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    Posted by chii on Mar 31, 2016
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  2. Gens

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    Posted by Gens on Mar 31, 2016
    I'm going to be extremely depressed if Trigger lets me down here with an original work, hopefully they don't though.
  3. CaptainPancakes

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    I know everyone loves Trigger because "AH GAINAX" but I think it's premature to judge an animation studio completely based off of one good anime, lol.
  4. Scruffy8642

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    This will be interesting. I have absolutely no idea how it will turn out, amazing or terrible.
  5. ZetsubouKaiji

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    Inferno Cop was just that good.Inferrrrrnnnnoooooo Coooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooop!

    If you count that other super obscure anime they made that one or two people around here seemed to think was okay, then that would make two. If we're talking about that one then, I mean it had everything to get anime fans excited and was made with attention to detail and a love for the medium. I don't think they've been proclaimed a great studio so much as one to watch out for because they chose to do something risky and interesting, rather than going for something stale and safe.

    But Inferno Cop was definitely their seminal work.

    This looks interesting. I'll be watching.
  6. g3data

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    Posted by g3data on Apr 1, 2016
    Then you need to get on dat dere Luluco now fam
  7. Taek

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    Posted by Taek on Apr 1, 2016
    I'm looking forward to it, the second PV looked good, and it seems like this could be their first "serious" anime.
  8. ZetsubouKaiji

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  9. Scruffy8642

    Scruffy8642 Active Member

    Just watched the episode 0 preview thing which was pretty interesting. Certainly made me more interested in the show than I was before. That thing with Yuki Kaji was bloody annoying though, his normal voice is exactly the same as every character he plays... (Guess it shouldn't be a surprise though). And he gave off the 'cool kid at school' impression which just makes you hate him even more haha.
  10. CaptainPancakes

    CaptainPancakes Well-Known Member

    Episode 1

    Hmm that was pretty good. I like the whole idea of Kiznaivers but I don't really like the cast so far aside from a couple of them and I wish there were more interesting people filling in these roles, though I guess the point is they're supposed to be archetypes. I enjoyed the production values a lot though. The OP is nice and the soundtrack is too.

    What has me most excited though I guess is the premise surrounding it -- the Kiznaiver stuff is interesting but so far I don't really know how they're gonna use it. But y'know, I really liked this. But biggest issue is the cast who just isn't really that interesting. I also think the philosophy of connecting with others was a bit ham-fisted. Only if the cast improves will that philosophy lay itself out, because if I end up not liking the cast for the entire show then there's basically no purpose.

    PS: The OP gave me a huuuge "take on me" feel, anyone else? :s
    P.S.S: This episode probably would have been better also as an hour-length premiere, so we can have an episode that isn't just basically an info-dump.
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  11. Etue

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    Posted by Etue on Apr 10, 2016
    Episode 1

    Quite a peculiar episode with somewhat rapid yet still coherent pacing to gather all plot elements together. It's not the most impactful epsiode ever but it does set a tone it seems for a rather surreal experience that might just turn into a generic shounen later but I doubt that. Eitherway while it did seem preachy at some points it doesn't really overuse speeches and uses enough visuals to convey the story in my opinion. So while not convinced this is going to be a great ride yet I certainly want to see what happens next week.
  12. Scruffy8642

    Scruffy8642 Active Member

    Episode 1

    This was quite good. It didn't get very far though, I agree that it should have been a longer episode to come across better.
  13. captaincrunch

    captaincrunch Well-Known Member

    It's certainly pretty. Not sure explanation of the system and the snippet of the experience they showed towards the end of the episode made any sense though.

    Is this going to be a battle anime, or an after-school club anime? Seems sorta like kokoro connect - which is cool with me.
  14. CaptainPancakes

    CaptainPancakes Well-Known Member

    The system is kind of flawed tbh.
    I know MC got a fatal injury, but...It spread across the six of them without much apparent issue like lasting injuries or actual pain. Meanwhile, Chihiro pinches herself and they all seem to go through hell. I can see situations where this would make sense -- they were being operated on while the accident happened maybe, but they could have done a better job with that.

    BTW I just found out this was another Mari Okada show. daaamn
  15. SpanglishJC

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    Episode 1
    Well it looks like they have upped the budget for this one. I liked this start, quite a bit of exposition but hey, gave us most of the info we will probably need for now which is good, probably did not need to go as in detail as it did though.

    The premise of sharing the pain among several people is pretty cool and I am certainly intrigued to see where things go from here.

    I agree with this.
    I found it rather odd that they all felt what visibly seemed to be a fairly substantial amount of pain when the blond and teal haired girl hit the yellow shirt guy (I will try to remember names later) despite it being shared among them all. Did she really hit that hard?
  16. CaptainPancakes

    CaptainPancakes Well-Known Member

    Yup. My biggest fear about this show is that it's not going to be able to use its unique premise effectively. And it'll go down as making no sense and just becoming a trainwreck, which will be a shame because it looks very slick
  17. randomredneck

    randomredneck Well-Known Member

    Episode 1.
    I hate the wacky one...that's all I got.

    Also, a reference to the Seven Deadly Sins, and Yuuki Kaji is in it. No way that wasn't a reference.
  18. Scruffy8642

    Scruffy8642 Active Member

    Yeh I agree.

    With the whole survive a fatal injury thing, they gave off the impression that the injury would be dissipated amoung them, but then they completely threw that out the window with the pinch and punch. I don't see how this could be beneficial in a fight or something if they go that direction. In fact I don't see how it could be benefitial at all.
  19. Taek

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    Posted by Taek on Apr 11, 2016
    Episode 1

    I dig the aesthetic, definitely looks like a trigger anime on the characters, and they had a pretty good otherwordly feel with everything else. It certainly has a darker tone than anything else Trigger have made.

    I guess I agree that the system was a bit weird, if the pain is shared when Kacchan falls down the stairs and survives his fatal injury, surely the pain should be equally shared when someone is slapped, so instead of everyone feeling the same kind of pain, it's everyone feeling a small amount of pain? This is of course unless the system can be used differently. Hopefully we'll see some more info on that, but even if not, it doesn't bother me too much.

    The characters themselves we haven't really seen a lot of so far, they do definitely just fall into the archetypes that Sonozaki gave them, I assume that's entirely intentional and we'll go abit further into them as the show progresses.
    It has caught my interest anyway, so I'm certainly looking forward to more.
  20. tootalls

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    something like a pinch evenly distributed between all those people should hardly have amounted too anything more than an itch........unless when they say evenly, they meant everyone gets the full force..........In which case everyone should be dead from the stair incident.

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