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    Culturu Shocku
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    I don't think the show is going to be so much melancholy as bitter sweet heartwarming.
    The girl is going to find out who her father truly was, but she's also going to realize just how much he loved her to go through everything he did as a single father. Her mother has obviously already passed away in the childhood segments. She must have had some kind of terminal disease that left her with enough time to make all those different age boxes.
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  3. RascaI

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    yeah that's more of the feel i got from it.
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    Posted by Gens on Apr 10, 2020
    I wonder if they're even really going to show what's going on with the present Hime time line and end result as the manga is still on going apparently and it's pretty long. They may just leave it ambiguous here.
  5. RascaI

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    Maybe they'll just keep hinting until we're blue in the face and then never make another season while beckoning us to the dark side to just read the godforsaken manga already.
  6. ZetsubouKaiji

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    This show isn't the best advertisement for manga. After all the lead thinks manga is for degens.
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    I love me some self-aware and honest marketing
  8. Gens

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    Posted by Gens on Apr 11, 2020
    Considering how many people ask to read mango around here on this site, I'm inclined to believe that's true.
  9. hunnybeee

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    I don't know about all manga, but I'd figure something called Balls of Fury is indeed something degenerates might wanna read. That or teenagers at the peak of puberty. Then again, I'd totally read Balls of Fury and I don't have the excuse of going through puberty so I guess that would make me a degenerate.
  10. Franconator

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    Save for the kid's teacher who was lusting after Goto and the bootleg merch at the festival, no other gag here followed comedy's sacred Rule of Three. This Rule dictates that, for a gag to be really effective, it's got to be said three times, with each punchline escalating after the last. So by the time we get to its third rendition, the writer will have more leeway to just go wild with that last bit. That didn't happen here.

    For example: Goto interfered with his daughter's field trip twice (Hercules beetle and Indian chef), before the story got dramatic on us ("didn't your mother teach you to wash?"). Even that gag with the bootleg festival merch really only focused on two sellers and just glazed over the last guy, like it was just punctuating a sentence, instead of setting it on fire and shooting it out of a cannon.

    And of course, the police busting his office went wacko with all these crazy scenarios that went past three. I don't know where I'm going with this, I just thought it might be interesting to point out. That was really my biggest takeaway of the episode, to be honest, since the Rule of Threes is one of the oldest rules in the book. So when it didn't get used here, even when the set-ups seemed to indicate otherwise, it really stood out to me.

    Oh, and here's another takeaway:


    Is that the editor and the manga assistant? Are they dating? Why's he got such a nice car?

    And oof yeah, that ending took a weird turn for the dark. I'll be so miffed if it turns out Goto's gone because he went into hiding out of shame. Having both parents die on the kid is cruel, but it's just the chef's kiss this show needs to become really great.
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    Episode 2: Derp
    I find it weird how much dad fawns over his daughter calling her cute. Is that just me? Is it because I’m not a parent and can’t understand?
  12. randomredneck

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    Episode 2.
    ...Oh. I get the OP now. This guy is totally dead, isn't he? Suddenly this show is depressing.
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  13. Zed

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    Posted by Zed on Apr 14, 2020
    Episodes 01-02

    Kintamashi.... Wait, is Gotou Gintama's manga author? D:

    Charming, adorable and funny. A Three in one bundled package. This is a lot more than I ever asked from my anime. And unlike the other two Kumeta works I've watched (Joshiraku and Zetsubou-sensei), this one is narrative-driven instead of just a parody. This might be my favourite of his work so far. He even got Hiroshi Kamiya for the protagonist.

    When I die, someone has to burn my computer in a fire guys so no one sees the LACK of porn on it. I'd feel weird.
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    I've been pleasantly surprised with this show. When I first heard about it, I thought it was a pedo incest show, and well, I got scared, and I decided not to watch it, but then the day episode 1 came out I was bored and was like "ok just one episode maybe its not that bad maybe I misunderstood it" and no, it's not bad. This is actually one of my favorite anime of the season (I mean not like there's too much to compare it to with all the delays lol).

    ALSO, why is no one talking about the ED, that song is a true bop.
  15. tootalls

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    just listened to it on my sound system for the 1st time instead of my laptop, it really is awesome, has an old school feel to it.
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    Posted by Gens on Apr 16, 2020

    Weeb's working out:
    I knew reading all that manga is gonna make ME FIT AS FUCK GUYS. THE MANGO WAY IS THE SECRET TO LIFE. Just tell random people I'm using manga to work out.

    Hime's rich ass friends are all meanies. Calling hime poor like that, how dare they. Hime was unbelievably so sweet this episode, my heart couldn't handle all the preciousness.

    Also Gotou-sensei just became a harem protagonist. All the ladies just swooning around his dick, what a goddamn player this guy is. Strutting that single dad status, just plain hilarious.
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  17. MistLiigh

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    Episode 3:

    Shit, I wish working out were that easy and enjoyable... I like this girl with the physics-defying bangs ponytail... thing. She's going places with thinking like that.

    The mystery continues to unfold slowly, mostly in a rather understated way... interessstinnnggggg...

    ^This. She's such a good kid, it's so adorable and wholesome.

    All those over the top misunderstandings tho... That was a little strange, even if it led to so funny shit with the teacher just in the background in rage mode.
  18. MisterDapper

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    This show is great.
  19. hunnybeee

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    Hentai manga dad accidentally gathered himself a harem and Hime is the best daughter one can ask for. Sounds like the right ratio of wholesome and inappropriate.
  20. Franconator

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    Quarantine Mood:

    With this episode, it's clear Japan is really starting to feel the outsourcing crunch - just the ticket in today's pandemic scene. I guess it's also clear single fathers will never go out of style, huh?

    Aw, I thought they were cute, actually. Poor kid didn't know any better. I think she was legitimately worried Hime wasn't living properly.

    It's like looking into the future.

    Hey, is that SketchUp? That always looked like such a bitch to use.

    Dad jokes! He finally made some dad jokes! I knew it was only a matter of time.

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