Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeast

Discussion in 'Entertainment' started by LotorLamiaNymph, Feb 14, 2020.

  1. LotorLamiaNymph

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    Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeast is a Dreamworks series that premiered on Netflix on January 14th 2020.
    It currently has 1 season consisting of 10 episodes.
    Here is the trailer if you are curious.

    Genre: Adventure , action , fiction, comedy
    Number of episodes: 10 (currently)
    Average episode length: 24 minutes
    Streaming platform: Netflix
    Created by: Radford Sechrist

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  2. randomredneck

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    Where else you gonna see
    a group of talking lumberjack cats fight with a group of talking snakes that play electric guitar?

    Good show...except for Dave. I don't really like Dave. Even the little mutant piggy contributes more than him.

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