Killing Stalking

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    i honestly loved this. it was a tragic story, but the way it was written and drawn (the characters, the dialogue, the backstories) was so amazing. like, everything about this webcomic was spectacular ( yet tragically sad :[ )
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    I am devastated by the ending. On the one hand, I kind of knew what was coming, on the other I wished so hard for some happy ending for Sangwoo that I hoped it can be real. I would never in a thousand years believe, if somebody would tell me one day I would spend full 24hrs non-stop reading from very first page to last, rooting for cruel, merciless serial killer and then cry hysterically at 3am, heartbroken after his death. I know it will take a few days before I will be able to get myself together... Although I am not sure if I will ever be able to hear "Killing me softly" and don't get emotional again.

    If anyone has read the final chapter without BGM in the background, I strongly recommend to play it.
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    Well.. That was an experience. One hell of a read, since I read it all in one go. For me, it ended up not feeling to drawn out. The song "Killing me softly" is giving me chills now.
    I love how this was written. Truly fucked up. And how it was never love but obsession, especially from Bum's side. (Well- both tbh) Bum had never felt love, so once he was shown any sort of not-too-horrible attitude towards him, it became a boosted feeling within him. Since he hadn't talked to Sangwoo, his imagination created a perfect picture that he fell in love with. Once he met Sangwoo, his love became twisted and confused. Because how could Sangwoo, the one he had loved for so long, truly be this horrible monster that was in front of him, hurting him even more than he had been hurt before? It could not be true. Denying Sangwoo's true nature and hoping for the love he gives to be returned, he becomes trapped.
    I truly do love these characters. Especially because Sangwoo is so hateable. I know a lot of people hate on the fandom because of the ship between Bum and Sangwoo, finding it disgusting. However, it is just fiction. I, personally, love these characters since I find them interesting (I have not read much within these types of genres btw, which probably ads to my interest in them)
    But please know that I would OF COURSE never wish nor hope for anyone to experience anything similar to what goes on in this manga.
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    In that case, keep reading. As they sowed, they shall reap.
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    Rumor the Killing Stalking is going to have an adaptation! Though it is not comfirmed I am choosing it hope it is true as I would love to see the characters moving and animated. Ah, Please don't be fake T-T. It would be more twisted and psychologically messed up which I would love to watch, hopefully reading the manga made me prepared for the potential adaptation.
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    Just gonna leave this right here, too:
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    The writer has repeatedly said that Killing Stalking is not BL and that they don’t want people labeling at as such.
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    why did you read the manga i am trying to read it and it only has one charter so far
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    i mean why
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    i mean where

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