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    Posted by Guest on Oct 5, 2018
    CH. 52
    So the mum wasn't that innocent after all, I got hard PunPun flashbacks with this chapter, hmm, well, in the end, everyone in here is mentally ill, no surprise Sangwoo is messed up as his family.

    In this manhwa no one will be saved from this endless buckle Gets abused--->Abuses
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    Interesting reading all the reader theories for this one. I honestly haven't bothered to think too much about the direction. I think I'd just ruin it for myself.

    This series makes me feel incredibly uncomfortable, and maybe because of this I can't stop reading it. If it were done any other way I think I would have dropped it by the third chapter. But, Koogi has done incredibly well with it. The style and quality of the art and panel pacing makes it feel almost visceral. The development is a little confused at times, subtle hints are occasionally too subtle, but other than that I'm strapped in the front seat for the whole ride.
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    Posted by Guest on Oct 11, 2018
    By the way
    Bum's complexion gross me out every damn time
    Feed the poor child
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    Let's be honest... at this point does ANYTHING that happens in this manhwa surprise anybody? ...I thought not.
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    I for one am getting more and more tired of how the things are dragging out and how predictable it has now become for me. I just want it to be finished and done and never speak of it again. The last chapter actually made me feel resentment towards Sangwoo and Bum both. The endless pointless sex is making my skin crawl and ... where the hell is the thrill it promised in the beginning? Where is the excitement? Where is that ex cop? If Sangwoo is such an obsession for him, why isn't he chasing him down to finally get a piece of mind and go on with his life?!

    I'm so disappointed my rating has gone down bit by bit. At first I believe I rated it with 4 stars out of 5, then after a while it went down to 3.5, then a big jump backwards 1.5 and now ... 0.5 out of 5 and I'm sure no matter what the ending is going to be... it's not going to go higher than that.

    At this point I'm only reading it just to see if my predictions are right. I am a curious person after all... but if my predictions are correct, I'll be even more disappointed.
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    I was happy seeing Bum smile for the first time, but it's fake happiness he's being given and Koogi takes too much time for Sangwoo's past. We already had a honeymoon phase in the beginning of this season, so is this a Round 2, or what? It was already bad enough to scroll over previously, so I've no idea if Koogi is gonna show them having a "good time" again, or something else. Sangwoo is showing again how selfish he is without Koogi even needing to show him as such. Telling Bum to kill himself if he himself ever dies, is selfish as fuck an he plans to take Bum down with himself because his sorryass doesn't care anymore. At this point I just want Seungbae to appear out of nowhere with evidences but decides to kill Sangwoo right there and bring Bum with him to put him in a Mental Hospital.

    I really want to hope that Koogi's intentions haven't changed, but it's turning really toxic and twisted now. She mentioned it not being supposed to be romantic and her not supporting abusive relationships, but both dying together is nothing more than dark, disgusting love, so I hope that she stays with the same intentions she has since the beginning and comes with a twist in the end.

    Sangwoo's "most painful death" will better be him killing himself, but not Bum. That's the only thing I want to see from the manhwa and then I'm done. S3 has been the worst so far, most likely because I don't give a shit about Sangwoo and the honeymoon phase has been making me cringe. Bum is blind and I'm pissed that he's not seeing the truth as it is, but I'm not that angry at him that I would hate him, but miss his old self who at least showed resistance because now he's delusional and doesn't see what he's dealing with, joking around with the guy who verbally abused him.
    I'm betting 2 cents that the next chapter will be either another Honeymoon Chapter with maybe a few panels about Sangwoo's past, or we're getting a Seungbae chapter who hopefully has a plan by now.
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    Honestly I feel the exact same way too. Thankfully with my absense it looks like I had only missed 1 chapter but I haven´t gotten to reading it yet. I am thankful I rated this series a low 2 stars on my list. Season 3 is just... boring as hell.

    Praise Yang Seungbae!! Yet most people look down onto the cop man. It´s a shame. Same as you I am getting bored of the honeymoon chapters. It´s just fake and dragging it out just seems forced. I hope miss Koogi isn´t giving into the fans demands and that these are part of her original plans like you said.

    I have read the chapter and it is pure cringe.
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    This newest chapter seems to be "okay" so I changed my 1 star rating a little. I hope that the girl & Yoon Bum make amends and heal one another. The only thing I didn't like was that she kept on talking about the past with him. Min Jieun being shown tells me that Yoon Bum feels remorse on what he did to her... He didn't want to kill her at all (poor guy.)

    It's obvious that either she is still with the guy or she is wearing the ring for some reason. I don't want anything bad happen to the girl.

    Maybe Sangwoo will die in the end all alone? I hope it comes to that.
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    I am currently reading as the author updates and I think it is a great mangá but it needs some resolution. The story needs to end or it just becomes boring. It is one of my favorite mangás because of the plot twists and the way it makes you think about the unpredictable characters... They never explicitly explains their actions which makes you wonder what has driven them to do what they did. Therefore the Mangá makes you think which is great but every great thing has to end right? Maybe with all of it's popularity the author wants to keep going to keep people entertained and maybe the author doesen't really know how to end as so many people disagree in how it should end... some want Sangwoo to die others want Bum to die and etc... that may have the author procrastinating as the author may want to please everyone... But I don't know and thats just a thoery. I just think that unless the author is going to make a huge plot twist again the resolution should be close.

    Now something else I wanted to add about the characters... I know it is an abusive relationship that Sangwoo and Bum have but I still ship them, not like ''oh they are so cute together they should get married and be happy'' ship but I ship them because I believe they deserve each other. I know Sangwoo is a manipulative killer but Bum isin't an angel either... He was a stalker, is now a killer as well and is with Sangwoo by his own will. I can't name any other better pair than this twisted couple. They might hurt each other and maybe they don't even truly love each other but it's clear that they enjoy their relationship. I don't think either is illuded, I think both know exactly what they got into. Just as Sangwoo is obsessed with Bum, Bum is also obsessed with Sangwoo. Neither are helpless victims or innocent, they deserve each other.
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    Yes you are right. We may be either close to the ending soon enough or we may get a season 4 (Koogi's words in her season 1 question & answer.) But season 3 kind of is boring, I plan to analyze season 3 (or 4 if Koogi decides to make one more.)

    I agree that Killing Stalking does have to end eventually instead of dragging it out forever. This mangwa works well as a short story.
    Authors can't please everyone. I remember reading someplace that even though Koogi reads most of the western theories, she still plans to end her story as she originally planned but there may be a few changes here & there but she is going to stick to her original plan.

    It was made obvious that they are both going to die together as what they both said, I doubt Yoon Bum would suddenly forget all of a sudden.

    Hmmm.... My friend might say something very differently to this. I don't care if they are shipped together or not but I do care if the shippers force their views on me (I'm not saying this directly at you, but to just tell you I had a few unpleasant disagreements with a few hardcore shippers.)

    I respect your opinion but by my PoV it is just an unpleasant "relationship" to see unfold. It dosen't scare me as it did in season 1 & 2 though. It's too bad that Yoon Bum is going to obviously die that is if he remembers. At least there is roleplay and those that find a fictional abusive relationship to be unpleasant.
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    Killing Stalking; season 3 chapter 57
    So everyone, with the latest chapter & seeing Sangwoo cry. I don't sympathize with him. Not even when it was revealed that his mother Ensuo killed Sangwoo's dad by poisoning him then victim blaming Sangwoo saying that he did it.
    Nobody can change my mind about this, either. I have got a different way of thinking & understanding things. Because at the end of the day Sangwoo chose to murder, kidnap & rape lots of his victims. He dosen't feel anything towards anyone (except maybe Yoon Bum by 1%.)
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    I don't feel sympathy, but I can tell the mental problems are basically piling on. It's proven that people who are mentally unwell will often end up with people of a similar nature and if they don't get help it gets worse. Sangwoo has his own mental problems that he hides by being a productive member of society. Much like every other serial killer in history. The most successful ones have been the most well adjusted on the outside. It's called compartmentalizing and people with mental or a history of certain things (whether or not they can be proven) will project such an image to society.

    Bum, however, can't do it. And that is why he is often less liked than someone like Sangwoo. However, he has a lot less support, which is shown in how little he is being searched for by his own relatives. Simply put, he could have and has become something that he could have avoided if he got help. The help they need is just not going to come in time, at least in my theory.
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    They're not equals. They don't deserve each other. They're not some twisted couple who love each other genuinely. Sangwoo verbally abused Bum physically, sexually and manipulated him into killing someone. Bum still feels guilty about Jieun and is scared of Sangwoo snapping at him. He stays because he seeks affection and believes he can change Sangwoo. Sangwoo sees Bum as his mom or as her replacement, not as his own being. Bum tried to escape 5 times before Jieun's death. He isn't there by his own will, he was brainwashed into it. Neither of them is helping the other. There is always the possibility of Sangwoo snapping because he's mentally unstable while Bum is scared and only seeks a normal relationship which is not possible with Sangwoo. Sangwoo is obsessed with the role Bum seemingly plays in his eyes while Bum is obsessed with the Sangwoo who saved him in the military and was so much abused by him that he can't tell the difference anymore. All I know is that Bum deserves better than be with his Abuser/Rapist. The girl seems bitchy, but anything is better than someone who abused you verbally and is ready at anytime to snap on you at any time.

    I hope Seungbae comes back into the story soon. He was there for 2 chapters in S3 and disappeared again. Either Koogi rushes his character and lets him suddenly appear in the end again or she will still build things up for him.
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    This! A million times this! Everything Bumi has said is what I would have replied with but perhaps with wording my reply differently. I highly agree with him 100%. Chapter 60 proves that there is no saving or healing their "relationship" (if I can even call it that.)

    But a few fans are going with Yoon Bum is going to die with Sangwoo. For the ending of this series.

    I understand this fully and all too well. There wasn't any help to give them from the very beginning either. As the story is suppose to shock you.
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    Killing Stalking season 3 chapter 65
    Honestly looks like by this chapter that it will get dark again like in season 1 & 2.
    Can't believe that Yoon Bum has been crying for such a long time, but then he will slowly get himself together. It's been theorized that what Yoon Bum brought them both are wedding rings until his birthday comes up in the story.

    Kind of feels like Sangwoo kind of has mary-sue powers suddenly knowing that Chief Kwak took the fake nail from the floor. I believe this is when things are beginning to slowly turn downhill. (I'm only sad because obviously Yoon Bum is going to die.)

    I am actually impressed with this chapter & how it went down. Sangwoo is obviously going to die. I hope Seungbae will get patched up and actually become smarter. Now that Yoon Bum is saved... Perhaps he will stay with the police officer, his childhood crush or... Something. It was honestly nice to see his redemption.

    Btw... Screw Sangwoo (I just REALLY hate him. Which is obvious.) Thankfully he seems to be out cold for good! ☺️
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    Killing Stalking season 3 chapter 66 p1
    Even though this chapter was a little happy, I was honestly sort of shocked that Sangwoo actually survived.
    This series might not be going with how I imagined it from the beginning.
    Just hoping that part 2 won't disappoint me for the second half of the ending.
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    Chapter 67.
    I honestly don't have much to say, just the fact that it ended with a bad ending makes me feel bitter. I kept following the series since the beginning of 2017 hoping that and how Bum survives after all that hell he went through, but he died as well. The last 2 Chapters specifically showed how immense Bum's Stockholm Syndrome is and Koogi wrote his character very realistically throughout the series. S3 was however in all just disappointing. There were many things left open. So many Chapters, but it felt so lackluster. Koogi wasted so many Chapters about Sangwoo's past while not explaining things in it and in the present time in the Story. We don't know about Seungbae's childhood, we don't know about Sangwoo's first murder, we don't know about Bum's birthday and we don't know about Bum's early childhood when his parents were still alive which is a shame.

    Season 1 will always be special and the reason why I feel in love with it in the first place. I'd be however interested in another work of Koogi, if she ever plans to make something again.
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