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    I think that mahito is, in fact, another hisoka. it's really fucking cool. I hate such villains, they are like big warts on your leg, you don't like them, but in reality they are just a nuisance and your life would be better if they were gone forever.
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    Just finished JJK and this anime wasn't bad, I gave it 4/5, but I am slightly disappointed as people hyped it up so much so going in my expectations were extremely high and then I watched it n I'm like..
    Can't wait for more seasons / movies to come, hopefully it jus gets better n better
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    Posted by Vega on Jun 28, 2021
    Episode 1-6
    As my good friend @automotivated pointed out in another thread she convinced me to watch this recently, along with another friend of mine (who hates shonen) who told me to watch it after I mentioned being excited for Chainsaw Man. I'm actually really surprised at how much I was liking it before getting 5 episodes in since Auto told me it'd probably be kinda slow until then. It's on the slower side for those early episodes but the great fight animation and the crazy premise got me interested pretty early on. Can't think of too many other shows where the premise is to
    absorb all this power and then willingly die in the end.

    Looking forward to seeing how this goes!
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    Posted by Vega on Jun 28, 2021
    Episode 11

    Well that hit me right in the feels.
    I feel terrible for Junpei. Poor guy goes from getting bullied, to being horribly manipulated and now he's going to wind up fighting Yuji who he just befriended... :crying:
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    Posted by Vega on Jun 30, 2021
    Finished! Had an absolute blast and this had just about everything I could ask for. 4.5/5, I was really tempted to give it a full blown 5 but it didn't feel like a full 5/5 since the story is pretty open. In all honesty if we get more I might change this to a 5 down the road.

    Also picking best girl is impossible. Nobara and Maki are both amazing... :love:
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    Thoroughly enjoyed this! Only problem was I felt it lacked a bit of pacing, inasmuch as Nobara, Fushiguro and Itadori’s friendship isn’t really fleshed out at all, but they sort of suddenly trusted each other and had each others’ backs seemingly with no buildup…not a game-breaker, but made their friendship feel a bit shallow since the only real connections the viewer sees between them is their first meetings, nothing more candid to spur any kind of natural growth of feelings for other people. I understand that there are time and episode constraints and that would eat into the show’s airtime, but imo it would have been a nice touch just to show the viewer why 3 very different individuals who essentially have nothing in common besides their school and Jujutsu develop into a close friendship group. Sometimes the banter felt a bit misplaced as I never felt as if the characters knew each other well enough to act the way they were.

    That gripe aside, it’s a nice piece of escapism with great animation, a decent cast of characters, and some nice mystery/horror elements thrown in there too.
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    It is one of my most favourite anime. I enjoyed every nsingle episode
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    JuJutsu Kaisen Is Inspiring A Live Action Film
    It is actually.... AN ADULT live action film.


    A popular Japanese adult company TMA announced recently that they are working on a Jujutsu Kaisen adult parody titled “Chijutsu Kaisen”. Here is how this parody is being defined:

    “The lewd emotions of the human being have turned into lewd spirits that lurk in our daily lives. Lust is the root of the world and leads us to pleasure. And lustful spirits can only be exorcised through lust”.

    Two hour long Chijutsu Kaisen will be released on December 25 at the price of $28 US. So, who are the actresses participating in this parody? Well, officially it isn’t announced yet. However, we do know that Panda will be seen in this parody, thanks to some behind the scenes pictures.


    That is not a meme, source:
    Now this is some GREAT PLOT, do not you think so, @Rascal?
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    Finally, a parody better than the original
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    this is so interesting <3
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    I honestly get Naruto vibes from watching this series, also I'm not a fan of the girl in the group her persona is all over the place and I don't like that about her
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    Yeah I'm 20 eps into my rewatch (dubbed) and my opinion of this has improved a lot. Like I said when I was first watching this, the premise is still super interesting which in turn just makes itatori an interesting conceptual character to follow to see where he goes. I was wrong about him for a few reasons.
    1. I was under the misconception that the "unique" thing to his fighting style was literally just punching. It isn't seen as unique in-world, it's just him getting the basics down and he doesn't really have a technique yet, so I'm interested in seeing what his technique is when he gets it.

    2. His generic motivations may actually be the point, and he may have some character growth to do that's already underway. "Saving people" like he has a hero complex that's unrealistic and the people around him tell him so, and he changes it arc-to-arc as if he's kind of lost on how to deal with his situation.

    3. I have a theory about his overpowered strength, which has something to do with curses and destinies and incarnations and all that bullshit. It's like he was BORN with that strength IN ORDER to be sukuna's vessel which makes sense and is a better excuse for his amount of OP physical strength as a normal person than "he's just special"

    I was also wrong about the villains. I compared this show to mob psycho 100 and noragami in the beginning, but I stopped doing it after that point because I considered this inferior to those but if anything it expands on one particular point of those shows in a positive way. I still don't think it's as good, but it expands on the idea of
    the villains being manifestations of people's fears, e.g. curses, and all the main villains represent a particular main fear most humans share, so the concept of mahito's character as well as hanami's is actually pretty clever.

    Also their goals aren't so uninteresting, though their motivations are impossible to relate to still: making sure gojo can't fight. I 100% stand behind this... for a reason I'm gonna get to.

    MAPPA's sense of lighting and color is still pretty bad. They go back and forth. It doesn't bother me as much as it used to because I can appreciate the moments of good lighting and use of color, but when it's bad, it's... it's bad. I'm sorry but why does he have jaundice

    Though this noticeably terrible color grading honestly doesn't happen as often as I made it seem and it doesn't ruin the visuals most of the time. But it's telling that the opening of the show had a better sense of lighting in that arc than the actual arc did itself.

    Panda is still the best. Inumaki is still cool. The zenin sisters are still kind of whatever, it seems more petty than the hyuga clan feud of naruto. Aoi Todo is fine, and his quirkiness stands out, but the culture gap kind of kills part of what makes his character funny, his "interesting taste in women" being tall with a great ass

    In the US that's actually really boring taste

    Sukuna is really the best villain, I don't love him but he's gonna be around longer than any others since he's the entire point of the show, and there's room for a lot of coolness. His relationship with yuji is much different than naruto and the nine tailed fox unlike what i've implied in the past, though it's really just a slightly more advanced version of ichigo and his hollow self, and will continue to be until sukuna kind of becomes his own character instead of an obstacle or useful plot device.

    The one part of this anime I haven't changed my opinion at all, is mr. Gojo. He is a terrible character, and it's almost as if the author himself realizes that, using the villains' goals to potentially take him out of the story so that... things can happen.

    There's a lot that bothers me about him but I've already said as much. I'd be able to make excuses for how his presence basically stops interesting events in their trakcs, and cancels out interesting fights in favor of DBZ giant stupid laser beam attacks that 1-hit everything, if i liked the type of character he was, but it all comes down to the fact that I just hate arrogant smug characters when they're on the side of the "heroes". That's something that will never change for me, and I don't think it's biased. In fact, it's based.

    When villains have this type of personality it can be interesting because you know they're going to get taken down and it's something the people you're supposed to root for have to deal with. Doflamingo, ect. But when people on the "good" side do? Nah. It's not okay. Gojo is probably the main detractor of my enjoyment of the show. But, since they make excuses a lot of the time for why he's either not there, or just can't interfere at the moment, he's not in it too much and therefore it doesn't ruin the show.

    My last point is going to be Megumi. On the whole, all the other characters I haven't mentioned I just see as unremarkable at the moment, but Megumi is by far my FAVORITE character. He's like V from devil may cry 5, mixed with a bunch of different shounen rival archetypes but not made out to be an edgy loser with a vandetta against people we like. He's an excellent supporting character and his abilities and potential are the most interesting in the show for me. He's definitely my "latch-on" point for this show, just as he would have been if I had been watching this trying to be more unbiased the first time through, and he might end up making me read the manga just to see how he develops.

    Overall this is looking more like a 7 or 8 out of 10 now, I'm enjoying it.
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    I had dropped this before, but with the promise that it gets better I finished it. At best I'd give it a 7/10.
    It's not nearly as good as people make it out to be. Then again most people haven't seen that many shounen.
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    Group-Watched for ABC

    I ended up doing a rewatch on this series for a group-watch, and I had enjoyed it this time around as well. The main reasoning behind this being the fact that I was able to watch it all at relatively the same time and not each week whilst it was airing. I feel like with that being said it made this a better watch compared to when it was airing, I'd be willing to re-watch it again in the future after watching the movie to which I am hoping it is better.
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    Here for an EDS Groupwatch.

    I very much enjoyed this. So much so that I watched it all in 24 hours. I wanted to watch it at work so bad to find out how it was going to end, only to find out that there is a S2 that I now have to wait for. I foresee that one being a seasonal watch for me.
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