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    Posted by Zed on Apr 18, 2021
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    Posted by Guest on Oct 12, 2021
    Seeing Yumemi is just so depressing…

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    Episode 1
    So I know no one's going to be watching this since it's pretty freaking niche. Even I've only seen 2 of the 5 shows here (still hurt they didn't add Angel Beats) but it seems really nice. Pretty cute and always wanted to see Nagisa and Ayu interact. Tomoyo and Yuichi would also be bros. This show also makes me want to watch Air and Little Busters. Don't know anything about the other show here but I'm glad this show is making me want to watch the others.
    Was that fucking Ushio in the episode?![​IMG]
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    You really didn't need to have the image for us to get it, I mean if you've seen the show....

    So I tried watching all the Key anime to prepare for this chibi show. xD And I've seen almost all of them except for Little Busters/Kud Wafter. In my opinion Clannad is amazing, Planetarian and Kanon are good, and Air is extremely meh. Oh I also watched only one (50 min) ep of Rewrite but it was all I needed to think it was fucking trash.

    ...just to save you time in case you cared about my opinion.

    Also here's a list of all the Key anime: Key Anime - by Nekus | Anime-Planet. Godspeed to you if you end up watching all of them.

    And yes of course!!
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    In my opinion Clannad is 10/10. It's a masterpiece and one of my favorite anime. Kanon was pretty good like an 8/10. Angel Beats was also really good if you count it which I do because even if it isn't based on a Key visual novel it's made by the same people and has that same Key style. I'd give it like an 8 as well.
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    Episode 2 had absolutely no chill lmao. I like where this show is going. Just shameless meta humor.
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    "I've watched Clanned, Angel Beats, and Charlotte, this will be fine," I think to myself as I am almost immediately spoiled (at least I think I was).

    Twas completely my fault, but my point that this show hinges a lot more of getting the references than Isekai Quartet did, so it'll be best to check what shows appear in this and then go watch the ones you haven't seen yet (unless you don't care). Also the show I'm pretty sure got spoiled was Little Busters, which I am now watching...
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    So much love for Kyosuke, I had no idea he was adored in Japan. He's a good lad. Constant shade on Yukito for being obviously a suspicious character. And poor Misuzu - I think all her lines are archive material, because her seiyuu died a decade ago.

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