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  1. Madoka

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    Posted by Madoka on Aug 1, 2021
    yeah, to me seeing all the girls hate on the big lass for no real reason and they seem to constantly hate one another, it feels like a a bitch show over a theatrical group. Their seniors first move was to screw over the big one, like really? Even the teachers are this way, it really makes the show harder to enjoy when this is happening. I have no issue with actual drama is there is a reason but right now, its just kids picking on one another for the sake of it, sadly.
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  2. Madoka

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    Posted by Madoka on Aug 7, 2021
    The teachers continue to baffle me at this school:
    "You will never be a star......... ...... ..... .... .... ... ... ... *30 seconds later* You will never be a top star if you don't change"
    Thanks for that teachers! Not only is your advice pointlessly useless as it offer 0 criticism, the huge pause kind of just feels like you was insulting her.

    Also, on that note of him offering no criticism, i wanna know his reasoning? He admitted internally her performance was good, everyone seemed impressed with it and she was the only one who not only seemed to actually be decent at the role she played, she didn't once mess up or focus her eyes on him to see how he reacts, so please sensei, enlighten me on your reasoning here, or will it be another case of just trying to make a point of how she stands out?

    Brown hair girl continues to annoy me, she is so arrogant.
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  3. randomredneck

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    Episode 6.
    Thank God, things lightened up just a touch. After those last 3 episodes, it is so welcome.
    I like how Andou could spot she was just copying a performance from a previous troupe. She thinks that's acting, but it's just imitation. She needed that little smack of reality.

    Like I said up there,
    she's not bringing anything to her performance. She's just copying what she saw in that Winter Troupe DVD. Like you think those hardcore fans wouldn't notice she's just aping a performance of a previous actor? She's gotta learn to bring her own style to it, not imitate others.
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  4. Gaunter

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    That was a really nice impression. Also, I really love the new Narata. 10/10 episode and 10/10 acting from Sarasa. P.S., I am really starting to hate all these ‘you will never be a top star’ people. Fight, Sarasa, you can do it!!!!
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  5. randomredneck

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    Episode 7.
    See, I told you so. He could tell she was just copying an old performance.

    Also, her boyfriend sucks.
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  6. daisicles

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    Episode 7 -

    Sarasa backstory! Finally! I just think it's so interesting how she went from kabuki, an all-male area of theatre, to not-Takarazuka, an all-female area of theatre. It seems fitting for her to embrace both modes of performance, though I bet Sarasa would've been absolutely stellar at kabuki if she could've stayed. Give her more time to figure out what she needs to do on stage at Kouka and she'll catch on there too, but Sarasa the kabuki star would've been so cool.

    (And kudos to grandpa for chewing out the people who made her cry and refusing their business after that. Gramps isn't gonna let anyone hurt Sarasa!)
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  7. Madoka

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    Credit where its due, you nailed this one down to the last detail. Well read.

    This. I honestly wouldn't buy they are even a couple. I know i normally get strung along invested into the romance sides but even putting my bias aside, what was the point? He sucked as a kid and he sucks as a adult (teen?), he just sucks.

    The episode was weird otherwise. It covered the whole summer where Aoi felt like she was there to justify she is somewhere whilst offering little actual development. The past stuff was so-so, Sarasa's parts was watchable but nothing overly thrilling (but good enough) but the rest was boring... or empty might be a more fitting word.
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  8. Gaunter

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    Ep 7:
    Now I feel like a total douchebag for hating on Andou, because what he told Sarasa, was a complete true. What an episode, so many things happening. Sarasa’s backstory: the episode finally reveals why Kouzaburou is very interested in everything about Sarasa and it was very interesting to know the difference between kouka and kabuki.
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  9. randomredneck

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    Episode 8.
    A whole episode about Hoshino.

  10. Gaunter

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    Ep 8:
    Kaoru Hoshino is such a chad. How she blocked that incel, lmao.
  11. Madoka

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    I think i will drop this one.
    To be fair to the show, I'm not doing it because it's bad, its just a bit boring for me. Honestly i just more than anything, don't look forward to watching it so i figure there is little point finishing it as it's been a pretty dull show for me, which is odd as my favourite genre(s) usually have little happening but whatever.

    I wouldn't call it bad, maybe 2/5 though.

    (This is based on not watching episode 8, i just couldn't be bothered)
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  12. randomredneck

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    Episode 9.
    My take on this episode: Both the twins are sucky people.
    Chika is a passive aggressive moron who threw her sister under the bus, and Chiaki is a whiny turd who guilted her into giving up her first admission. You both suck as people.
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  13. Gaunter

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    4 more episodes and the end? I do not know, this raises some serious doubts for me. That aside, it is really nice of them to focus on all the characters that much, so that the viewer gets to know them better, but I would love to see a better focus on kouka, instead of the characters. I mean, only 4 episodes are left and I do not really know if we ever get to see the second season.

    Changed my overall score from 9.5 to 8/10 for now.
  14. Gaunter

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    Man, Hijiri is one annoying bitch.
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  15. randomredneck

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    Episode 10.
    Why are we doing a sports festival episode in a show about ballet? Who wanted that? And nice of the show to cheap out on it. Like half the thing was a succession of still shots over the same recycled female cheering audio sample. Get it together, show.

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  16. randomredneck

    randomredneck Well-Known Member

    Episode 11.
    "I don't know what love feels like."
    Proceeds to knock her audition out of the park thinking about a specific girl.

    Sure hun, you don't know...
  17. Gaunter

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    Great episode!

    Finally they showed some acting; I, honestly, got tired of waiting. I really thought that Sarasa would play Romeo and was really surprised that she decided to try her luck as Tybalt, who is a much more difficult role rather than Romeo.

    Narata’s performance was great. Unfortunately, they left the most interesting part, Sarasa’s performance, for the next episode.
  18. Gaunter

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    Are they fucking kidding me?! Another week to see Sarasa's Tybalt.
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  19. randomredneck

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    Episode 12.
    No, that's fine. Waste time on a flashback about Watanabe's white-bread boyfriend instead of giving us the audition. That's what people want to see...
    Hell, that gay chick we barely know in Yamada's flashback was more interesting than this guy. Yamada out here killing her audition fueled by the power of gay. Nice.
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    now I realized it is still ongoing.

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