all very wholesome for the most part minus the stalking/aggressiveness at the start. Love is love and in the end his intentions where pure with earnest feelings between the two of them so all is good in my book for this story.

    Best part of show was probably her slowing falling for him but still trying to deny it and the scene that came with it, they were really cute. Although i wish they would have taken more time with this. It all felt really rushed like they had to cram it all into the 12 episodes and get the ending tacked on. I don't know how the manga went but just feels like lots was skipped and brushed over for the anime. It probably would have been better if they tried for 2nd season. Would have also had time to flush out the side character more like maybe a Rio x Kai paring ?

    In end good story with all around decent characters, that had some sweet moments, some good laughs and a few good feels moments. Will be watching for the Manga to end and get translated to read and see the real ending and differences.

    Also really liked the OP to this show.
    4/5 Nothing super special or unique but solid show.
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    Fast forward ten years later and this situation has turned into one of those pornos where the dude is sitting on the couch while his wife is banging someone else right next to him.
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    Being quite late to the party, but anyway: really liked the show. Romance stuff isn't my favourite genre, though i still enjoyed KoiKimo.
    I think the age gap theme was implemented in a quite mature way. To sum up my thoughts on the age gap & the 'problems' some narrow minded individuals have, this quote: “You can’t judge another country / culture by your countrys / cultures standards”. A simple, yet oft forgotten message. And it's great that the world isn't the same everywhere. Would be boring.
    Another thing i will judge however are those really ugly CGI crowds in some shots. Unneccessary to put such an eyesore into an otherwise visually very nice show.
    7 / 10. Was pleasently surprised.
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