Kaguya-sama: Love Is War

Discussion in 'Currently Airing Anime' started by ZetsubouKaiji, Sep 19, 2018.

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    Easily anime of the season/year material if the adaptation is done well. The voice casting sounds decent so far.

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  4. Thrawn


    Posted by Thrawn on Jan 6, 2019
    Yes, but arthritis ruins lives.
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    Posted by g3data on Jan 12, 2019
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    The singer is suzuki masayuki. That took me by surprise.

    Oh wait waht? The lyrics and composition is mizuno yoshiki from ikimono gakari? Amazing.
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    Posted by q66 on Jan 12, 2019
    Episode 1:

    I had a blast with this episode, the staying power of it now depends entirely on how good they are at coming up with new scenarios; it being intense all of the time makes it somewhat exhausting to watch but at once a week pace it shouldn't be too much of a problem, we will see.
  8. CashewCheese

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    I'm so happy! They're really doing the manga justice so far. How cute ;)
  9. AdmiralMuffin

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    Episode 1:

    Goddammn that OP is pure smex. I've heard a lot of great things about the manga after watching this yeah it's on my must-read list now. Kaguya's VA really did a great job. It's a great mix of cute and typical arrogant ojou-sama.
  10. ShinShini

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    I like it, but if the narrator tells us the premise of the show one more time I'm gonna flip my lid.
    Also, that OP is fucking great.
  11. g3data

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    yep, all of that
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  12. interregnum

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    Chika FTW.

    Episode 1:
    I should like this a lot more than I do.

    And I'm hoping this was just a case of the first episode tryhards, because...yikes, that was exhausting.

    Like, I get the intensity is the joke and that it's important to frame what the concept is, but there was a bit too much, for my tastes--especially right up front. I love the premise, but there was so little going on outside of the immediacy of their pitched intellectual machinations that, as annoying as it was, I almost needed the narrator to keep insisting that this was somehow a weighty endeavor. I don't know either of these kids, and very little effort was made to make me like or care about them--or their romantic pursuits.

    That said, the introduction of Chika as the oblivious third wheel ratchets things down a bit, gives us some space to breathe, and (with the "lunch" story being probably the best paced and the "movie tickets" section being probably the best example of the concept at work (given the planning that went into making it happen in the first place)). So I'm hoping the potential impending cast increase by a dozen or so, per the OP--which, in most every show, worries me more than a little--may open things up and slow down/draw out the pacing of future episodes.

    I want very badly to like this. And I hope I get to.
  13. OneCraftyLady

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    Episode 1:

    So I'm about half way through and the art style leaves much to be desired, BUT other than that I think it's a pretty cute concept and I love the clueless girl lol I love how they were trying to out wit each other and she just fucked their plans up the whole way without ever even knowing she was doing it. We'll see how I feel about the whole episode though....

    Ok, all done. It's pretty obvious this is going to be one of those shows with repeating gags but I'm fine with that. It was cute and pretty fun watching them go back and forth trying to outsmart each other while the pink haired girl unknowingly gets involved and messes things up. the art style isn't great but it kind of fits the show somehow. I was also less than impressed with the opening song it was pretty meh for me.

    I'll keep watching it for now.
  14. Zed60K

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    And here I was planning on passing on the show. Bloody damn that's dope, I'm watching this now.
  15. Ebonyslayer

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    Ep. 1,
    this is like if Death Note became a romantic series. Gotta admit, there were some pretty funny moments, but I do worry about the pacing of the story. More than likely going to keep going with the series.
  16. Zed60K

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    Pretty well made, made me chuckle a couple of times, but not sure if this'll manage to remain interesting for the duration of a whole season, I hope they mix things up a bit. I must say though I like the narrator, he helps make the scenes seem even more intense, though he's talking a little too much.
  17. Tents

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    Posted by Tents on Jan 13, 2019
    Episode 1

    I found it really annoying... at first. But then I changed my mind. It's actually quite endearing and I even cracked a smile a few times because Kaguya is really entertaining. And delightfully petty.

    My only gripe is that if it's going to get super repetitive with them trying to one up each other all the time then I see myself losing interest. I hope I am wrong and it's going to expand on the premise.

    Otherwise it's a really good episode.
  18. ZetsubouKaiji

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    Impressive first episode. It takes a premise that would be infuriating and actually makes it funny by making everything extreme. It's like watching really low stakes Death Note with the characters trying to out kekaiku each other. I like Kaguya because she's such a closet bitch. It makes it more satisfying to see her plans get crushed.

    This will be good if they can keep it from getting repetitive. I'm pretty pleased with it at the moment, though. Even if the OP is basically just a low rent Tom Jones knock off.
  19. Zed60K

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    Take a shot everytime someone says the show might or have become repetitive.
  20. Tents

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    Posted by Tents on Jan 13, 2019
    It is a legitimate concern, though. I remember watching Takagi-san and internally bleeding.

    Oh shit, Takagi-san is getting S2? No thanks, ma'am.
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